Animal Crossing x Doom Eternal: The best memes from the most unlikely of friends

Doomguy Animal Crossing Imgur Titmouseman
Doomguy Animal Crossing Imgur Titmouseman (Image credit: Imgur/ Titmouseman)

Doomguy Animal Crossing Imgur Titmouseman

Source: Imgur/ Titmouseman (Image credit: Source: Imgur/ Titmouseman)

When Doom Eternal, originally scheduled for release on Nov. 22, 2019, was postponed until March 20, 2020, something magical happened on the internet. You see, March 20 also happens to be the release date of a far different game: Animal Crossing New Horizons. In contrast to the violent and bloody universe of Doom, where you play as the Doom Slayer — an ancient warrior protecting Earth from literal demons — Animal Crossing is an outright peaceful life simulation game in which you can fish, collect fruit, and decorate your home with treasures found in the world around you. While a release date is pretty much the only thing these two games have in common, the internet wasn't about to let this opportunity for a crossover pass us by.

Starting as early as July 19, 2019 with Twitter User @MrAgentStrange, memes featuring the Doom Slayer, known to fans as DoomGuy, and Animal Crossing's helpful, anthropomorephic dog Isabelle have popped up on Twitter, Reddit, DeviantArt, and more. These are some of our favorites:

The fanart that started it all

Doomguy Isabelle Twitter Mragentstrange

Source: Twitter/@MrAgentStrange (Image credit: Source: Twitter/@MrAgentStrange)

Posted by @MrAgentStrange on Twitter, this image of the Doom Slayer aka DoomGuy teaching Isabelle how to use a gun was likely the first of many crossovers. While this is one of many pieces of fan art pairing DoomGuy with characters from various other franchises, this one took a life all its own. The internet then went crazy over putting these two in the same world.

More lessons

Posted on YouTube by @Atrio_N7, this video. which expanded upon the lessons illustrated in that very first meme, had our team in stitches!

That's one hell of a Glow Up

Isabelle Doom Twitter Awr Hey

Source: Twitter/@Awr_Hey (Image credit: Source: Twitter/@Awr_Hey)

Posted to Twitter by @Awr_Hey, this one features Isabelle fully integrated into the gritty and violent world of Doom.

That's really under DoomGuy's helmet?

Reddit Darkdreamr Doom Eternal Animal Crossing Meme

Source: Reddit/Darkdreamr (Image credit: Source: Reddit/Darkdreamr)

Not all of our memes have come from traditional artists. This post on Reddit by user Darkdreamr involved action figures, amiibo, and some Sid Phillips-esque surgery!


Doomguy Isabelle Aggretsuko Tumblr Nintendovibes

Source: Tumblr/NintendoVibes (Image credit: Source: Tumblr/NintendoVibes)

This meme, posted to Tumblr by NintendoVibes, seems to be suggesting that Aggretsuko is the secret lovechild of Isabelle and Doomguy. I'm not sure I buy it, but that is certainly one theory!

A peaceful retirement for the Doom Slayer

Doomguy Animal Crossing Imgur Titmouseman

Source: Imgur/ Titmouseman (Image credit: Source: Imgur/ Titmouseman)

This image, posted to Imgur by Titmouseman, doesn't feature Isabelle but was too good not to share! After all the ripping and tearing DoomGuy has had to do to protect Earth from the hoards of hell, he deserves a relaxing retirement.

Can't have Animal Crossing without some quality fishing

Doomguy Isabelle Fishing Hedmeteor

Source: Weibo/HEDmeteor (Image credit: Source: Weibo/HEDmeteor)

Probably my very favorite of all, this art was posted to Weibo by HEDmeteor and features some quality fishing time for DoomGuy and Isabelle.

That's all for now!

Did your favorite Animal Crossing and Doom meme make the list? Do you have one that absolutely should be in our list? Drop us a comment below and be sure to check out the rest of our Animal Crossing coverage and Doom Eternal coverage!

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