Age of Empires: Castle Siege picks up an update with numerous fixes

Age of Empires: Castle Siege has been updated for Windows and Windows Phone. As of today, the title for the phone stands on version, which is readily available for download on the store. The update contains a variety of fixes and minor changes to improve the experience.

Today's update includes:

AI Units

  • Defending units have done emergency exit drills and will now have less trouble finding and exiting through gates.
  • Range units will no longer waste time shuffling their feet when switching targets at the edge of their range.
  • Siege unit wheels will not continue to roll when they are halted while receiving orders.
  • Deploying squads rapidly will no longer result in some units becoming paralyzed.
  • John Kourkouas's Terrorize ability won't cause crazed units to run directly through walls.


  • Fixed various issues related to the delivery of notifications.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if the player lost connection while visiting a castle.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when player lost connection while receiving alliance messages.
  • Fixed connection error that occurred when a road piece was dragged on top of a wall piece.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred if the player suspended the phone app.


  • Fixed an issue with scrolling the unit list on battle logs using the mouse wheel.
  • Tapping a trap under a road will select the trap, not the road.
  • Changed the way the "you are under attack" timer is calculated to be less confusing.
  • Players shouldn't see it count down to zero and then reset as often as before.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping a text box while on the idle screen would cause the on screen keyboard to pop up repeatedly.


  • Fixed incorrect visual order of cannons on top of cannon towers.
  • Removed extra "=" being added to alliance messages when playing in Spanish.
  • Fixed an issue where the guardhouse appeared available for purchase in Age 1 even though it could not be purchased.

Grab the update from the Windows and Windows Phone Stores (links below) and let us know how you get on in the comments.

QR: Age of Empires

Thanks, Malben D., for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • M8
  • I stop playing it for months
  • Me too
  • Same here.. Though I've recently started up again with it. Been getting my ass handed to me.. Seems the matchmaking is out of wack or something (maybe my strategies are!)
  • Waiting for real Age of Empires on the PC.    
  • ^This! I'm a great fan of the original series.
  • AOE2 is still the best Age of Empires ever
  • +925
  • +925
  • Nice , I hope crashing issue after defeating your enemy is addressed on this update. Thank you Microsoft.
  • Thought that was only me...
  • Nope...doesn't fix it.
  • I've always liked their narrative way to show us updates about the Gameplay AI :D
  • yes. thank god they didnt update the "whats new in this version" box. Would just confuse people
  • I think presentation would have been a better choice than Polish. I scratched my head thinking "What about Polish? Is it a new language option?"
  • Refinements would be another
  • Lovely game great update!
  • hi
     i have strange problem the game is install on my phone (lumia1520) but i cannot see it my app list  and cannot remove it  i can see it in the store and heven upgrade but when i press the view button its not open and go to sratrt menu
    someone know what can i do ?
  • try the game hub if it is listed there
  • Nope not in the game hub either :(
  • I have exactly the same problem, on the lumia 1520 also. Its installed, I can update it. But I cant find it, or remove it. Its just around taking up space.
  • Can you open it with Cortana?
  • Please help me
  • I had that same issue. I had to developer unlock my phone and use the dev tool to manually erase it and reinstall it.
  • I have face same problm my Lumia 525 wp8.1..
  • I have the same problem with Digibeats!
  • Hey prasann are you facing same problem??
  • Help me please ...
  • I too had the same problem the only fix I found was formatting ur sd card! Since the game was installed on my sd card!
  • Can't play on W10 9926
  • Same here!
  • same here too !
  • same issue... Had to roll back so it would work again...i don't think it's the game as other MS live enabled games don't work on W10 9926 either. It always states you need an account to play issue, at least for my house
  • There's a problem with Xbox enabled games on the latest build of Windows 10. Microsoft is aware of it and has already said a fix is on the way. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @DJCBS,
    Do you have a link to where they said this? I'm interested to read the conversation. Was it a tweet?
    Of course I couldn't get it working with the 9926 build either... probably has a lot to do with the new beta store I would imagine. I tinkered around with both stores in this new build and clearly things are not quite ready lol..
  • honestly this game is a bit of a disappointment. They should polish the graphic. The size of the unit. The problem is the graphic is not suitable for smaller display or mobile display. I'm using a Lumia 1520 6 inch display and still not satisfied with the look.
  • Yeah i agree. Would be nice if either they offered a top down view or allowed you to rotate the camera say 90®
  • After some months the version number will stand:
  • He has 490k gold. I mean that's the premium currency.
  • Microsoft Studios.. You're the best!
  • And now it won't log me in after the upgrade. :-(
  • Update doesn't work on tablets. Forum in game shows the update is working on phones but not on tablet?
  • Cloud raiders updated too. Added Architecture mode :D
  • Again, this is the change log for the previous update. :p They don't seem to change their change log on the store right away.
  • I faced a prblm..when i am installing it my phone stuck so i restart then it show it installed but its not..tjen i tried too much but i cant reinstall i install it??in store it show its installed
  • Hard reset is the only option...(I think) coz that has happened to with me too
  • I have my phone at the Nokia Care for the past 10 days. Waiting for it to arrive, I am missing this game so badly :(
  • Hey there, I'm the top player.. Ian Addrian in the leader board.
  • Coooool (y)
  • Can i join with you im in keep 6 and max upgraded (almost according to my keep)
  • But my trophies are low
  • Is anyone else finding that windows store is declaring there is no update and so the game will not play as there is a version mismatch? I uninstalled and reinstalled but still no joy. 
  • Yes! 
  • Yes for me too.  Updated fine on my phone but not on my Surface RT tablet.  It's not showing an update in the store.
  • +Windows 8.1 can't play . L930 update works fine.
  • got bored of this game, really. I just keep playing/checking back to get the last sane achivement which is the one about defending your castle 10 times. Already at 9/10
  • When will mgs learn to follow their own achievement guidelines(& then some)
  • I have had an update message all day, the game opens up the store only to be told that there is no update?
  • i have same problem i uninstalled the game n reddownloaded it but still doesnt work
  • Still waiting for Clash of Clans... :/
  • +1
  • ....which is a million, billion times better than this terrible, laggy, error prone rip off. Hope CoC comes to Windows soon...
  • I don't care for any coc
  • I'm hooked on World At Arms right now, but will probably try out this game at some point.
  • I actually liked this version of the game too. They could do with adding a fair bit more too, don't get me wrong. But it was enjoyable..... ....EXCEPT for al the frequent connection issues. THAT I can do without and thats why I paused in playing for a while... I went back and on my first go, had a connection issue mid fight........
  • Wont update on surface pro 3. Says no update available yet game wont load. Very annoying
  • ditto. 
  • I hate these kind of games
  • I loved this game.  I was ranked in the top 15 or 20 in the world then screwed up my base design (thought I didnt have to build walls when up against a border) and lost motiviation to re-do it then quit. I've often thought about signing back in to see how things were, but I put a lot of fun effort into it, but it became like a 2nd job for me.
  • My keep is only a 6, but I get housed by level 7's. Why?
  • By time!
  • Any word on if they fixed the update issue
  • This game is excellent
  • Gave up playing months ago,Shame they are still having problems. One thing i did hate in this game was anybody could watch your attack and defense logs. Why should anyone that wants to revenge you see how previous player have defeated your base. Total madness : / Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I downloded xap file before the update nd now my store not searching or showing that file ....plzzzz help