Android Central on the Fuze

The Smartphone Round Robin continues -- over at Android Central, Casey has his hands on the HTC Fuze. As a guy who recently made the switch to Android and who doesn't have much in the way of Windows Mobile experience, his video makes for a good watch.

This being a Round Robin post, comments over at Android Central enter you to with the G1. Comments right here enter you to win the Fuze.

WC Staff
  • That's really cool. I have a black jack 2 right now, but a fuze would be amazing :) just in time for christmas too
  • I wouldn't mind an HTC Fuze.
  • I think the Fuze is great, though I wish it had a standard headphone jack (3.5).
  • I have a Diamond, and I heard Fuze is even better.
    I can tell you Fuze+ good software will blow iPhone out of water
  • The video gives a nice view of touch flow on the fuze. Thanks.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • I heard the Fuze (touch pro) cannot charge while your are talking on the phone. And it gets pretty hot. Is this true? I have a HTC Touch, and I am contemplating my next phone that I will heavily use for my business.
  • I seriously hope I win the Fuze. I'm still stuck with the original BlackJack... :-(
  • If I were to upgrade my Tilt right now, the Fuze would be the phone. Nothing else ATT has piques my interest like it does. I, too, wish that it was a standard 3.5mm jack, though.
  • It doesn't run hot. Yes you can use the phone while it's plugged in. It runs warm if you've been playing youtube videos for the last couple of hours for your kids. And needless to say, you'll need to recharge the battery too.
    Hope this helps,
    HTC Touch Pro
  • thanks for the reviews. The Fuze will probably be my next phone.
  • I'm just not sure about this phone. TouchFlo is great to look at, but actually seems to slow down some normal processes. I think I'd prefer to use the mobile shell.
  • I'd take any phone WinMob phone out there over the G1 just based on looks...I wanna see MORE android phones that actually look nice!!
  • Great phone, just wish the screen was over 3 inches
  • Operating systems aside, would he have preferred that hardware over the G1?
  • Always interesting to see what other people think when they handle a new phone...Round Robin rocks!
  • It's interesting to see a Fuze review from the point of view of an Android user.
  • I'm digging the HTC Fuze. Cheers!
  • I agree with Bla1ze--I'd like to see what other Android designs are in the works, whether from HTC or other manufacturers.
  • Now that my Hermes has bit the dust (I admit, I bricked it), I need a new phone. The Fuze is where I'm leaning (I like HTC devices), but the iPhone is very tempting. Too bad the HTC Touch HD isn't coming to the USA, since that's the phone I really want... Guess I need to get some hands-on time with the Fuze and see how it works.
  • Yeah, as someone who was thoroughly disappointed with the storm, now I'm kind of lost where to go with phones. (Just losing my job doesn't really help in getting a new one either.) And my Q's battery is slowly going the way of the buffalo. Sad day all around.
  • ..on the verge of breaking down and buying a fuze.
  • Went to att store yesterday, very nice screen and the touch flow works great. If I could only convince my boss...
  • Liked the Fuze saw it at ATT the other day.
  • The fuze is awesome!
  • hey guys...i've been trying to install android on my at&t touch fuze and nothing is working....can some1 help me out pleaseeeeeeee......