See just how fast your Windows 10 Mobile phone is with AnTuTu Benchmark

The AnTuTu Benchmark suite is now available for download on Windows 10 Mobile. The app, currently sat in beta, enables owners of a supported smartphone to run some performance tests to see how the hardware they use on a daily basis ranks against the competition.

The app will measure the performance of your smartphone's memory, CPU, GPU, internal storage, and more to conclude with a benchmark score. The higher your results are, the more capable the smartphone you own is.

Results for the Lumia 950

Sure, not everyone really cares for said numbers, especially if you're more than content with your Windows mobile device, but it can be interesting to compare with others. Give the app a download and let us know what scores you get for your handset.

Update: Looks like we had the wrong link posted. New one for Windows 10 Mobile beta is correct. Our apologies.

Download AnTuTu Benchmark from the Windows Store

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Via: WindowsBlogItalia; Windows Latest

Rich Edmonds
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