AMD's 6th-gen A-Series chips bring a whole new level of productivity to the notebook

AMD is bringing out its largest guns to the battlefront against Intel with not only support for DirectX 12 and some serious game time, but also 4K butter-smooth video streaming. As we consume more and more media, such functionality is a must-have for those who rely on hardware to output impressive visuals. The company also plans to let you do more without relying on a power outlet.

Announced today were the A8, A10 and FX.

AMD 6th gen chips

  • AMD A8 - 10 cores (4CPU 3.0GHz+ 6GPU) and AMD Radeon R6 graphics
  • AMD A10 - 10 cores (4CPU 3.2GHz + 6GPU) and AMD Radeon R6 graphics
  • AMD FX - 12 cores (4CPU 3.4GHz + 8 GPU) and AMD Radeon R7 graphics

"The 6th Generation AMD processor will forever redefine what you expect from a notebook. With capabilities designed for best-in-class online gaming, Ultra HD-capable streaming video and new, innovative computing possibilities, now you can work and watch and create and share – all with longer battery life, gorgeous graphics, vibrant video, better buffering, creative content management tools, and accelerated apps."

For that improved battery life, AMD claims that latest tech and enhancements provide up to 35% more battery life on productivity applications. Additional security features are also included in the new components, as well as wireless PC screen sharing, improved display capabilities and enhanced system memory sharing.

So, will you be on the look out for a new laptop with AMD inside, or are you sticking to your guns with Intel?

Source: AMD

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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