Alienware's new Command Center application will finally not suck

Alienware Command Center comes pre-loaded on Alienware PCs and isn't what you'd label as bloatware, because it is actually useful. If for little else than setting up your RGB goodness (literally all I really use it for on my Aurora R5).

But it's old, it looks horrid and there is so much potential that hasn't ever been unlocked. But now, the Dell boffins have unveiled the newest version and it looks good. Really good.

This is what Command Center currently looks like. Yeah.

This is what Command Center currently looks like. Yeah.

The new version will have a fully integrated game library and a much more robust and customizable lighting tool, as well as complete control for overclocking the CPU and GPU in the system. Looking at the video up top and the current version, it's clear that someone has been really busy.

The latest version is slated to debut "soon," and I'm sure I speak for many Alienware owners when I say it's been a long time coming. This looks like an app you might actively want to use. Rather than just because you want different colored lights on your PC.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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