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Alan Wake's two DLC expansions are now free for Xbox owners

If you already own Remedy's previous game Alan Wake, but have never gotten around to getting the game's two DLC expansion packs, you don't have an excuse anymore. Both The Signal and The Writer are now free to download for Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners.

Alan Wake, along with the expansion packs, were recently made available to play on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Also, people who pre-ordered Remedy's new Xbox One game Quantum Break got Alan Wake and DLC packs for free. Alan Wake itself is still priced at $19.99 in the Xbox Store.

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  • Yes finally. Downloading now :D
    Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • still waiting for the Alan Wake code and QB pc code, I got the American Nightmare code Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Same here.  I also haven't received the Win10 version of Quantum Break for my pre-order.  It's kinda bs.
  • It's not "kinda bs". They clearly stated they would send them out in waves 7-10 days after QB's launch.
  • Ditto
  • Did you read the FAQ? it says it'll take at least a week for you to get it, it's been like 3 days.
  • Ha ha!  No, I didn't.  I stopped right after the part of the advertisement said I would get a free copy for pre-ordering.  **** MS for making me wait anyway.  The game is readily available to anyone who wants to pay for it so give me my damn copy already!  It's not like they are going to run out of digital downloads and the XO version is already tied to my MS account.  It is bullshit.
  • Dude seriously? Put your big boy pants on and wait. You were told from the beginning that codes would be sent out early, it's not their fault you decided not to listen. I'm pretty sure there's a lot of data to go through before they "flip the switch" and give everyone the codes.
  • Zip!  *big boy pants on Well, judging from the reviews of the Win10 version of QB the wait is porbably worth it.  Evidently the game is broken and barely playable, especially if you have a nVidia gpu.
  • This is why I decided to pre-order the physical disc version of Quantum Break. Picked up the game from GameStop, had the code and everything included on paper since day 1. I'm still not sold on digital downloads, I still like disc copies better.
  • Same here. Me too. Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • I am sold.. " Xbox go to Quantum Break" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LOLGood one
  • It's people like you is the reason why the video gaming is lagging.  Everything else is going digital that includes movies music and books , 
  • I don't see how buying physical copies of games causes video game development or the game industry in general to lag. It's still the same game, just with more benefits. All digital does is restrict and limit the consumers. Same with books, movies, and music. In fact, BluRay sales are still strong for movies, they're even releasing the newer 4K BluRay format now. Also, vinyl record sales are on the rise as well at a faster rate of growth than digital. This proves that physical media isn't going away anytime soon and is still very popular. In fact, it's people like you that's the reason why the game industry has become so greedy recently. Their profit margins increase a lot when you buy digital and there's no way for you to refund or trade in your game which secures and guarentees higher profits when there's no more used games or game trading. The game industry loves to milk people like you so they can make extra money while putting in less effort. That's why games keep getting shipped broken upon release.
  • Well said! I'm a collector. I like certain games physical. Plus no worry of my digital copy not working when Xbox servers are down. Nothing wrong if you like digital or physical. There is no need for anyone to bash anyone for their preference. Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • I buy physical, but then if there is a sale I buy the digital if I can sell/trade the physical disc for the same.
  • go back in the cave.  CD's, Movies, and Books transitioned quite nicely into digital content and videogames are no different. yet all of you just refuse to give up the box and cd's and manual books that are worthless, costly, and waste of time going to the store in the morning when you can get it.  I'm trying to help get rid of Gamestop, and game resales so developers can earn actual money and create better contents, and earn what they deserve.  I dont believe in resale.  U either like the game or not or risk it.   Thats why there are reviews of  movies, music albums, games,  if u wanna get it or not.  videogame industry is at a very slow pace in adapting to what Steam has become.  Millions of gamers on the PC should tell u why console gaming need to adapt to that.  Once we've gone digital, they will enforce digital streaming like Spotify which is what exactly what I'm waiting for.  OnLive service is doing this, but they have no exclusive games. 
  • Umm games should absolutely have resale value. If you paid for it, it's yours. My belief is that we're paying for the game, not the license. Therefore, if I want to sell my game to Gamestop or my friends, I should be allowed to because it's my property that I paid for. With digital DRM, you are losing your resale rights as a consumer. Also, yes music and other media are popular with digital right now, but recent trends have shown that to be changing. Vinyl records are becoming increasingly popular again proving that people like having physical copies more than digital. There's even a slight return of cassette tapes too, currently just a niche though but has potential to grow again. And Blu-ray has remained popular enough that they upgraded the format to 4k despite the supposed transition to digital. Yes digital might be the most prevalent form of distribution, but there's still huge demand for physical media. In fact, answer me this. What happens if OnLive completely shuts down one day? Can you still play your streamed games? What happens if Spotify shuts down or goes offline for good? In both those possible cases, you lose all the money you spent basically. Whereas my physical games and media can still be played anytime, even a hundred years after the publisher or company shut down. Do you not see how relying on digital media is risky in the long run? You have no fallback if the service is ended. My physical copy of quantum break will always work, even if Microsoft closes down 100 years later, even if xbox live is discontinued. It will work on any vintage xbox ones. The same cannot be said of your digital games. Once xbox live for the xbox one is shutdown, you instantly lose every game you've purchased since the DRM can't be validated anymore. That's why physical media is important, safer, and smarter. It's also fun to collect games. The only times I do digital is if the game is free or SIGNIFICANTLY discounted. Otherwise, I'd rather just buy a new or used copy from Gamestop. So much better. On top of that, Gamestop has a lot of games that cannot be bought digitally because the publishers went under. However, the physical copies are still being sold as used and work great. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "if you pay for it, is yours" it's not. You are very wrong LOL. If you pay for it, you have the right to use the licence, terms and conditions apply, you do not own anything, sorry.
  • Actually, when it comes to physical copies, you do in fact own it. You can even make copies of it if you want for backup purposes. You are however not allowed to redistribute the copies. You can however, resell your original physical copy. I can take my physical copy of quantum break and sell it to whomever I please. If someone breaks into my house and steals all my physical copies of games, that is considered theft of MY property in the eyes of the law. However, if someone steels your computer, you can't also claim they stole all your digital copies. Physical media is considered your property once you pay for it. The cd's, Blu-rays, vinyl records, dvds, and so on physically belong to you and you are legally allowed to do whatever you want with it as long as you don't violate copyright laws. That's the benefit of physical media. It's actually yours. When you buy digital, your license to play the game could be revoked at any time and you lose access to the game. It's not like the same could ever happen for physical media. It will always work no matter what because you own it. It's not bits on a hard drive protected by DRM. It's actually something you can hold in your hands that you own. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Also, games will never adopt a Spotify model. There's no money to be made there. That's why a lot of big artists like Taylor Swift have taken their songs off Spotify because not enough money. And while we're on that point again, people who had Taylor Swift songs on their Playlists had the songs just dissappear. Once again, that's a huge disadvantage to digital. You can't find Taylor Swift and many artists on Spotify anymore. Now if I had bought a vinyl or CD copy of a Taylor Swift album, I can be confident my physical copies will not go poof just because Taylor Swift feels she's not making enough money. It's not like she's going to send ninjas to my house and take away my physical copies. The same applies with video games. EA took all their games off steam. People who want EA games on steam are out of luck. And not all EA games are on origin either. However, they are all on disc copy and those copies will never vanish. Books vanish off your kindle library too whenever there's a publisher dispute, even if you paid for it. It's kind of ironic, you say digital is the future. Yet, digital distribution is actually far from future proof. Physical media will outlive digital. Your digital copies can literally dissappear anytime. My physical copies can be preserved for centuries. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I love how they uses these free DLC as part of the package to entice Quantum Break preorders and then as soon as the game launches they give them away for free to everyone. Classy move, Microsoft. They did something similar with Gears if War Ultimate too.
  • Yes. "Let's tell them they really get it for free if they buy QB, they don't know they would have gotten it anyways". And you get downvotes because of fanboys that accept everything. Sad community.
  • From what I learned, MS is doing this to solve the redeeming problems faced by some preordered users. This measure is now spotted as a deal which was not intended.
  • Got them "free" anyway with the Nissan Commercial Game...oops!...I mean Quantum Break game. Also American Nightmare thanks to the Amazon pre-order bonus.
  • adverticement has been getting out of hand lately... I mean there was always that coca-cola can, or bud bottle in a movie.   but recently it's just so obvious it's almost annoying, like that series Scorpion with Chevrollet 
  • Awesome! 
  • I guess I need re-buy Alan Wake now!
  • Thanks for the heads up. Just downloaded.
  • Already own all of the Alan Wake content, but it's cool that it is free.  Here is to hoping Remedy's next project is a full-size sequel for Alan Wake.
  • Word. And a more open environment.
  • LOL, sure is mum around here about how Quantum Break is an absolute disaster on PC. More reason to avoid gaming on the Windows Store.
  • Marvellous game with some pretty great DLCs. I sure give a 2nd playthrough on Nightmare one of these days.