Amazon Wireless, AT&T offering 3-month Zune pass for new customers

We first saw AT&T offering a free Zune pass back when Windows Phone first launched--anyone remember the "free entertainment pack"? It now looks like they are returning to a similar offer, along with Amazon Wireless, for a limited time (through June 26th) but instead of one 30-day pass, they are offering three-full months.

Valued at about $45, it's not a huge offering but lets not kid ourselves: the Zune Pass is one of the best things Windows Phone has going for it and something the competition is lacking (although Apple is making strides in this area and Google/Android is working closely with Amazon).

Your three-month Zune Pass ($44.97 value) gives you: unlimited access to over 11 million songs to stream or download; access to music on your Windows Phone 7, Xbox console or PC; and 10 free songs per month to download and keep forever (30 Songs total)

We doubt this is a make-or-break deal for potential new customers, but it sure sweetens the pot, especially since the much coveted and praised Samsung Focus goes for $49.99 at AT&T or the low-low $0.01 at Amazon Wireless. Head over to to get your Zune code.

Source: Amazon Wireless (opens in new tab), AT&T; Thanks, Anthony, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Zune **** is a pretty big deal for me. I knew days into my free month that I'd pony up for the subscription. I'm actually looking at going backwards and getting a Zune HD because of it.
  • It's not that big of a deal. MOG, Rdio, Napster, and other apps all offer music downloads to mobile phones (not WP7) for less money. Unfortunately, we're stuck with Zune and Rdio which only offers streaming right now. Zune is a bit of a let down as far as tracks available for download to the phone and those that are available for their web app. It's also more expensive, although that does come with a few free downloads every month. All in all, Zune has been outclassed by the competition.
  • "The much coveted and praised Samsung Focus". Come in guys, your no better than Microsoft pushing XBox titles in your face, leaving the Indie developers out to dry. All three models: LG Quantum, HTC Surround and Samsung Focus are available for .01 through Amazon. And all three phones are good for their own reasons. Your choice.
  • And the Amazon Wireless price isn't even a sale price, it's been that way for months.
  • Is anyone else experiencing "Please enter a valid IMEI number" errors when attempting to register on the site? I've verified I'm entering a valid 13-digit IMEI number, it matches both my phone dialing *#06# and the number behind my battery.
  • my FOCUS shows the same message 'please enter a valid IMEI' :(
  • Keep in mind that Zune **** is only available in the US. It'd really help a global Windows Phone push if Zune **** (or music downloads at all in Zune) were available outside the US.
  • Focus sells way, way more than Surround or Quantum. Hence the comment.Everyone here knows I have a Quantum too (or they should) and I like it quite a bit.