Age of Empires Online app for Windows Phone

Microsoft has recently announced the first purchasable civilization pack for Age of Empires Online, a multiplayer version of the popular RTS series by Ensemble. What's more interesting is the team has also announced that a Windows Phone app will be made available later this month.

The Age of Empires Online app will allow players of the PC game to view statistics and recipes for items, access to a materials calculator that displays which items can be crafted with available resources on the account, and will enable users to view most popular items crafted in the community. Unfortunately no client as of yet, but here's hoping.

Update: The app is available to download for free (opens in new tab).

Source: AOEO Blog, via: Kotaku (opens in new tab), thanks hommus01for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Ok, first the halo waypoint, and then this. Way to go MS for thinking up creative and meaningful ways to tie WP7 in with xbox.IMO they should really be pushing the gaming prowess of WP7's like mad. Didn't they once say their handheld gaming strategy was WP? Time to put that money where the mouth is.
  • This app doesn't tie into Xbox (this ties into a Windows PC game), but I agree that it's a good approach.
  • Yep, they said that WP7 is their handheld gaming strategy. There are some nice games available, but nothing that make me say holy isht! I'm liking the halo waypoint app. very neat.
  • Good stuff. Keep it up MS.
  • wow, that's cool!
  • was hoping for a mini game app too :(well its a start :)
  • Added note: It shows up under "Other" games.. Not Xbox Live like Halo waypoint, xbox live extras, Avatar Gadgets.. =)