Angry Birds Space adds 30 new levels with latest Windows Phone update

Rovio continues to add new and free content to its many games that are available for Windows Phone owners. Today, one of the most popular games in the series, Angry Birds Space, received an update that includes 30 more free levels, among other new content and features.

And what else is included in the new version? Let's see what the change log tells us:

  • 30 new unlockable Brass Hogs levels!
  • Daily missions!
  • Enter the Mirror World! Three-Star levels to play their Mirror World counterpart. Multi-dimensional pig-popping!
  • The Wingman makes his debut in Space with a new special ability!

Sounds like a lot of new levels to unlock, play and conquer. Let's hope that Rovio continues to offer free updates to its Windows Phone games.

Download Angry Birds Space from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

Angry Birds Space

  • Will they ever add support for accounts?
  • they are still working on it like there are working for AB Epic updates
  • I'm over Angry Birds now.
  • How many still play it?
  • I want andry birds transformers.. Normal Angry Birds is shit..
  • They should changed the Xbox label to the greener one.
  • There are so many different Xbox labels/tiles im tired of counting.
  • Does it still exists?
  • I absolutely hate Angry Birds now. First, updates arrive months after they've been released on other platforms & secondly, lack of Rovio account support. Further, latest titles like AB Transformers is nowhere to be found.
  • Rovio supports windows phone.