Alienware Aurora refreshed with bigger body and better airflow

New Alienware Aurora 4
New Alienware Aurora 4 (Image credit: Dell)

What you need to know

  • Alienware announced a refreshed Aurora gaming desktop.
  • The gaming PC commemorates Alienware's 25th anniversary.
  • The PC features a larger body than its predecessors and is designed to improve airflow.
  • Dell has not shared pricing or availability details at this time.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Alienware announced a major refresh to its Aurora desktop. It has a larger case and a more open design than its predecessor. It also has an optional see-through glass side panel and support for eight RGB lighting zones. These bring the Aurora more in line with the best gaming desktops, many of which feature clear side panels and customizable lighting.

While Dell has shared images and design details about the new Aurora, the company didn't share any details about pricing or availability. The Alienware Aurora is set to come out "later this fall." That release schedule could line up with Intel's new 12th gen chips, but we'll have to wait for more details from Dell.

Acer recently announced the Predator Orion 7000 that will run on 12th Gen Intel Core processors, so we may see a string of PC manufacturers unveiling devices with the new chips over the coming months.

Source: Dell (Image credit: Source: Dell)

The case of the refreshed Alienware Aurora is much larger than previous models. Its internal volume is 50% larger than older versions. The new Aurora is wider and taller than its predecessors. It's also much deeper (around 23 inches vs. 17 inches). The larger body and other improvements result in a quieter system. Dell states that the new Aurora is 13-16% quieter than older models when idle. During intensive tasks, the Aurora is 9% quieter than previous versions, according to Dell.

The redesigned PC features a custom motherboard that places power connections towards the edges of the system. This should reduce cable clutter and improve airflow. The gaming desktop is configurable with up to four 120 mm fans to help keep it cool. There are also liquid cooling options for the PC. The new Aurora has up to 3% lower CPU temperatures than previous versions when comparing models with liquid cooling and the same power draw.

The new Alienware Aurora will be available in Lunar Light (white) or Dark Side of the Moon (black). More details about the gaming desktop are expected later this fall.

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