Another Sea of Thieves scale test starts this weekend [updated]

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves (Image credit: Microsoft)

Updated March 2, 2018: The scale test is now live. If you're an Xbox Insider who took part in the previous closed beta test, you should be able to dive into Sea of Thieves and start testing now.

Recently, Rare conducted a few Sea of Thieves scale tests to determine how servers responded during heavy player counts. While the two tests were a success, there is still room for improvement and accommodating even more players.

Today, the developer announced that a third test will start on March 2 at 5 AM EST and end on March 4 at 5 AM EST. The goal of this is to see how the latest multiplayer updates hold up and to hit a higher number of concurrent players than before. Gamers can participate in the scale test by downloading the beta build from the Microsoft Store and playing it over the weekend on Xbox One or Windows 10.

Sea of Thieves is an upcoming exploration-based pirate game from Rare. The developer is known for many famous franchises including Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and GoldenEye. However, in recent years, the team focused on developing Kinect games for Xbox One and Xbox 360. This was a curious decision, so when Phil Spencer became Head of Xbox in 2014, he assigned Rare a new project. Sea of Thieves is a shift for the developer and a concept the team hasn't tackled before.

The game has been delayed a few times but we finally have a concrete release date. As announced at The Game Awards 2017, Sea of Thieves is now scheduled to launch on March 20, 2018. The game will also support Xbox Play Anywhere and native 4K resolution on Xbox One X.

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  • Yet again, it's open to Xbox Insiders and those that were members of the closed beta. Please correct info in article (it's on the announcement page with the header "Who can take part in the scale test"). Not just anyone can participate...
  • Thanks, was just checking how to get the beta.
  • Yesss! I`ll be on the high seas for the weekend
  • I really wish you could move a game from one pc to another. Have to skip this test because of my metered connection. I would love to be able to take my laptop somewhere. Download the game. Come back home and move it over to my desktop. (Microsoft Store woes :( )
  • Ok last test was a waste of my time.  I was dropped on an Island with absolutely no idea what to do.  I was promptly killed multiple times by other players.  There was no tutorial of any kind to tell you how to use the controls or play the game.  I was standing on the island and all of a sudden materialized on a ship that capsized right away and I promptly drowned,  The next time I came back from the dead I resurrected  in a locked cell in a ship where I was stuck for 10 minutes.  I then was transported back to the island and then transported to a sailing ship that had 2 people on it.  We sailed around aimlessly for 10 minutes.  We landed on a random Island with again zero idea what to do.  I ran around looking for something to do on this completely empty island.  At that point I said f---k it and quit and uninstalled the game. What is the point of a game test with nothing to tell you how to play the game at all?
  • LOL you're lucky you came across other player. Last time I sailed around aimlessly for hours without finding anyone. I might try it again this weekend if I'm too bored.
  • So I played another 3-4 hours and it still feels the same. I saw one ship. I just did some work. Getting maps, going from point A to point B. Kill a couple of weak skeletons, get a chest, go back to point A and sell the chest for gold coins. I did find a message in a bottle and decided to follow the instructions which were more of go from point to point till you find another chest that is to be sold for more coins...  I really tried to enjoy it searching for boats but it got really boring as I was doing all these generic side quests... It just felt like mindless farming... I think this game is really a niche game. It's definitely not for everyone... I guess you should like farming for coins...