Lumia 930 gets the gold color treatment in China [Update: Lumia 830 too. Launching globally!]

Update: The Lumia 930 in gold will be available across the world, starting later this month. The Lumia 830 will also be offered in the gold color variant. According to Lumia Conversations{.nofollow}:

"The Lumia 830 Gold is expected to be available in black and white in February. This smartphone can be purchased in select countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and China, and India, the Middle East and Africa. The price will vary by region and operator.""The Lumia 930 Gold will be available in black this week and in white towards the end of January.""This smartphone can be purchased in select countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa and China. The price will vary by region and operator."

Original story follows: Looks like that leak from earlier this month of an upcoming limited edition Lumia in gold was spot on, as Microsoft has just commenced sales of a Lumia 930 in gold color variant in China. Customers in the country can now purchase the limited edition Lumia 930, with the device's production run limited to 3,000 units.

There's no change in the internal hardware, but images from WPDang highlight the gold frame around the sides of the device, as well as the gold-plated Nokia logo. The device, which is officially titled Lumia 930 Golden Collector's Edition, can be bought in the country for just 2,899 yuan ($466).

The Microsoft Store in China is where interested customers can pick up the device. Also included with the purchase is a Car Charger DC-20 and the Nokia DT900 wireless charging pad.

We know that the device is limited to China, but how many of you would buy the Lumia 930 in gold if it was available for sale in your country?

Source: Microsoft Store China, WPDang

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • At $450, that's a hell of a deal!
  • Is it really? The Hardware is from 2013
  • ...with features that the competition STILL doesn't have in their flagships in 2015?? The only thing old is the processor which work great.
  • For starters the display is one of the worst I have ever used. It's laggy in response and has horrible motion blur (yes I tested it with almost 10 different devices from different shops/locations). Another point is that the device is too heavy and thick, even for the time the device was launched. A 930 with the dimension of the 830 and a IPS LCD Display would be awesome imo. And btw in Germany the 930 is on sale for 350€. So it's imo not that hot of a deal. Living in China right now, but I'm happy with my orange 830.   What are the features the competition does not offer?
  • +1, prefer 830 over 930 anyday. But I love my 1520 and 830 is not an upgrade
  • Dont know what 930 you tested, but I'd NEVER go back to an LCD display. No lag, no blurryness. Just sharp perfect colors. And the deal is still good, given it has gold, and is a limited edition
  • ^this
  • Tested it when it came out in Germany. I think it was late June. The last 930 I had in my hands was at IFA in Berlin (early August).
    Maybe they got a new hardware revision, I don't know. But I even noticed touch input lag with the Note 4, although it was more subtle on that one. What about the time you wake the device out of standby? The 930s I tested needed almost double the time until the display was on in comparison to my 2 year old 920.
    Nevertheless I am happy for you that you have no problems with the screen :)
  • Lol the irony, the comment above was about the 930 having "old" hardware, which isn't the case, yet you're holding an 830 which is practically worse in every way except slimness, even then, the 930 is by no means thick, it's a very reasonable size considering the screen size and what's inside it. The 930 has a:
    1 - full HD screen with much higher pixel density then most flagships
    2 - amazing 20 mp camera, second only to the 1020
    3 - OIS ...even iPhone 6 doesnt include while the plus does
    4 - 4x mic for amazing voice recording in videos
    5 - Wireless charging
    6 - Super sensitive touch (using gloves on screen)
    7 - 4k recording
    8 - Hey Cortana
    9 - Available now for very decent prices Pretty sure I've left out a few but those are more than enough to make up for choosing a slightly older processor which works flawlessly on WP and sobering the general user won't even look at.
  • Extremely right. I own a 930 and it's perfect.
  • I bought the 930 for almost 600 I think and I paid for the 830 just about 300 including wireless charger and a cover. The 830 is NOT a flagship device so no need for latest hardware. The 930 is a flagship, therefore I expect flagship hardware! If I paid 300 for the 930 I wouldn't complain. 1. G3 is a flagship of LG and has higher DPI.
    2. Yeah tell that to yourself. The days were Nokia was the king of optics are over, sadly. Look at Sony's flagships or Samsung's. Try to make 60fps video for example, not possible. I think the iPhone can even do 240 fps. And Sony's Z3 got a 20,7 MP cam.
    3. Because iPhone 6 is only flagship? Many other flagship does have OIS.
    4. I tested these amazing mics....seriously they're a joke. But still I think you got a point here with the amount of mics.
    5. I think Nexus 6 and Galaxy S5 support that as well.
    6. Even the Galaxy S4 had this, S5 has it as well.
    7. lol? S5, Z3 and others can do that as well
    8. Okay that's a point. But i think phones like the Moto X can do that as well
    9. That's supposed to be a feature? The only thing which the competition still does not have a the quantity of mics (I didn't search for other phones to have it) and that's basically it, maybe the hey cortana feature. The 920 had a lot of new features, but the 930 unfortunately not really :/ The competition was very fast in implementing things which Nokia used to be good in.
    What for example is with the 930 and a higher screen resolution, SD card, more RAM, water-/dust proof, slow-mo camera. So there is still something other flagship have for years and Nokia does not offer in their flagship. Maybe I overreact a little bit, but I was really disappointed with the 930 when I bought it. I had high expectations for it, which were not met.
  • Sledgehamma, you do realise that the Z3's camera is really not great right? I mean have you even seen the photo samples?
    They are oversharpen like crazy everything looks like minecraft when zoomed in. S5's camera is only above average to say the least, there is nothing great about it.  
    Note 4's camera and iphone 6 plus's cameras are the only ones comparable since they are new and they have the best optics as of now.
    Also go onto GSMarena right now and compare the 1520/930's camera to the note 4 and iphone 6 plus, now i admit the white balance is seriously off with the 1520 but the photo quality sometimes edges that of the other two when zoomed in. Photos arent oversharpened like the note 4 and fuzzy like the iphone when zoomed in, it sits perfectly in between. 
  • I have the Z3C AND the 930. Sorry to break it to you, mate, but the camera on the Z3 is as good as the one on the 930. Except in low light. In low light the the Z3 is better.
  •   Compared to the 930 the Z3C seems to have alot more noise in their pictures and also they are much worse at Night Pictures... I do trust GSMArena... Sorry, but your statement is just not true.
  • So you are basically saying if I buy the flagships from LG,Samsung, Sony and Motorola I will have all the features from the 930. You have any place where I can get a package price?
  • Where did I say that? abduz was saying that the 930, although being old, has a features which the competition still don't have. I said that it's basically not true and on the other hand other flagships have features that the 930 does not have.
  • I'll only speak to #4.  As a musician and binaural recordist let me just say that the Nokia's crush anything out there in terms of audio quality.  I've recorded with just about every smartphone out there and the Nokia's are tops.  They rival my standalone Sony field recorders.
  • YUP.....i have the Icon, and it's pretty amazing, unfortunately, Verizon has stopped selling it, and has not released the Denim firmware. Maybe now that they don't sell it anymore, MS can push the firmware upgrade through the developers preview. I wonder what happened between Verizon and MS to make them stop selling Lumia phones......
  • Except for slimness??? You might have to add glance screen and MicroSD along with the slimness profile though. In all the other aspects, 930 is far better than 830. I would have happily updated my Lumia 920 with 930 if they have included the glance. 32GB is enough for my phone though :-)
  • Agreed, must be one of the absolute worst screen ever put on a high-end phone. Lag, both startup and refresh rate, changing colors in wider viewing angles, uneven brightness, horizontal or vertical black lines, purple tint on low brightness, flickering on 2G/EDGE, non-existent color calibration. Pretty incredible how they could end up with a product like that when they had half a year to fix it after the Icon release.
  • Still, it runs better than the most of competition. I thought you'd know that by now: Specs don't mean that much nowadays, unless you're caught up on benchmarks.
  • And with the free wireless chargers, highly practical. Very good deal, though gold would not be for me.
  • Its cheaper than 830 ... Lmao...
  • When 930 was cny2999 in china, 830 was only 1899. How can 930 be cheaper?
  • Lol 99% wont care just tech lovers and spec whores
  • Well if I have to pay premium prize i want premium hardware and not 2 year old hardware
  • than pay 600$+ for plastic flagship from samsung  and dont cry about it here. Wp works superbly on sd800 and I would rather have better built quality than a 10% better soc in a poor build flagship  
  • You mad
  • The hardware is fine, slightly behind but sufficient. No point sticking newer components in it that'd hardly be noticeable but would end up making it more expensive. That said i'd have like a 935 (as the 925 was to the 920) to make it a bit thinner & lighter. You think a year after the Icon with no other flagship in sight yet they could at least manage that over a paint job. But I'll hope this means something new is coming soon and it wouldn't be worth releasing a 935 when the 940 is almost here...
  • Also a SD Card slot would really be appreciated in a 935! I'd immediately switch my 1520 for that!
  • It would look good only on the all metal case like L925.  I doubt L930 and L830 would share that luxury look.
  • Plus 1520.3!!!!
  • I'm not into the gold look but a lot of people are giving these Lumias props. Well done Microsoft.
  • Not buying any WP until the next flagship with windows 10. I pity my 920.
  • I love my 920.
  • My sister refuses to upgrade her Lumia 920
  • Same here
  • I LOVE MY Lumia 925, I don't even have the THOUGHT of upgrading, the phone is running like a charm with the latest 8.1 dp version( no denim yet) and am looking forward to windows 10 for phones
  • +925! Loving the phones since i've bought it 2 years ago! I was heartbroken when the audio input died and discovered there was a problem with my motherboard :( now i have an HTC one M7 until this summer when hopefully a decend replacement for the 925 arrives with WP10!
  • Haven't found a phone in the Windows system or out that is overall better than my L920. Some phones do something better, but every competitive phone available lacks a feature one way or another.
  • But the 920 lacks microSD, 1080p, 4k video recording, "hey Cortana" etc etc... this idea that nokia/MS hasn't made a phone overall better than the 920 is not entirely defensible.
  • Exactly, every aspect where the 920 needed improvement, was improved on except for storage. They didnt need to recreate the wheel they just needed to improve and the areas they improved on were pretty significant...even the chassis was entirely upgraded
  • That's what i said till i upgraded to the 930
  • exaclty.. I didn't think it would be so much of an upgrade over 920, but now after some days of use. i can say that 930 is far better phone. 
  • 1520 is the ONLY phone with all the specs. The King, bend the knee, spec whores.
  • Me too! I'll wait until my 920 OS not supported again!
  • Due to a lack of regional apps and/or games I might leave my 920
  • I upgraded from 920 to 930 2 weeks ago and I couldn't be more sattisfied. 930 is still worth the flagship tag and it is far better phone overall 
  • Why do you pity your 920. I dare you to find another phone releases around the same time that still hold up so well nowadays. The 920 is a legend.
  • I love my 920, but I too am waiting and hoping and waiting for a #lumia1030 or #lumia1041 Well done on limited edition. It generates want for Lumia. Good marketing play Microsoft.
  • Well i have my 820 since it came out and still a really good phone. I just change the screen (drop it like 7 months ago), so 920 must still been a cool phone.
  • Doesn't actually look bad! Props for the color :)
  • Yeah! Agreed!
  • I wonder if this will make it to any of the online retailers. The black and gold really doesn't look all that bad!
  • I agree. I pooh-poohed the idea of gold phones the other day but this actually looks nicely understated and classy. My green 930 seems a bit tacky now :(
  • Hahaa, and for me gold looks tacky. Still loving my orange 930.
  • It doesnt have glance screen 830 has poor vibration. I have to wait a year to uograde my 820. Shit!
  • Yeah same here. This is bs...... I can upgrade now 3 months before end of contract but with nothing decent available i am waiting till end of contract to see if there is a flagship released before June. 930 is lookin like my phone for the next 2 years. Cmon MS wtf???
  • I think it is strange they bring a limited edition of this out but not try and bring this device to the us market, especially since the icon is gone. Gold is so ugly
  • Instead of making the 930 available everywhere they make this crap.
  • Yeah.... How dare they make a phone for the tiny Chinese market. Pff
  • Not exactly that!
  • LOL, great comment
  • Seems blingier :D
  • I lol'd
  • Kinda want the back plate to be gold like the 830 gold edition. Then I'd just buy the back plate for my 930.
  • I think the black back plate looks much better with the gold chassis, compared to a gold one.
  • +1520
  • I have a Lumia 930 with silver metal sides, so having a gold back might look better for me
  • Looks beautiful!
  • America is fcking cheap asses. All you get is a phone and a charger! It's ok though. The moron citizens allow it to happen.
  • I'm proud to be a moron.
  • Awesome!
  • Don't get me started. I got banned last time for patriotic fervor. Murica.
  • Yeah and sometimes a $20. Gift card a free game which they take away once you uninstall it a fitbit, google gave nexus 6 owners 6 months of google music.
  • Well AT&T gives you a free fit bit flex when you purchase an 830. That's a lot more than a charger.
  • Immortalizing Nokia in Gold. Very sweet from Microsoft
  • Green is the new gold.
  • Yeah their green phones are nice
  • That is on point! Why dont they sell one here? They put the latest Lumia on Verizon and they wont even sell it..good looks
  • Looks classy!
  • The back looks sexy as hell  Too bad the 930 isn't that good^^ Still waiting for a real 920 successor
  • I'm still waiting on a worthy 620 successor :D
  • Lumia 730? It is a hell of a Upgrade for L6xx
  • There are 730 830 930  other than a 5xx serious everything is a upgrade for us brah !!! :D
  • Me too.
  • I would buy the shit out of it.
  • And leave the gold for me. :D
  • So would gold interfere with the wireless charging in any way?
  • Yeah, because it is very much real gold.
  • xD
    I would buy the crap out of them for ... what was it? 400$?
  • It just won't!
  • I love Lumia 930
  • Wow
  • As ugly as other golden phones. For me aluminium grey only =]
  • Go back to your boring-looking iPhone
  • Why me? I have never owned an iPhone nor used one.
  • Looks like a robotish comment, did u care to read what he said :P
  • Haha, you're right. But I care what I write and what some fella replies ;)
  • Just wondering what is to be achieved by limited edition & limited supply? Repeat of the band?
  • Want it now!
  • Already have a 930 but yeah I'd probably get the gold as a keepsake seeing it's the last official Nokia made device.
  • I'm thinking of dismantling my 930, taking the frame to the electroplating shop and getting it 24ct gold plated haha
  • That would be so cool!
  • I already have 930. If I'm going to buy the same for just the color, it should be on swap deal. But swap should be good price.
  • Should have gold trim with a white back
  • It does
  • Looks really nice and premium. But nothing for me.
  • Lumia denim when is it coming
  • Allegedly this quarter, so soon.....
  • No shit, been bitching about this. The update just died. Someone said the 15or25th. They said the best rollout had a 5 in the date.
  • Even less than the price of unlocked 830 lol
  • ewww :/
  • If this was the deal in India, I would love to get my hands on it. But waiting for my 1020 successor.
  • An Indian NOT buying a 520? Well I'll be damned..
  • +Lumia1020 India
  • With gold Oreo lens cover! Wow :)
  • if i could get choice of purchasing this gold i'd buy no doubt
  • No SD Card?
    No thanks
  • Looks quite nifty with the black back panel. Does it come with Denim pre loaded?
  • Contrary to all the beefing, the 930 is a solid phone. I love mine. I think the gold would be nice, but my white one rocks beauty wise.
  • White is super sexy only black was available in my country :/
  • I'd get it.
  • Why still use the word Nokia at the front and back of the phone, shouldn't they change it to Microsoft already?
  • Because Nokia released that phone not Microsoft. It's not a new phone dude how is this not obvious?
  • That I know, the phone was already in production by the time Microsoft completess the purchase, so there wasn't any time for them to make any more changes. to it. It has been months and while they're at it releasing a Gold Edition, they might as well make the necessary name change.
  • Nokia probably made 6000 lumia 930's,, sold 3000 in the first 8 months and they spray painted the rest gold to sell it in china.
  • That colour is SICK id trade in my black 930 for that IN A HEARTBEAT
  • Me!!!! I would have bought it if it was available in Nigeria. By i had to settle for the normal L930.
  • I kinda want a black one with silver frame/rim
  • For some reason, I read the title as Lumia 930 gets the cold treatment in China.
  • its ugly color for any smartphone I don't like it, im wondering why people prefer this color anyway its not a real gold ...really stupid era of smartphones
  • It's because they have a different opinion than you. Mystery solved!
  • Hahah yeah could be but I can say from 10 is max 3 users will prefer it
  • One of those 3 here :)
  • Hahaha
  • I fell in love ....
  • I want it in red or purple! Please!
  • That would have looked so royal.
  • Love this golden 930
  • Theres a 830 too
  • IMHO, the 930 is clearly the best smartphone i've ever used! Period. Love the OS!
  • I would
  • U R Welcome HARISH for the tip. 
  • I much prefer the Lumia 930's chunky build as it feels a solid well built weighty device in my hand / pocket compared to all the lightweight thin Sony, Samsung & Apple plastic / glass tat that's on the market.
  • Only iPhones look great in gold, other phones look cheap
  • iPhones look terrible in gold.
  • IPhones look feminine whatever colour, but the best colour is gone -black
  • Iphone got gold colour for the first time( of all phones)Samsung s5 & one m8 look cheap, nd the band of gold on 930 looks similar to iPhone gold band! Why gold? Why not any other colour??
  • I have to admit the black and gold actually looks really good. But no Glance or SD slot is still a deal killer for me Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Shut up and take my money
  • Available globally??? Guess the U.S is not part of the "globe". Anodized gold alloy frame I'm guessing
  • That's nice but people in the US are still waiting on a high end flagship.
  • Both will come globally or just the 830?
  • Would it kill them to add Glance to the 930?  I have a 930 already on contract but would save up the money to buy an unlocked one with Glance!
  • No, glance support
  • This is the type of phones we need in the US to attract more people to the platform... Not another budget phone...
  • Why are they just now releasing a year old phone in China?
  • The rumor is true then. Nice!
  • I like silver better. The gold reminds me too much of an iPhone 5S. Not that I don't like that look though.
  • I would take ANY color 930 on ATT in the US... Finally switching the wife to WP and have to get her the M8 because she doesn't want a big 1520 like me... So obviously it will be released right after the 14 day return window :)
  • Still waiting for the new High end phones, Not a re-colored phone from last year. With the ICON/929 being EOL, it questions how well this phone sells in the US, even if it's a tacky gold...(my thoughts).... Nah, I would not buy it even if it was available in the US, not sure I like the look of that phone but, that i just me...
  • I like the gold, but I am stuck with my 920 until a new flagship comes out for AT&T. If I remotely cared for Android or Apple, I would switch to Apple, but I would rather keep my OLD L920.
  • TMobile-US please. I need a new phone
  • They do look pretty sweet, however they would look tacky for some.
  • who cares about the damn stupid color anyways, after u put a case on it, u can see it anymore. phone is sold unlocked on ebay for $430..... usa dont have it, which i was going to get, but im holding back on the next updated model.!
    i have the 920 on att network.
  • BFD! As usual they are completely ignoring the US market.
  • Lumia 1520 has a big problem with screen over sensitive.
  • and still, no flagship...
  • Nokia was always ignoring North America and Microsoft is always ignoring the rest of the globe. I am hoping in 2015 they can figure out a truly global plan for this platform and phones like the 930 on all carriers on the globe.
  • Dude its your stupid American carriers that are making it difficult not Microsoft at all
  • should have waited :( looks sick!
  • Haha.. Nokia had actually made fun of the Golden iPhone when it came out. How the events unfold..
  • But why didn't them release it for Christmas and New Year?
  • The 930 is the Icon right?
  • Sort of, slight antenna difference I believe
  • So if you are in the US and want the 930...who will be the carrier since Verizon obviously isn't an option anymore and ATT doesn't offer it?
  • Damn even Antarctica gets the gold Lumia 930 lol *cough. America is getting pushed under the rug now a days.
  • OMG! Please come to Orange Dominicana and it will be my next phone when my contract expires next March.
  • Gold is terrible looking on Phones IMO.  I do want a 930 on AT&T though.
  • White and Gold is just stunning, but I already have Lumia 930 Silver/Green.
  • Gold and black look sick together! Although my favourite is silver and orange - the one I want to buy!
  • That's beautiful bring it to India Posted via the Windows Central
  • Would be amazing if Screen cover white and back cover white..
  • I'll be getting the White golden 830!! Yeah!!
  • Does anyone know if the UK is within this "select European market"?
  • They should have saved this for the Lumia 940 that I would like to see released on AT&T. It seems like every new device story posted is just an attempt by Microsoft to be more silly about being a hardware maker than the last.
  • If they stuck a better processor in it this would be my new phone.
  • I'll take an 830 in gold if I can use it in the US on AT&T.
  • I love gooooooorld
  • Isn't worldwide we don't get those models yet in Chile
  • As expected, Canada left out. Our flagship Lumia here is the 1020. Yes. I'll go cry for a moment, be right back. anyone knows what genius strategy is ignoring Canada for so long?
  • If they brought glance screen and SD support to it I would have brought it in an instant.... Great device but... I have a 930 already so I'll keep waiting for a flagship....
  • It is a bit odd to rehash an old phone with this colour variant when many of us loyalists already own it and wont be buying it again and promoting it worldwide does send an odd message because lets face it, it is old tech now. Any high end Microsoft phone being released simply must have a snapdragon 802 or better or its a bit laughable
  • It's not odd. It's fairly common for companies to release new color variants of a model when it is gets to be about this age. It's a cheap thing to do and generates at least a little publicity for the product. It's somewhat pathetic, but definitely not unheard of. LG did the same thing a couple months ago with the G3.  
  • MS should of really made an unlocked NA variant of the 930 to fill in the gap until a new high end phone came out.
  •     As much as I enjoy my Icon, I would not buy a gold one. They just look tacky to me.
  • Vietnam does sell a 24-karat Lumia 930!  It not from Microsoft however.  It real gold like that of the Apple Smart Watch that going be in 18-karat gold!  LOL!