Age of Empires: Castle Siege update includes changes to Crown system

Microsoft has released the latest update for its popular free-to-play strategy game Age of Empires: Castle Siege. The new 1.12 version has a number of new additions and changes, including many for its Crown scorekeeping system.

Here's a look at what's new and improved in version 1.12:

New Features

  • Alliance System - Added Announcement tab in the Alliance Chat. Only Lords and Emperors can create an Announcement.
  • Request to Join - Emperors and Lords can now set the Alliance type to be a "Request to Join", and manage join requests in the Announcement tab by accepting or declining.
  • Replay - You can now customize your Replay message before sharing a Replay.
  • Honor Items - National Flags and some special flags have been added to the Honor items, which can be purchased from the Market.

Crown System

  • Adjusted newly generated Crown amount from 5 to 2.
  • Added maximum Crown cap to prevent players from losing excessive amounts of Crowns in a single battle.
  • Changed the way we compare attacker and defender crowns to be more accurate across a greater spectrum of crown totals.
  • Attacking opponents close to your own Crown count now awards more Crowns than before. Similarly, attacking opponents with much fewer Crowns than you will award fewer Crowns.


  • Before, gold was collected multiple times a day, depending on when the roads were completed. Daily gold can now be collected all at once each day.
  • Tutorial has been improved.

Known Bugs

  • The Daily Gold stat displays the wrong gold total. The received amount of gold has not changed, however. We will be addressing this in Patch 1.13.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed "Unable to transfer your gold. Reload your Empire" error.
  • Fixed a bug where Charles Martel's Taunt ability sometimes did not affect Calvary type units.
  • Archers and Longbowmen no longer attack a wall/gate when commanded to attack buildings on the other side of the wall/gate.
  • Alliance Chat no longer jumps to the top when an Alliance member donates a troop.
  • Fixed a bug where Cathedrals at level 6 would not give stone when damaged/destroyed.
  • Donated troop's icon no longer appears in battle if you did not train them back.
  • General improvements to usability, stability, crashes and connection errors.

Thanks to Devendra for the tip!

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Source: Age of Empires blog

  • OT. Dear MS. Please get those front facing speakers from HTC...
  • Come join USA2! I am EMP there!
  • Come join Alliance California, if youre from here.  search for it
  • From Europe, may I join? Can't find a proper alliance, I am nor active very much
  • When r we having Clash of clans?
  • Play Crime Coast better than coc
  • No one cares about Clash of Clans, even my iOS friends prefer AoE:CS - except they fight against me :/
  • If anyone of u want to join a clan then check out mine i.e 'GRRYSKULLS™'. I'm a lvl 101 plyr
  • CoC
  • Amanderp wana join my clan ?
  • The app has automatically updated on my Lumia 640 to 1.12 but on my Win10 PC (insider build 10547), 1.11 is alive and no sign in the market of any update. (region: central europe - hungary)
  • In the aoe forums they say that the win 10 store is 20-24 hours late on receiving content for apps and updates. So we'll probably get it sometime tomorrow
  • when I open my Age of ampire game ...suddenly crash...plz fix it.
  • Uninstall the game and reinstall it.  All your progress will download from the server and you will be fine.
  • The much awaited update!! But there's more
  • I hope this fixes some of the crown issues I've been having, but I looks like it will may make things worse. The problem I'm having is that I'm mostly offered to attack inactive castles that are 1 or 2 ages higher than me for very few crowns. If I lose, then I loose a ton of crowns. Also if I have a disconnection, then I usually lose enough crowns that will take me around 5 or more victories to recover.
  • I just got this issue. Got disconnected on a low crown and lost big. Also killed my streak of wins for the passed week.
  • What does "adjusting the newly generated crown amount from 5 to 2" mean?
  • New players start out with 5 crowns.  The creation of new accounts that aren't followed up with any activity keep dumping 5 more crowns into the pool to be won by higher players.  2, I guess, will put less crowns into the pool meaning the top players can't get so far ahead?  I think that's the idea.
  • Also, I have a guy that keeps revenge attacking me and he has 0 crowns. When I revenge attack him I only get resources and flags.  When he attacks me I get 5 crowns and lose some resources and flags.  He obviously doesn't lose crowns because he is still at zero.
  • still waiting no sign of update of AOE on 10 :(  
  • Next patch is mainly focussed on support for Windows 10. It is going to even bring full screen mode. So cheer up buddy :-)
  • There is a decor item you can unlock meanwhile
  • Another important change is that the radius of Charles Martel's taunt ability is reduced a little. This is important as Charles Martel with Alexander Nevsky combo was pretty much indestructible. Please update this as well. This information is given in the age of empires forum.
  • I usually use either Martel/Conrad, Nevsky/Winrich or Rurik/Henry so I don't wait too long for them to recover... I should try your combo someday
  • Shortly after the update I get attacked by a player an Age above me with about three hundred more crowns than I have and he takes 15 from me !?!
  • Seems pretty normal.  Are you saying it should have been a lot less?  I have about 800 Crowns, and if I got hit by a Age 9, 1100 crown guy, I'd expect him to take 30 if I was beaten handedly.
  • My castle is Age 6, I only seem to be attacked by players Age 7.
    I have 151 Crowns and usually only lose 4 or 5.
    I was attacked by an Age 7 player (with Grenadiers unlocked) earlier with 489 Crowns and they took 15 off me.
    The update notes seemed to suggest someone with a lot more Crowns shouldn't earn as many.
    "Attacking opponents close to your own Crown count now awards more Crowns than before. Similarly, attacking opponents with much fewer Crowns than you will award fewer Crowns."
  • OK, I think it is all a matter of perception...and did they beat you 100%?   15 is not a lot of crowns, it is for you at age 6, but not for a typical Age 7 guy.  If they beat you at 50% without a castle destruction...that feels like a lot.  When you are in Age 7 I'd say the average give and take is in the teens.  For Age 8 I am usually claiming or having 20-40 stolen, also it is VERY difficult to 100% anyone, so usually an average beatdown would be 30 crowns at 2-Star / 70%.   I do remember when I thought 15 was a lot.  In the next couple of weeks/months that will become very regular for you.
  • still no clash of clans and this game is so slow getting updates becoming similar to clash of clans.
  • Any one wanna join my clash of clan ?
  • "free to play"
  • I've been playing for months and have nearly earned all achievements (one to go).  I haven't spent a dime yet, I will most likely buy a little gold to finish because I have greatly enjoyed it and the Dev should be rewarded for that.
  • It's explicitly a pay to win since they blocked revenges to go trough Peace Treaties
  • Not sure what you are saying.  You cannot attack someone in a Peace Treaty.  The momemnt they attack YOU, they are no longer in a Peace Treaty.  I am unaware of any way to buy a Peace Treaty with Coins.
  • Until some patches ago, you could always revenge an opponent, even if he was under a PT.
    Therefore even if a player spent a lot training troops attacking 20 times in a row, chances were that when he logged out, anyone would have revenged.
    Now you can't revenge a player under PT, so if I attack 20 times, i'll be attacked back only once.
    The more gold i burn to do attacks in a row, the more my crowns will go up...
  • They should add more base building/management tools and an Alliance War system, then it will truly be a competitor to CoC.
  • Unable to login for days now
  • I gave up on AOE: CS about 4 months ago after finding it a total chore of a game once I reached level 7 (I think it was).
    Has the game really improved since then?