Purported Microsoft Lumia 550 render with front-facing flash almost gets it right

This morning the site OneTile.ru has posted a purported render of the yet-unannounced Lumia 550 aka Saimaa (RM-1127) Windows Phone from Microsoft. I broke some details on this phone recently having seen it with my own eyes, including what looked very much like a front-facing flash in the upper right-hand corner.

So what about this render? I can't speak to the blue color as the one I saw was in glossy white. The overall design though is similar. Then again, starting with the Lumia 640 series and up to the Lumia 950, you can almost describe these design as 'generic Lumias'. Indeed, looking at this one of the supposed Lumia 550 and it is hard to gain any details from it.

Noticeably absent is a conspicuous flash from the corner. Although where there appears to be a sensor of some sorts is the general area where I saw what looked to be a dual-LED flash. We reported on some of the other specs of this phone, which include:

Lumia 550 Specifications (rumored)

  • 1.1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 quad-core (unconfirmed)
  • Removable SD
  • 8 GB internal storage
  • 4.7-inch 720 x 1280 AMOLED display
  • Glossy White or Black polycarbonate
  • On-screen keys
  • Metal around the display
  • LTE
  • Speaker lower left on the rear
  • Rear camera with flash

I am not sure about the processor at this time as the one listed above came from another site (and store listing), so take that with a grain of salt.

All in all, the Lumia 550 looks to be a rather ho-hum device at this time with little deviation from the current Lumia 640 design aesthetic. The devil is in the details, however, and there remain quite a few unanswered questions.

No particulars of when this phone will be announced, although I do not hear it will be revealed at the October 6 event in New York City. However, being such a nonchalant device, anything is possible.

Source: OneTile.ru

Daniel Rubino

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