Alan Wake getting massive 90 percent discount on Steam ahead of store removal

Alan Wake
Alan Wake (Image credit: Remedy)

Remedy Entertainment has announced a massive 90 percent discount sale on Steam for thriller Alan Wake will run from May 13 through May 15. Unfortunately, the circumstances around the sale are less than ideal: Remedy will be pulling the game from digital and retail stores on May 15 because of a music licensing issue.

On its forums, Remedy says that it is working on relicensing the music for Alan Wake, but there's no timeframe available. The 90 percent off sale will cover both the base game, as well as all of its DLC and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Fortunately, American Nightmare will remain on sale in stores after May 15.

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Alan Wake was first released in 2010, and it received broad acclaim for its psychological horror-infused plot. If you're even vaguely interested in the game, it might be worth picking up for a future playthrough before it is removed from digital storefronts (including Xbox) on May 15. At just a few bucks after its 90 percent discount, it'd be hard to justify not adding it to your Steam library.

The sale starts on May 13.

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  • Best game... Wish for an Xbox One sequel
  • This is why physical media will always be superior to digital downloads. Even years after this game is pulled, I'll still be able to easily walk into a GameStop or go on ebay/amazon and buy a used copy of any of the Alan Wake games at a pretty cheap price too. But for people in the digital crowd, you'll never be able to buy Alan Wake online ever again no matter where you look. This can easily happen to many other more popular games too down the road. You're lucky it's not Apple you're buying this from because Apple has been known to remotely delete an app from your device and library if it's been pulled from the store. I believe Amazon reserves the right to do the same thing too.
  • I didn't enjoy the game anyways. Things like this are also rare. Plus once you have a digital copy you can get it all the time. It's simply being pulled from further sales. People who game typically keep up with games and buy newer games anyways unless there's some insane sale. And people who hate physical media will likely turn to piracy if it's not available for purchase.
  • At least Valve doesn't pull games from your library after devs pull them from the store. I own a few steam games that are no longer being sold. When it comes to Smartphone Stores and Windows Store, whenever someone pulls an app, you can't isntall it, even if you paid for it, which is why I'll never buy any games from Windows Store until Microsoft starts caring about protecting consumer investments. Also with Android & Win32 Windows games, you can stil sideload them if dev no longer wishes to sell them... Not much luck in walled garden systems.
  • That's not true for android, I have access to several apps and games on the play store that have been pulled. The only time you can't redownload apps is if they've been pulled because of malware or something similar.
  • Well thank goodness then.
  • Agreed with this! I have bought games and apps that I paid for and are now gone! Boo!!
  • Yeah I believe I mentioned that we're lucky Valve doesn't pull games from your library after you bought them. However, it's not just Microsoft that will pull apps and games from your purchase history or device. Apple does it too and so does Amazon. Idk if Google does it or not, but I'd imagine somewhere in their EULA they reserve the right to do the same too. You can sideload Windows Store apps too for both PC and Phone. In the case of phone, you'll need some dev tools but it's not that difficult. With iOS though, you'll need to jailbreak if you want to sideload.
  • The problem with Windows Store (PC & Phone) is that while you CAN sideload UWP apps, getting the .appxbundle file is a pain in the butt. Getting a hold of .apk and .exe (or .torrent lol) is waaaaay easier.
  • Steam does it the same as Xbox store.
  • I don't think I've ever seen games being removed from your library on Steam or the Xbox store. I'm still able to redownload old advert games like Yaris or Doritos Dash Of Destruction from my download history. I can even still download demos and betas of old games on Xbox.
  • You're wrong. I've installed many apps in my phone after it was removed from the Windows Store. I just used my library.
  • Yup...exactly why I like a physical copy as well.
  • I do agree with this, although on PC physical media is largely useless, seems to generally just contain a link to the download page >:(
  • Yeah I try to buy most of my PC games on disc when possible, but if they ever disabled the activastion servers for the newer games, I'm pretty sure my physical copy would become useless or limited as well without some slight modifications.
  • Hopefully it goes on sale on GOG as well. Closest you will get to a physical copy for PC these days.
  • I think we can blame the lack PC physical releases on lack of of Blu-Ray adoption on the PC market. Nobody wants to release games on 10 DVDs and most PCs don't have Blu-Ray drives (which IMO is stupid...either have a blu ray drive, or no drive at all, what's up with all those useless dvd drives). Then again nowadays activation is tied to a store, so physical media is useless regardless... unless you download a crack or something.
  • What's up with the useless DVD drives? Maybe the fact that the majority of disc media is still DVD. Very little software still on disc requires more than even 1/5 of a DVD's capacity. Blu-Ray discs would be a needless expense for the publisher. As for movies, streaming made Blu-Ray largely irrelevant for most people, despite what the video industry would try to have you believe in the extra long promo at the beginning of almost every movie on DVD.
  • Except you would need the original console to use it. In most cases. And optical disc drives die.
  • You wouldn't necessarily need the original console, newer consoles will likely be backwards compatible for a long time so probably not too much of an issue. And optical drives can be replaced anyways, especially on PC. And with PC games, you don't need the original PC either. Besides, consoles are pretty durable and long lasting anyways. I still have an NES and Gameboy that work perfectly fine to this day. Consoles back then were built to last.
  • Really, Apple can do that?! 😒
  • Anyone know if this sale is also on Xbox?
  • XBOX weekly sale starts typically on Tuesday (May 16th). Not sure if this sale could get to XBOX store as well.
  • It's showing $29.99 for me on Steam. Where's the sale price? Also, anyone know how this will run on a SP3 i5 8GB? Edit: Whoops, sales starts 5/13.
  • its almost 14/5 here, still not on sale
  • I believe I read it was starting at 10:00AM PDT. So roughly another 20 min from the time I post this. We'll see I guess.
  • Yep it is now officially 90% off. At least on both Steam and GOG. Haven't checked anywhere else yet.
  • I think that this is massively dumb when a game gets pulled because of a music license expiration. Does this happen with movies? Doesn't seem like it does.
  • does. I can't remember the name of it but there was a movie on Netflix (an old one) that had a completely new soundtrack throughout the film due to licensing issues. It totally does happen with films.
  • Is there a reason why its only a steam sale and not Xbox sale as well?