Alleged Intel Arc Alchemist DG2 GPU specs leak, reveal different SKU details

Intel Arc Logo 4x
Intel Arc Logo 4x (Image credit: Intel)

What you need to know

  • Intel's Arc Alchemist line of GPUs is on the way.
  • Details on the GPUs have been light, though thanks to a supposed leak, we now know more about the individual SKU specs.
  • According to the leak, high-end DG2 graphics will pack 16GB of VRAM, while the low-end will feature 4GB.

Anyone waiting for Intel to drop more Arc Alchemist news need wait no longer, as someone's seemingly done the job on behalf of Intel (ostensibly without the company's consent). While the legitimacy of the leak has yet to be validated, the image making its rounds on the internet certainly seems authentic.

You can judge for yourself by checking out @9550Pro's tweet, which contains a tabled breakdown of DG2 graphics memory configurations.

We're looking at a laptop GPU here, so keep that in mind when assessing the power of each SKU presented in the table. Based on that information, assuming it's accurate and authentic, we can look forward to the most powerful DG2 variant featuring 16GB of VRAM, and 512GB/s maximum bandwidth. Meanwhile, the least powerful SKU will pack 4GB of VRAM and a 112GB/s bandwidth cap.

These numbers are just that — numbers — until the processors are in hand for thorough benchmarking and testing, so don't take any of the figures here as rock-solid indicators of the performance you'll be able to eke out of the various SKUs. Still, as an early glimpse of what to expect, the specs are useful to have.

It remains to be seen how Intel's Arc endeavors will line up against NVIDIA and AMD, but leak by leak, we're getting a fuller picture. Until the full scoop is available, check out the best graphics cards currently on the market.

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