Anthem's Launch Bay is a full-fledged multiplayer social hub

Electronic Arts is ramping up details on Anthem, its upcoming shared-world role-playing shooter headed to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PCs. While cooperative multiplayer remains fundamental to its class-based gameplay, its narrative takes a single-player spin within the walls of "Fort Tarsis."

Anthem developer, BioWare, has framed Fort Tarsis has an exclusively single-player hub, home to curated story content. However, as newly-unveiled by Lead Producer on Anthem, Michael Gamble, the studio still plans to serve social experiences.

A true multiplayer social space is now headed to Anthem, dubbed the "Launch Bay." This space facilitates players spending time with friends, customizing loadouts, and preparing new missions. Supporting up to 16 players per session, think an environment similar to Destiny's own connected "Tower." However, this space remains disabled for the demo.

Although details on the Launch Bay remain thin, Gamble promises future details "soon." With Anthem's demo set for January 25, and its launch one month later, expect more in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, preorders for Anthem are now live ahead of its February 22 release, starting at $60.

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Matt Brown

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