At Computex 2016, AMD rolled out its 7th generation notebook APUs in the A series, as well as new processors in the FX lineup. The vendor is claiming that its FX CPUs are 56% faster than their predecessors, with a 52% boost for the A series APUs.

AMD's 7th generation CPUs

The APUs are still based on a 28nm node, and feature four Excavator CPU cores as well as Radeon GCN GPU cores. AMD was able to eke out significant efficiency gains through improvements to process architecture, and as a result the A series processors use 41% less power when playing 1080p videos.

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AMD 7th generation

As for the FX cores, AMD is stating that its high-end CPUs are 51% faster at compute performance when compared to Intel's Core i7. We'll know more about real-world gains once we see consumer hardware running the new chips. Lenovo, HP, and Dell will offer notebooks running the 7th generation CPUs later this year.