Here are all of the Microsoft-related April Fools' Day gags worth seeing

April Fools' Day 2015 has arrived, and Microsoft is already making a lot of waves with its MS-DOS Mobile app. However, that's not all the company is doing to celebrate the day. Here's a look at what Microsoft and other Windows-related companies are doing to loosen up today.

Shake to Save on OneDrive (New)

The OneDrive crew took to Twitter to share their joke: Shake to Save. The idea is you take a selfie and then shake your phone at the clouds to save it to OneDrive. Although it sounds kind of lame, the video they posted was quite funny.

Shake to Save on OneDrive

Cute Cloud

Cute Cloud on

The Internet is already flooded with cute cats pictures and videos, so Microsoft decided to up the ante with the "Cute Cloud" page on Bing, with links to image search results feature lots of cute cats and other animals. The homepage in the US has a video clip of three adorable kittens today as well.

Cute Cloud page on Bing


Clippy is now available as open source for today only

Yes, you can download the C++ code used to create the annoying Office assistant for today only on the GitHub website

Clippy source code at GitHub

Office For Cats 2015

Office for Cats 2016 preview

Continuing the "cute cats" theme, the Office Twitter page says that it has released a 2016 preview of a suite of apps for cats like "PowerPounce, OneNap and Meow." Spoiler alert: There are no real downloads for this.

Office Cats on Twitter

Bing UK Palm Search

Bing UK launches Palm Search technology

If you live in the UK, your version of Bing is now enabled with "Palm Search" technology, where you place your hand on the screen to search for stuff with your brain. Actually, that's not true but it does sound cool.

Palm Search for Bing in the UK (opens in new tab)

Outlook Ground's new ground service

The Twitter page has announced this "new" ground service for emails. Somehow, we don't think this will catch on. on Twitter


Tweetium's April Fools' Day features

Our favorite third-party Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 app Tweetium has some special April Fools' Day features for people who both love and hate the day.

Download Tweetium for Windows Phone 8.1 ($2.99, buy once, buy everywhere)

Download Tweetium for Windows 8.1 (opens in new tab) ($2.99, buy once, buy everywhere)


Skype's non-April Fools' Day

Skype's Twitter feed tries to launch an April Fools' Day joke but then decides it's not worth the bother.

Skype on Twitter

Did we miss any official Microsoft April Fool's Day jokes or gags? Let us know in comments and we'll add it later!

  • Looks like they shutdown
  • There was another prank by Microsoft Australia in their twitter account. About a shiny new smartwatch running Windows..... :) And it was kinda cool.
  • The Surface Watch lol. My favorite part was the USB on the side.
  • That was kinda of cool from MS, wonder what other tech giants managed to pull off.
  • traveled back in time.
  • They also introduced a dash button.
  • This one is priceless.
  • I died laughing.
  • Cryio died laughing so that means this post was written by a *wait for it*... GHOST WRITER!
  • With the rise of dumb ideas going to kickstarter, I wouldn't be suprised if something like this was real.
  • Dash is real.
  • Don't think so.
  • Google said they would respect your privacy.
  • Hahaha! Good one on Google
  • LOL nice
  • Ha ha, nice one.
  • Let Google apply cold water to that burned area for a while.
  • Privacy... Hilarious!!! Best one so far.
  • Hahahahaha that made my day!
  • This^
  • Lolled
  • Hahaha nice one
  • Windows 10 head gets a medal from Obama! Tweeted by joe
  • I pissed off tons of PS4 people today in a professional way, does that count?... They refused to click the link I provided to show its a joke. 'Bloodborne is coming to PC after....' Is all they read. LoL.
  • I wanna see what people can do with Clippy now lol
  • ground service. Lol!
  • I think this was done by google few years back
  • You want to compare April Fools' day jokes now? Who did what first?
  • Yeah, ignore that stupid troll.
  • Out of the ones listed I had a good laugh on the ground service.
  • Not official, but there is one on Wmpoweruser relating to silly flagship Surface phones. Creepy that was.
  • Also the Surface watch which was posted by Microsoft Australia on Twitter.
  • The new Lumia flagship is going to be Win10 installed on Nokia 808
  • Uk Bing palm-brain search is really cool.
  • Saw that yesterday thought it was amazing
  • Ha, nice - I really wanted to see the clippy source though :(
  • Me too. Was hoping it would be actually least for a day.
  • Is the link not legit? It looked like it was for real.
  • If you try to click on anything on the page then Clippy pops up and keeps you from doing anything.
  • It worked for me? I got taken to github and was able to download the source (however I'm on mobile, so any fun page customizations may of been nullified, and the source itself may be a hoax. It was a seriously lightweight zip file for the entire thing)
  • You can actually circumvent that just by right-clicking on any link and clicking Open. But you will quickly find out that all the files are empty shells and only file in src\ is called april.fools
  • Not a Microsoft gag, but Gentoo has their website set up as an IBM PC Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) screen, complete with original IBM-PC font and cursor, and 1984-era screen update rate.
  • Instagram sheds the beta tag in latest update
  • Haha, that would be a great April Fools joke :D
  • Lol yes!
  • Lol yeah
  • Too bad the Cute Cloud only works on the US. I wanted to show it to my friends.
  • Ans the Surface Watch?
  • From OneDrive's Facebook page: Or Twitter:
  • Haha