Amazon's new app also works on Windows 10 Mobile

Amazon's newly launched Windows 10 PC app also works on Windows 10 Mobile, making it a true UWP app.

The app's description in the Windows Store states that officially it is just supposed to work on Windows 10 PCs. However, according to both tips and our own experience, the app can also be installed and used on Windows 10 Mobile phones. As we mentioned earlier, Amazon decided to develop a Hosted Web App, with Microsoft's Project Westminster bridge tools, to create an app based on its website.

The Amazon app may be available in the Windows Store, but it doesn't take advantage of most of the features that could be used with Windows 10 apps. It's possible more of those features will be added in future updates.

We did notice that pinning the Tile to the Start screen causes it to flip to 'white' after a few minutes instead of the logo. Clealry there are a few bugs on this initial release that will hopefully be patched in the coming days. Unfortunately, the QR scanner feature, which is what most mobile users want, is not here either.

Download Amazon from the Windows Store

Thanks to Rob for the tip!

QR: amazon

John Callaham