Amazon Dash buttons bring their instant ordering to the UK

If reaching for that new Windows 10 Amazon app on your Phone or PC is just too much, Amazon Dash is here to save the day. And now the instant order buttons have made their way to the UK, as well as Germany and Austria.

The idea is fairly straight forward. You place a Dash button in your home close to a product you use regularly. When you're close to running out you press the button and Amazon will magic a new one to your door. That easy.

It's open only to Amazon Prime subscribers at this time and each button will cost £4.99 to order. Upon your first press, you will automatically receive a £4.99 refund on your account, essentially making it free as long as you use it even once.

There's not a massive amount available for launch, but if you go through a lot of air freshener, cat food or toilet paper you're in luck. Check them out and order on Amazon right now.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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