Alcatel Idol 4 Pro now out of stock in the UK before it even launches

The saga of the eventual launch of the global version of the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 continues. First, it was launching in the UK, then it was launching but it was delayed until August 7, now if you go to pre-order one you'll be met with an "out of stock" message.

Are you interested in Alcatel's new Idol 4 Pro Windows phone?

Out of stock means precisely that, so if you do want one of these £420 Windows phones then you'll have to wait even longer. But why exactly is it out of stock? Did Microsoft have a sudden rush of demand that overwhelmed the stock allocation that was planned?

Or, is it because it's probably not going to ship on August 8 and will get pushed back again? Naturally, we hope it's the first one, but the current times have made us a little more cynical than usual.

In any case, we'll probably see what's going on soon enough. If you're absolutely keen to get a new Windows phone right now, maybe hit up HP where the Elite x3 is down to £549 (opens in new tab) with the desk dock. And you can actually buy that one.

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  • Exciting times we live in...
  • A few days back we were laughing for their decision to delay the handset...
  • I don't think you guys read the article 
  • We just need Windows mobiles in the system....we just want some
  • Haha, Microsoft is a gettin crazy.
    Nope....they were crazy.
  • Makes sense: no viruses, no malware, no apps, no support, no future. Instant buy.
  • Lol sold out already?
  • Maybe it's like collecting rare Lego sets.
  • All the time same marketing trick.
  • Wow, those 8 units sold fast ;)
  • I think Zac bought 4 of them
  • I find this news particularly funny. 😂😂😂
  • Wonder if it was ever IN stock - paging Zac... did you pre-order one?
  • He did. He's been told it was delayed to August 7.
  • It is unlikely to be demand. My 950xl contract is up December time. Be nice to think there may be something to go to. Hope HP release something.
  • Why not keep your 950XL but switch to a SIN-only contract that will be considerably cheaper?
  • They're still busy scoring out the letter S and adding Pro to the boxes with a Sharpie
  • Didn't the 950 and 950 XL go to Out of Stock just before they were pulled from sale? Wondering if this will even launch now.... I would say to anybody considering it, take a look at the Elite X3 w/ Desk Dock deal, it works out £400 after cashback and has some advantages if you like big phones. I can say it feels like a completely different experience to the Lumia 950 (Can't comment on XL) due to the larger screen that fits a lot more content on screen at the same resolution (So things are physically smaller than on a 950 screen)
  • Cashback ends today though. Unless HP pulls a HP and keeps it going. Or increases it. Or drops the phone price again.
  • :))) This is their plan to fool users into thinking they sold so many that the stock is already out :))) Well for delusional fanboys, this crap might work, but any sane person won't belive such things.
  • Exactly. Apple use the same tactic.
  • Thy sure sold those 10 phones fast.   I'm kidding sort of. I was a hardcore WP fan until W10M garbage launch and then after they prety much abandod it altogether.   Now I'm all in on LG's phones.
  • The big question is WHY?  It's not that great of a device, and Microsoft isn't supporting Windows phones in any real sense, as much as it pains me to say.  So, unless their "stock" was really small (which, it likely is), why did it sell out so quickly?
  • What happens when you have one in stock and someone steals it to sell it on Ebay for than its worth. lol!
  • I got a call from MS. They apologised for the delay and said that it would definitely ship on August 7th. They're all being routed through MS Germany and Germans have got priority, but UK preorders are being honoured.  I'm not surprised that the UK site says out of stock temporarily though. My guess is that only a few hundred are coming to the UK in the next week. The rest are allocated to Germany and - perhaps - France.
  • Thanks for clearing things up!
  • I can confirm, the Idol is available for purchase from MS Germany.
  • We're supposed to live in a global society, the whole notion if seperate US and UK release us outdated. If it's on sake in New York then it should also be on sale in London.
  • Who died and made you king?
  • autocorrect made a mess of this comment ;}
  • It appears to be in stock in Germany!
  • Only 2 in store, so it sold out... 😆
  • Collecting instinct devices is a popular hobby.
  • extinct is the word you were looking for
  • YES I HAVE ONE, IT IS AMAZING PHONE..... great quality
  • Mine is sent out Yesterday and will arrive today here in Germany.