Gold Lumia 930

A third-party retailer is now listing the gold version of the Lumia 930 on Amazon's website. The price for this rare version of the Windows Phone device is $529.

You may remember that Microsoft announced back in January that a gold-colored version of the Lumia 930{.nofollow} would go on sale in most global markets, but not in North America. Now that has changed, sort of, as NGP Store USA has posted an unlocked international version of the phone, in its black matte version, on Amazon. The listing says that only 15 units are in stock. So if you want to get one you might want to move quickly.

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We did get a chance to go hands-on with this gold version of the Lumia 930 recently and if you like walking around with a phone that has a different look, you have a chance with this selection.

Source: Amazon; Thanks, Michael S., for the tip!

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