Amazon Channels brings even more movies and TV to Prime in the UK

Today Amazon is rolling out Channels, add-on subscription services for Prime members that brings even more movies and TV content to watch.

Amazon is billing it as "choose the TV you love, one channel at a time," since each of them is available on an individual subscription basis. You're not being made to pay more for Prime to access them if you're never going to use them, and you're not being asked to pay for anything other than what you want to watch.

It's the a la carte TV subscription model we'd love the cable companies to employ.

There are a good number of Amazon Channels available at launch, with a couple of big names like Discovery and Eurosport in there, along with kids channel Hopster. Each channel comes with a free trial period, though this varies, as does the monthly cost per channel.

Once subscribed (which you have to do on the web right now it seems) you can watch through the Amazon Video app on any supported devices, which naturally includes the Xbox One. Channels appear alongside your regular Prime content and operate in the same way as anything else you'd watch from Amazon Video.

You do however need to be a Prime member to use any of the Amazon Channels. That will set you back £79 a year if you're not already subscribed. The good news is you can get a free trial of that, too, to try out all of the TV goodness.

If only Amazon would bring the app over to Windows 10 as well, huh?

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Richard Devine
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