Motorola Q9 to get WiFi

What what?! The Boy Genius has a gallery up of a Motorola Q9 - a GSM version nearly identical to the Motorola Q9h / Q9Global, only this puppy has WiFi built-in. No word on whether or not it retains GPS, but it won't retain the “Global” as the bands on board are 850/1900 MHz- that'd be US only. A perusal of the screen shots does show that the device keeps all the extra apps that AT&T included, ex. Opera as the default browser. We're stuck in Edge-land here, so swapping out our Q9h for a Q9 with WiFi sounds like an awfully nice proposition.

We're also giving the Motorola Q9h another spin here at WMExperts in an effort to actually justify our claim that we prefer the BlackJack II. So far we're actually beginning to waffle on that claim - just a tiny bit - once you get over the wide load aspect of the Q9h it's actually a sweet device.

No word whatsoever on pricing and availability yet.

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WC Staff