Airbnb says it hopes to release a Windows 10 app 'sooner than later'

The popular home rental company Airbnb apparently has plans to release an app that supports Windows 10, but so far details about what it will be like have yet to be announced.

According to a response on the company's Help Twitter account from a person who asked if the company had plans for a universal Windows 10 app:

"We hope to have a version for Windows 10 rolled out sooner than later. Stay tuned!"

It's important to note that the response did not state the Windows 10 app would also work for Windows 10 Mobile as well. Airbnb did release an app of sorts for Windows 8.1, but it was really only a wrapper for its website. It has since been removed from the Windows Store. We will keep track of Airbnb's Windows 10 progress and will post updates if we get any more information.

Thanks to Daniel for the tip!

Source: Airbnb Help (Twitter)

John Callaham