Alienware puts PC hardware monitoring, RGB Control on your smartphone

Alienware second screen concept
Alienware second screen concept (Image credit: Alienware)

What you need to know

  • Alienware's latest concept software puts valuable information on your smartphone instead of hogging your monitor's real estate.
  • Current features include GPU, CPU, and DRAM monitoring, with features in development like RGB lighting adjustments, overclocking, and even in-game integrations.
  • If this gets released, all Alienware and Dell G-Series devices would be compatible.

When you've got serious PC hardware, it's important to monitor its thermal performance during heavy gaming sessions, especially when your PC is a laptop. The biggest problem, especially when you're gaming on a laptop, is that there's only so much screen real estate that can be used at a time. Considering many games have been reducing HUDs for immersion factor, it doesn't make sense to fill this space up with a bunch of graphs and numbers, so why not offload all that information to the phone screen sitting next to your laptop? Alienware and Dell's latest concept software does exactly that.

By offloading the most important metric data onto your smartphone, avid gamers can keep an eye on their temperatures and clock speeds while focusing on their kill counts, all without having to alt-tab or take up valuable screen space. Heck, the presence of HUD icons can be the difference between seeing your enemy in a game and getting shot by them, making this a valuable way to safely monitor your hardware without it constantly being on your monitor.

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On top of simple monitoring, Alienware's new second-screen concept will also provide full control over RGB lighting in your Alienware PC, all from the simplicity and comfort of your phone. That means no juggling between windows or navigating away from your gaming session just to change the colors of your lighting. Second-screen also features the ability to change performance modes on the fly, and keep track of certain in-game integrations (kill count, maps, inventory, etc.) that are available on your PC. You may even be able to overclock your PC right from your phone; a future that I fully welcome with open arms.

CES is full of interesting tech and fun concepts, and Alienware's latest concept software looks to be an incredibly useful addition to a gamer's repertoire when and if it eventually launches. As concept software, Alienware isn't announcing any kind of availability or pricing at this time. In its current development state, CPU, GPU, and DRAM monitoring are enabled, but additions like overclocking, RGB lighting adjustments, FPS monitoring, and in-game integrations are all still under development. If released, Alienware is targeting all Alienware and Dell G-Series products for compatibility.

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