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This is the special golden edition Nokia Lumia 930

Lumia 930
Lumia 930 (Image credit: Windows Central)

In early January, Microsoft officially announced{.nofollow} special golden editions of its Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 smartphones for various markets, including Europe, Asia Pacific and China, and India, the Middle East and Africa. Coming in either matte black or glossy white, the gold-framed versions of the latest Lumias add a little sophistication to the previously colorful devices.

I managed to get my hands on the matte black gold Lumia 930, which can be found unlocked for around $430, including on eBay. Here are some photos and a video to show you what it is all about.

What it is

As you can imagine, there is nothing truly unique about this Lumia 930 (or Lumia 830). Besides the gold frame, the software and other features are exactly the same. It does ship with Windows Phone 8.1 build 14157, which is rather old. However, when you check for an update, build 14226 comes down, which is the latest version of the 8.1.1 OS, including Lumia Camera 5.0 and Lumia Denim.

Other than that, it has the same specifications, including a 5-inch 1080p display (no Glance), 32 GB of storage, 2 GB of RAM, 2.2 GHz CPU and a 20 MP PureView camera.

For those in the US, you do not get LTE on this phone due to the unique carrier bands here. However, if you are on AT&T (and to a lesser extent, T-Mobile), you can get 3G HSPA+ data. That is a trade off, but if you are around Wi-Fi often, it is certainly doable.

Cheesy or elegant?

I find the 'blinged out' smartphone craze a bit tacky, but the truth be told, I like this gold Lumia 930. It is elegant, not gaudy, and I think it looks rather tasteful. I am curious about the glossy white version, which is a change from the matte white on the Lumia Icon for Verizon.

Should you get one?

If you are in the market for a Lumia 930, I would consider getting the gold version. Supposedly, these gold variants have a limited run of just 3,000, making this a potential collector's item. Plus it is one of the last Nokia-branded Lumias.

The glossy white versions are due in the coming weeks, and they should start appearing in various retailers.

Overall though, I am keeping this one and using it on my secondary AT&T line.

Let us know that you think in comments! Should Microsoft do this sort of thing more often?

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • It's beautiful, the best "gold" phone I've seen.
  • Looks better than iPhone Gold (;
  • No, there is a more beautiful one, gold Lumia 830. That's the only one that I'm waiting for now
  • Yeah..waiting to grab an 830 myself. How do you think the gold plate would match if we switched covers with smtin colorful? Uhmm,..
  • I don't know, but I always think white is the best colour for 830/930 with the metal rim. Same for this time. I'm with for white golden 830
  • But 830 is stupid IPS LCD, 930 is beautiful AMOLED
  • Apparently I prefer I prefer IPS LCD to AMOLED displays... Amoleds' colours don't look natural save black and they tend to get faulty easily
  • I'm sure a lot people think otherwise. Especially Samsung won't give top quality Amoled to other OEMs
  • no windows phns are stupid like the overrated, BS, CrApple's iJUNK. Listen both 830 and 930 are AWESOME phns, but in different class. you cant call 830 stupid when its less expensive. 930 is in higher class, that cost more to make with higher components. As i mentioned , both phns are awesome for different budget ppl in mind. If you guys want to bash, bash CrApple all you want. Even free is too much for that BS, garbage EVIL phn, made by an EVIL comp.
  • But 830 and 930 are both in the $400-$500.... Why would anyone get an 830
  • Not in Asia. In China, 930 is 50% more expensive than 830.
  • I am really interested in getting one now, or wait for the white-gold version?
  • Would be special if it had SD slot and worked on t-mobile bands.
  • It would look even better wrapped around a 940.
  • 940?
  • "Gold" only looks good on the metal casing phone like L925 or the cancelled McLaren.  It looks odd on L830 or L930.  Hopefully, we will get a all metal L1030 like McLaren.  Gold version will look brilliant.
  • L925 is the ugliest phone EVER. Everybody I know thinks the same.
  • I think different. I consider it one of the most beautiful phones ever engineered. :)
  • How is the plating done? Is there potential for the color to wear particularly on the edges?
  • Not really sure. It does not look like it is platting, but rather the color of the metal itself through and through. Guess I'll have to scratch it to find out, but not really fond of that idea, lol.
  • :D lol
  • I cracked my 1520 screen. It will cost $200 to replace it with AT&T. From now on, I will only buy stuff from the Microsoft store. I just not sure if to spend $200 on the replacement or wait for a new flagship. Daniel - can you take a guess as to how long before a new flagship is released? I will not hold you to it :). My guess is summer.
  • I believe that 'with Windows 10' was what MS said this week... so when win10 comes out 'this summer' or 'late summer' or whatever it is supposed to be, then you can expect to hear about a new flagship or two.
  • My guess is September. Hope my 1020 holds out until then.
  • BetaRelease, Just take you phn to MS store, and they will take care of you. You may have to buy their 2 year warranty for $99, which covers EVERYTHING, even water, or drop, kick, fire,.............ANYTHING, except for theft. so you will be 100% covered, for $99. They that for me, and i did NOT buy my 1st 1520 from them. MS store has been one of the BEST store i have EVER been to. Their customer service is inline with Costco, Sams Club, and Bed Bath and Beyond, which has lifetime return policy. MS store staff where we are are unbelievable and do anything to help you. So screw ATT, go to MS and see what they can do for you now. As for Flagship phns, MS mentioned at the end of the live event, they have it later this year. However, in March there is a HUGE Mobile event in Spain calls WMC(World Mobile Conference) We might see some flagship Win10 phns there, Or at MS Built conference. In any case, there will be NEW and Flagship Windows 10 phns coming this year. My guess Aug, or Sep. Just my guess. I have NO PROB waiting for Win10 1530 phn ;-) 
  • Same here. I just bought a new digitizer and glass (LCD still works fine) and it is going to cost me about $20 to fix. Plenty of teardown videos online :)
  • Lol...
  • Which calendar app u use?
  • Good question
  • If the frame is still aluminum, an engineered coating would typically add an electrolytic layer of copper and nickel, then gold. May vary, depending mostly on how cheap they are. If not protected with a top coat, the gold would wear, but that depends on how you use it and the quality of the plating. That assumes this assumes that it is actually gold and not a dyed our coated faux anodized job. I would not be surprised if it was faux gold anodized, in which case it would last much longer.
  • That's a pretty thorough explanation.
  • It cannot be real gold...the price would be much higher
  • PVD coating as what we see watchmaker used to do on watches??
  • If its done the same as the 1020's camera hump, it will wear as mine has.
  • Now imagine a 1020 with a golden hump!
  • Gorgeous.
  • More a fan of the orange :)
  • I just one 64gb or 120gb lumia
  • If I'm not mistaken, there's a matching 'gold' accent color, right?
  • No. But you can have gold images.
  • All Windows Phones have 'Taupe' as an accent color choice, which is gold-ish.
  • I would've said 'Amber' is closer.
  • I dunno, my hulk green 1520 came with an extra matching accent color.
  • This is like the old golden edition Nokias. Pure Nokia porn with this 930.
  • No it looks tacky in my opinion I rather have simple colors
  • While it isn't my cup of tea, that phone with the gold details is not flashy or tacky in my opinion. Anyways I wish Microsoft would bring some more of this unique trims to their phones, it would be cool to have crazy options to mix and match and choose from.
  • Agreed. I certainly wouldn't want one, but if they sell and some people love them, there's no reason not to do it. As for me, I love the current green and orange colors.
  • Anodising aluminum had been a long standing practice on many motorcycle and bicycle parts, and would certainly be a cheap and welcome option on Lumia handsets. They should certainly offer this more often.
  • I really like anodized aluminum, was thinking about the green anodized parts people put on their Kawasakis. I would love to have a black Lumia with a green border around it. :)
  • +1520
  • looks great!
  • It looks nice. I'd rather see a silver & black version.
    At any rate, that phone is so plagued with hardware defects that I wouldn't buy it again even if it had real gold. Maybe I'll try to get the back plate just for the Nokia logo in gold but apart from that...meh. They should have concerned themselves more with the quality control on the 930 than with "gold" editions...but then again...none of this was done under Nokia's watch, so I can't say I'm surprised.
  • Stop lying. Both Icon & 930 were done under Nokia's watch.
  • The Icon was. The 930 wasn't. And I have photos to prove it. Actually, if you owned a 930 - which you don't - you could see it for yourself. Remove the SIM tray, pull out the little piece where the IMEI is written and check out what's written there. Here's a hint: it's NOT "Nokia".   Next time, do yourself a favour and keep your mouth shut if you don't know what you're talking about.
  • So what if it's written Microsoft and not Nokia?? That doesn't prove anything about quality control. You need to prove Microsoft immediately replaced certain people who were working on Lumia 930 design and quality control or that those same people were given instructions to lower their previous working standards. And I know from my personal experience that Nokia did in fact sold some phones which had hardware flaws (no Microsoft quality control 10 years ago).
  • Very simple: Microsoft MOBILE (which is different from normal Microsoft, in case you don't know that) was already in charge, therefore it's MM's responsibility to oversee the quality control of the products. Microsoft Mobile failed massively to do so. You just need to look around and you'll find tons of complaints about hardware problems on the 930. At this point, unless they addressed all those problems, this Gold version is just what one calls "polishing a turd".   Yes, no company produces 100% perfect phones all the time. But MM is on a very very bad start with the 930, which then moved to the 535 and God knows if others. Except while you can forgive hardware problems on a 120€ like the 535, you can NOT forgive on the 930, a 600€ phone. Specially when it's always the same kinds of problems for everyone. Plain and simple.
  • Before I bought my Nokia Lumia 925 I read tons of complaints about various hardware problems that device had. You can still bing or google about it. To me, this just seems like history repeating itself. 
  • Yeah my 925 had terrible heating issues.
  • Lol. So mad. I just followed your instructions on my 930; it doesn't say anything so I'm not really sure what you are talking about, but zero issues with my 930. Marvellous phone.
  • LOL Icon & 930 are full Nokia hardware.
  • The 930 isn't. Check my comment above you. I've told you EXACTLY where to look to see it isn't build under Nokia's watch (ie. Nokia wasn't doing the quality control).
  • I am with you, i don't own a 930 but if i have done my readings right i believe that the 830 was the last real Nokia phone. But i also believe that the 930 and al the latest phones are stil Nokia legacy. What i meant to say is that Nokia probably already designed it before the takeover and MS just fabricated the phones instead of letting it go to waste.
  • The 930 is Nokia's last "real" phone in the sense that it was completely designed by Nokia. However, it was already put into production by Microsoft Mobile. Hence the quality control was already responsibility of MM, not Nokia. If problems were found during production etc, it was MM's responsibility to correct them. They didn't.
  • Microsoft Mobile and Nokia Devices and services are the same thing, it doesn't matter who was doing the quality control because it was the same people.
  • 1 - It wasn't the same people. On MM there's half of Nokia's D&S division. The other half was fired; 2 - Different companies, different guidences; different leadership, different objectives = different results.   Yes, it does matter who was doing the quality control. Because there's a noticeable difference in it.
  • Okay, and where was your device manufactured? Which line? Did MS replace the workers there with new staff?
  • DJCBS's logic would maybe be right if 930 and icon would be a completely the same phone lol. It was in production all along the Microsoft-Nokia acquisition. So both companies were in charge. Putting that aside my 930 is great, no problems at all. And didn't even know there was a lot of problems except for the purple display here and there.
  • Last time I checked, ur claims are bogus and full of BS. It seems they are like that this time as well.
    First, quality control would definitely not have changed during the transition period, simply because the change of guidance and all this stuff doesn't happen over night or as soon as the deal has been inked. Also, those engineers who are in charge are probably the same (please don't say otherwise , we had this argument before on the imaging team, u claimed to have prophecy and know stuff, I gave u all evidence and u suddenly disappeared so shsh) and the quality specs and quality control are also the same (to change those, this may take up to a year), and there is no incentive to change all that either.
    Second, assuming that quality control has changed under MM. The 930 and the icon are exactly same. The icon has been already in production under Nokia, and it would be utterly stupid for MM to not carry over everything exactly like it was with the icon as it would be waste of time and money if MM does otherwise. This is actually evident by the fact that MM hasn't changed the type of the display of the icon on the 930 to enable glance.
    Third, The production of the 930 has started under Nokia's watch, definitely before the deal was completed. And even if it was after the deal completion (which is impossible), it would be Nokia's fault, simply because everything related to the 930 including manufacturing environment and quality is designed using CAx/CIM with concurrent engineering way before the phone gets to production so all the defects are related to Nokia not MM.
    Last, there is still no sign of change of direction or leadership. Yes, MS has bought Nokia D&S but the division is running by the same people (Elop, Chris Weber, Jo Harlow....etc) and the same engineers (same people who brought pureview...juha,eero..etc, we already argued about that and u ran off) so simply it's a change of who is giving money to the division, not mention MM recently announced devices show that MM is adopting Nokia's direction more and more : Best bang for the buck smartphones like 535,532,435 (like 5230, 5250, 5530), golden editions of lumias (like Nokia Oro and 8800 gold edition) and the rumors of laptop/phone hybrid (communicator series). And then again, a change of direction would appear after years like the change of apple's direction under Tim cook after Steve jobs.
  • thank you
  • There are no hardware defects on my 930 (that I'm aware of). Everything works as advertised.
  • I can't find any of these hardware defects with my 930.
  • The 920 had heaps of hardware defects, was that Microsoft's fault too? I had to return mine 3 times for various hardware problems
  • and the 920 was full Nokia...nobody's perfect.
  • Man, although I've got my 830 recently I wish it was available in gold here in Brazil too... It looks awesome !
  • Next, Cyan version of 930.
  • What is your current daily driver Daniel? Do you still use your 1520?
  • Yeah, 1520. Also carry around One M8, iPhone 6 and 830/735/930 on a fourth line.
  • Wt...! :c
  • Skip the 'also' part, and we are both pretty much the same.
  • Haha
  • Nice. I can't let go of my 1520 either, just hope the denim arrived soon.
  • Same here, waiting for AT&T to approve the firmware update for the RM-940 =P
  • I sure hope it comes over to England, only then can I stop craving better Lumias than I have done since 800>720>1020>1520>930 #1stworldproblems
  • iPhone 6, I guess not a true Windows Phone fan...
  • Oh snap. Daniel is about to get you David. Lol. Seriously I think he said he uses it for testing purposes to see how the competition is. Better than using android.
  • Yeah for flagship phones, Microsoft should do this from time to time to have options for collectors and make it limited edition so the value stays a little bit longer.
  • I like the look of it. Would make a nice special edition for the upcoming new flagship.
  • Wish it was a US sold phone
  • With working MMS
  • Microsoft should refresh this phone for MWC, slimmer, better aperture for the camera, expandable storage, 805 processor. Posted via the Nexus 1520
  • Posted via nexus 1520???
  • Save those improvements for the next model. 
  • Nexus 1520?!! 
  • It's to bad this phone never went into wide release here in the States.  I think it would have sold very well.
  • Can't live with out XLTE tho
  • surprinsgly looks sleeker than the iphone gold
  • Very nice...
  • Love those new colors. I hope to see the same colors in the new flagship Lumia phone!
  • I want to get the black and white gold back plates for my current 930
  • So far, nothing has showed up on eBay. But one assumes once these versions start to be sold (they're nowhere to be seen in Europe, yet) the spares will be made available on eBay.
  • Love the design
  • Nah, I'm not in too it
  • Neat but the 930 in the US is aggravating since it lacks LTE. Returning mine to Amazon and keeping the 1520.
  • Lookin gucci
  • I'm on T- Mobile 4G LTE , so I'll wait for the flagship LUMIA later this year.
  • It's very beautiful!
  • I need this especially with Windows 10 and the new Lumia Camera software. Yes. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • M in Love with this device.
  • Is it bad that the first thing I noticed was that Isis article :-/ This phones looks good.
  • Nice
  • looking good.  Posted on Windows 10
  • This made me wonder what kind of phone Bill Gates has. 
  • An iPhone :/
  • I once read that no one in neither Gates' nor Allen's homes are allowed to own any Apple products. Not that it's a surprise or anything.
  • I doubt that somehow. Then again bill had his quirks'.
  • At least they could've put glance screen on it.
  • That's the only reason I dont want to buy it. It's so beautiful, not only this golden version
  • No they could not xd
  • Poor Americans! :D
  • I like it but I must have LTE on at&t, their hspa+ is crappy.
  • Yeah it is.
  • What calendar app is that on the phone? ​
  • Chronos Calendar
  • Daniel Rubino I really love Lumia 930`s design and the gold edition I mean the combination of black and gold is unique... I have a question: now I have a Lumia 1520, is it good to replace it to Lumia 930  or it is a step backward?! 
  • It is the same thing except for the size and micro-SD support on the 1520. I honestly don't like the 1520's size.
  • Hrm, sort of. If jiyar is in the US, LTE won't work. Also, the 930's battery life is much shorter. And the speaker isn't as loud as the 1520. My solution? Returned the 930, kept the 1520 and bought a used HTC One M8 WP. Works for me.
  • Lol way to slide that m8 promo in there
  • I know this better than Daniel, if you replace 1520 with 930 it is not a step backwards BUT a thousand steps backwards
  • I like it, but the no LTE thing is kind of a turn off.
  • Looks nice. Not too blingy. Quite elegant
  • Doesn't look bad for a gold phone.   And Daniel, when are we going to get an update on the DT-903 charger? I feel like it's never going to come out here.
  • What is that app used to show the date on the start screen??
  • I think it's inbuilt calendar app..!but m not sure.. (;
  • Chronos calendar!
  • This is amazingggggg...
  • It's disgusting, like ask of the gold phones. I'm pretty sure those talking it to are just afraid to insult a WP device.
  • Lol, well now I don't have to say it. Thank you.
  • Looks well with the black back.
  • I'm receiving an iPhone 6 as a present next week, but I'm so much in love with windows 10 for phone. I'm in dilemma. Problem of choice. Advise?
  • If there are many iOS apps or features that you really need that aren't available on WP, keep the iPhone, if not, get a 930. Hardware-wise the 930 has a better camera and design, but I think the battery life is a bit better on the iPhone. WP10 for phones is still many months away. Whatever floats your boat.
  • Thanks!
  • Why carry a big brick,with a defective screen and a 2nd tier OS, when you can carry a full featured iPhone 6 with all the apps available?
  • Montgomery's advice is very sensible. :)
  • They should have done this with the 920, full gold. It would have stood out of the crowd more and I would have got one with no hesitation.
  • Someone did, check it out
  • that is an entirely different aesthetic approach. tacky. the 930 isn't blingy.,it's elegant.
  • no. 920 has a totally different shape. the metal band on the 930 is flat. the edges on the 920 are rounded. wouldn't work.
  • It's not even the whole phone so it looks pretty stupid. I'll stick to my awesome Lumia colors.
  • I'd go for a gold 1520 successor.
  • Looks gorgeous Daniel.....but I think White-Gold will look better!
  • Very Sexy
  • Yeah it looks good. But will that gold colour wear off.?? Is it be available in uk.
  • It's look beautiful. Would be more beautiful if it's using 'taupe' for its color accent.
  • Did you buy it or was it given to you, Daniel?
  • Looks gf definitely getting one.... I need with micro-SD though, when ever it comes out!!!
  • Try the gold 830 if you need micro SD. You'll never see a 930 with it.
  • Really like the looks of this phone. I'm not one for bling but in photos this phone actually looks pretty tasteful, so I entirrely share Daniel's POV on this one. 
  • I was hoping for 1030 announcement on 21st, but this one really looks good.
  • Looks better with white back cover.
  • No LTE is a deal breaker for me...I would have love this phone
  • Looks beautiful and elegant!
  • Would this work on any Canadian LTE bands?
  • Meh..nothing special
  • God damn that's a gorgeous phone.  Want to get a windows phone but need to unload my nexus 5 first.
  • Awesome
  • Yea they should, at least to add a little class to the Lumia line
  • I must say it looks cool. Really would love to own one :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seems faster
  • Awesome
  • Wow
    This is just awesome. The back and good color go so well together and the gold color makes the rim look bold.
  • its so elegant without being too flashy
  • So they can afford to put expensive gold bands, but they can't source a glance-compatible screen. =P (I do realize that there would likely be more R&D costs to use a different panel, so I'll give them that.)
  • What!? $430!? Here, in my country the price is at $600 for L930 officially
  • I didn't initially like this when I first saw pics of it and the gold 830, but I've changed my mind. This is so pretty! :)
  • Dang, I need T-Mobile Wifi calling, otherwise I'd be in on this.
  • Looks nice! Reminds me of the same color scheme the Bandit's trans am has.
  • That's hot!
  • What is that calender app?
  • Chronos calendar app
  • Thanks.. :)
  • Lumia 530 in no glance y
  • Can you receive MMS? Including group messages while using AT&T? Able to send as well?
  • Hey guys whenever i tried to watch video from WindowsCentral link using YouTube app with My 3G cellular quality is always worst but no problem of quality when i tried using my wifi..! Does anyone knows how to change video quality on Cellular data?
  • Denim? Even for Asia regions?
  • Meh, that's all I gota say, it's ok, nothing great....I like a phone with some cool style, no question but, this goes towards the "bling" and not towards style..
  • It's high time Microsoft put the phone speakers at the base of the phone next to the USB port, rather than on the back. If the phone is placed on its back on a soft surface (like on the bed for example), you cannot hear the phone ringing most of the time.
  • I actually like speakers at back. It amplifies the sound while holding with palm. Also its risky to keep mobile phones on bed while sleeping... Try replacing phone with gf/bf in bed!!!!!!:)
  • Just turn off vibration and you'll be ok.
  • when will be launching in India...any info.....what price??
  • Awesome !!
  • I don't think in comments. Is this real gold? Looks classy.
  • Meh
  • When 930 gold white will be available in india
  • What means about flagship phone?
  • What mean about flagship ?
  • While I dislike gold, this is probably the best looking "gilded" version I've seen. Would have been nice if they had included a gold theme color as well. :P
  • I lov it but not TMobile LTE:(
  • Not a big WP fan lately, but I must admit this looks stunning! Come on MS give me something like 1020 with cool specs and this body (5" not more) in gold and I am in! :)
  • It's probably already been said, but Microsoft *not* releasing the 930 in the US is a travesty. The Verizon Icon doesn't count because Verizon is expensive and the Icon is stuck on Lumia Black for crying out loud. The 930 with LTE on AT&T and/or T-Mobile would help push Lumia sales here in the US, especially at a time when Denim's camera goodies are all the rage. But Average Joe has no choice but the hefty AT&T exclsuive 1520 and, the... and... and the er... nope, that's it! Crazy how a US-based company screws its own country's mobile consumers! With the hype around W10, people *may* be curious to see what Lumias are out there. They'll be sorely disappointed at what's available in US cellphone stores right now. A 635 from T-Moble that has no FFS, no Glance, and won't get Lumia Camera 5 or "Hey Cortana". An abomination if you ask me.
  • Looking good.
  • I know you said its matte black, but why does it look purple?
  • Anyone remember vertu? Still exquisite and brilliant do it do it do it!!!
  • vertu was god awful crap
  • I want this phone available in the US.  I'm kinda over my HTC One M8, because while I LOVE the dot view case and boomsound dual speakers, it's camera sucks compared to most Lumias and is more prone to scratching on the body.  Can't wait for new Lumia devices with Windows 10.
  • i really like the gold on black design. i too wasn't a fan of all the gold phone that's beens howing up. feels like a cheap gimmick.but in term of design, this looks good. hopefully the next flagship comes with the same design language.
  • Having a pic/icon of the Japanese hostages on the screen is pretty mindless/insensitive.   Guess there were more important things to worry about!
  • From what I read; it will not be available in North America but might be available in Central and South America latter this year!  Just hoping that is true!
  • I just want a 930, I dont care if its gold!
  • Every thing is unique except we still need direct Wi-Fi
  • Hi Daniel. Thanks for another great review. Can you please tell me how does the Lumia 930 run on AT&T's netwotk? I realize it will not provide LTE data speeds but is it really noticiable?   Thanks.   -Rich
  • Hw mch is ds Phn 2 get in N.Z
  • i want this so bad
  • Wow!
  • I want one ; (
  • Definitly Yes...
    For me I'm a phablet guy, I wish there was a 1520 limited edition :"-(
  • Why is this not a color on regular availability 
  • because... it's a special edition phone?
  • I just ordered the white/gold 830 from Germany. Should arrive here in the UK in a couple of weeks. Birthday present for my mum.
  • just got mine, and i love it. do not mind having a slightly older phone, do not mind not having LTE ( I'm in the states).actually wi-fi can be faster in some cases. I'm migrating everything from the 920 with no problem after updating and accessing my MS account. only thing is, my lock screen tilescreen, is narrow now, leaves a vertical gap on the right hand side of my scree, maybe will correct with a restart or with adding tiles. anyone know?
  • adding tiles. that fixed loaded the tiles from my 920 so it only showed those in the same smaller format.... and made it that much better. now if i can only get the bing photo to show the little info squares again. loving this phone. 930 Black Gold.