Another Q9h with WiFi surfaces

Behold, Motorola's White Whale, otherwise known as a Q9h with WiFi. We know these things exist, albeit in very rare numbers, and a treat when we see one in the wild. This one comes to us from EverythingQ member racingxtsy, who says the phone was bought on Craigslist.

What we've got here is what for all intents and purposes on the outside appears to be a "stock" unlocked Q9h with AT&T branding running on Canada's Rogers network. GPS apparently wasn't sacrificed for the WiFi capability. One difference between it and the WiFi-less Q9h us mere mortals use (and one we hadn't seen before) is a cosmetic difference on the back, above the battery door. Pictures of that after the break, and more pics from racingxtsy here.

It appears that this is the real deal. How much would you pony up for WiFi on your Q?

Difference on the back of the Q9h with Wifi, left, and the Q9h without WiFi.

Phil Nickinson

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