Platinum Games explains why there are no plans for Nier: Automata on Xbox One [Update]

Nier: Automata is driving considerable interest on PlayStation 4, and since there's no exclusivity deal in place, many have been wondering whether or not we could see Nier: Automata hit Xbox One in the future. Sadly, it's looking unlikely.

According to Express, Nier: Automata producer Yosuke Saito is blaming the lack of Xbox One interest in Japan for skipping the platform:

"There are currently no plans to release on this platform. The main reason for this is that the Japanese market for Xbox One is not strong, so the decision was made to focus on PlayStation 4 rather than to split our efforts across two platforms."

Saito continued, saying that bypassing the Xbox One allowed them to focus on Nier: Automata's quality, dropping the need to diffuse development across two platforms.

"The biggest benefit to developing on one platform is that we did not have to split our time, allowing us to focus more on the quality. It is not about whether one platform is better than the other, it's that from a development point of view were can devote more time to one platform."

It's easy to speculate that the cancellation of Scalebound might have seen Xbox fall out of favor with Platinum Games, but it's important to note that as Platinum Games is an independent developer, their financial bets are no doubt riskier. Considering the fact there's a PC version in the works, and the fact there are well over 20 million Xbox One consoles out there, it's hard to envision that a port wouldn't be worth the investment for Platinum Games.

Either way, one thing is for certain: it's a damn shame Xbox gamers won't be getting their hands on Nier: Automata any time soon.

Update: As pointed out by various pals on Twitter, Yosuke Saito has previously stated that Platinum Games will consider an Xbox One version based on how well Nier: Automata does on PS4 and PC. We'll just have to wait and see.

Nier: Automata launches on March 7th, 2017 for PlayStation 4 / Pro, with a planned Windows PC version launching sometime in 2017.

Jez Corden
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  • It is from Japan and their attitude is often putting foreigners on a disadvantage; only their home market counts -- but it is an attitude often found at Microsoft too.
  • Platinum is made up of developers from all over the world, not just Japanese. Sometimes it's logistics that puts them at a disadvantage when shipping over seas, currency conversions, taxes, tariffs, etc. It's a complex set of reasons. I think it'll ultimately be on Square Enix to fund this coming to Xbox One, but they're overly cautious when taking risks.
  • Then my bad, but their focus is still on the Japanese market, else it would be a cheap excuse to give Microsoft a hit below the belt.
    But maybe I am just too negative, it sounds simply strange that the Xbox market is not big enough, well, let us see when they get it done.
  • I think their focus and the focus of most companies is where the money is. If they feel that there aren't enough potential XB1 gamers that would be interested and buy Nier to cover the cost of making a port then that's probably a business decision. I doubt companies think like company "fans" by thinking of revenge by "hitting below the belt" or have patriotic feelings.
  • Really looking forward to Scale bound. Been tease for ages before the big let down.
  • That sounds exactly like America to the T. Especially an America under Trumps rule...
  • This game is looking great, I can't wait to pick it up, I enjoy Platinum's action titles. Perhaps if it moves enough units they will look at doing a port to the One for those people who don't have a PS4 but we will see.
  • I always suspected the literal scale of Scalebound would be a limiting factor, possibly a little too ambitious and possibly the devs original ideas needed too much work to realise. I'd like to have seen automata, as I like the art style of Japanese titles. My only issue with them is the style of game play usually is not my cup of tea. I nearly bought Devil May Cry recently, as the price was good. Kinda wish that I had.
  • An I'm here waiting for a Surface Phone :(
  • Same :P
  • I used to respect them a lot. But after them failing to deliver on Scalebound, letting MS take the heat and now this; they are no longer on my radar. I know I sound too salty but, hey. They really used to be one of my favs. It was just as easy not to be any longer.
  • W10/Xbox Play Anywhere or GTFO
  • There are people who are gamers. Their priority is to play games no matter where they are.
    Then there are other people who are "fans" of companies or brand. Their priority is loyalty and to promote that brand or company.
  • It's not about being a fan, but most people don't have the money, time or reason to have both PS4 and XB1 in addition to a gaming PC. It's only natural that people would rather see all games on their hardware.
  • So in your opinion which is better and why? 1) PC and Xbox 1s combo 2) PC with PS4 Pro combo 3) Xbox 1s and PS4 Pro combo My pick would be PC with PS4 Pro combo. Simple, PC offer lots of titles, flawless backward compatiability and access to free multi-player feature of any of its titles without the need for Gold or PSN+ subscription. PS4 Pro is the choice platform for console multi platform games plus they have access to more exclusive that are single player in nature therefore I could play most of their titles without feeling the need for a PSN+ subscription.
  • Yeah but if it's on win10 PC no excuse for not being on XB1.... So you have only 3 choice like that
    1)ps4 exclusive
    2) PC XB exclusive
    3) all three
    in reality the rest is dev horseshit...
  • What? Making a game on XB1 is not the same as making it on steam. I don't think you understood the post you were replying to. The choices we have as a consumers who wants to play almost all major games out there is PC + PS4 (+ Wii U if you are into Nintendo games) If you are going with just XB1 and PS4, you are missing out on PC exclusives. If you are going with just XB1 and PC, you are missing a whole lot of PS or PS4 exclusives. For me the XB1 looks like a PC with MUCH fewer games, worse specs, more restrictions, more expensive games...
  • That may be true for some people but not this guy who is an sounds like an advocate of UWP.  If he has a Win 10 PC and wants the game on it then he can play the game even if its not MS selling it.
  • This really shame , nier and nioh we are missing games this was not the case on Xbox 360
  • This really shame , nier and nioh we are missing games this was not the case on Xbox 360
  • Just the usual US ONLY but this time used against you dear Americans'
  • Meanwhile many "American" PS4 players will be playing it. So what they mean is the game will be for those that buy/support the Japanese console. 
  • As long as it is coming to PC, I am pretty chuffed...Surely if Nier: Automata does well on both PS4 and PC, they'll develop for Microsoft's console. It shouldn't be too difficult considering the XBOX One runs Windows 10.
  • While this game would be selling a decent number in Japan, it would still sell most in Western regions. The Japanese console market isn't what it used to be and most gaming there has shifted to mobile devices which is why the Switch is going to be a hit in Japan. I have a lot of interest in Nier and I'm looking forward to the PC version even though I have a PS4.
  • It won't sell in the west. When it hits just go and check the sales on VGC per region. ( although this gen VGC sales are actually miles off, don't include digital and even hardware sales are never updated ) It will be lucky to hit 200k in the west. Lucky.
  • The first NieR sold 580k in the west according to vgchartz. 
  • I did say lucky. And let's be honest here. 580k is absolutely terrible. And almost not worth the translation. I'm actually going with this next game to sell about half that number in the west.
  • 580k is terrible? lol I know it's subjective and your opinion. But in comparison it's a lot more than Recore and about the same as what Quantum break sold in the west. I guess QB sales are "absolutely terrible" for you. I guess what's more important is that these NieR numbers were good enough for the people making the game and that's why they decided to make a sequel and get it translated. I guess at the end of the day, their opinion is more important to me than that of an obvious MS/XB supporter.
  • Holy god. Haha haha. Those figures are way off. MS announced FH3 has sold more than 2.5 million and VGC has it at less than 2 million. Also MS confirmed Quantum Break is its biggest selling new IP this gen. Beating Sunset Overdrive and Ryse in just its first week. We know Sunset Overdrive sold over 2 million. So Quantum Break is over that. How do we know its their biggest new IP they own? Cue the link. VGC don't include Xbox Digital sales for some reason. Which are much much higher than PS4. It's estimated about 30-40% and some games like Halo 5 have a 50% digital attach rate. PS4 is as low as 10-25% digital. Xbox owners are invested in the Live ecosystem more than Sony gamers are to buying digital from PSN. Yes anything less than 1 million sales is poor. And obscure Japanese titles in the west are losing more and more ground. Only Japanese care for those games. Which is why even on PS4 alot of Japanese games don't ever get translated for their western audience. They aren't system sellers. And they have a very very small niche market.
  • LOL So You can use vgchartz when it suits you but no one else can use it. Now you're trying to discredit vgchartz even though you have been telling people to use it in this very topic. LOL
    Your whole response was full of statements and once again no proof. MS announced 2.5M, VG shows 2M so we can assume that the 0.5M was digital sale. So nothing "way off" there. MS NEVER communicated figures of the QB sales. They only said it sold more during its first week of launch. That's it. It's in the link you posted. Next do you have proof that SO sold 2M? And was that in the first week or after it went on GWG? HAHA
    "Which are much much higher than PS4. blah blah blah"
    Come on. You know the deal. Just post the link about all this or I'll just call it Richard's made up stuff. 1M is poor sales?
    Sales are poor or not depending on the initial investment and your core audience.
    But I'm glad that you consider games like Doom, Mafia 3, MGS 5, Madden NFL 25, FF XV, Dead Rising 4, Mad Max, Dark Souls III, QUANTUM BREAK... have all sold poorly on XB1.  If the maker of these games think like you I guess it would be best for them to stay away from XB1. Like I said I'm glad it sold enough to get a sequel.  You don't get it or may you purposely choose not to get it. It's not about NieR being a system seller, it's about the PS4 giving WAY more options than the rival company. 
  • I said to use it for last gen games. Did you read the post properly??? I said for everything this gen they literally have got nothing right. Nothing at all. I explained why. If you want to cherry pick there is no point having a conversation with you. You we're talking about a last gen game. So its numbers are pretty accurate for that. Please read properly if you are going to discuss something. I posted a link where MS say Quantum Break is the best selling new IP this gen. Sunset sold 2 m. I'll let you work out the rest. If you take off your PS4 goggles a moment you wouldn't miss things I've written. And be so hastey to play with Sonys balls.
  • Are you even reading what I post? It's impossible to debate with you because you'll just post the same lies and subjective bs again and again... I won't go through your entire post. I'll just reply to this:. "I posted a link where MS say Quantum Break is the best selling new IP this gen. Sunset sold 2 m." The link says it sold the most in the first week. SHOW THE LINK THAT SHOWS THAT SUNSET SOLD 2M AFTER ONE WEEK.  Enough said.    PS: It's funny you're trying to imply that I'm a "Sony fan". Look at your post. Most of your post is about promoting/damage controlling MS and/or their products. Like I said somewhere else, unlike you I'm not a fan of a company, my priorities are games and gaming.
  • You're thinking nioh costs as much as a AAA game, it doesn't, also they made a new engine with with game that they'll continue to use in future games
  • Lulz about that Twitter comment... He considers making an Xbox One version AFTER the sales of a delayed PC version? By the time the Xbox One version would arrive to the market everyone, their Grandmother and her pet interested in playing it on their consoles will either already have gotten it for PC or forgotten about it. If at all he considers making it he should go for Play Anywhere while he's making the PC version - Everything else would be disrespectfull and a total waste of everyone's time.
  • Yeah, why should a company spend extra time developing something only to make no extra cash from that development time, that's a genius idea.
  • Shitbox
  • It's odd considering that the game is going to PC. When you consider even games like Battlefield struggle to sell close to 2 million on PC as opposed to 5 million on Xbox One. I guarantee an Xbox version would outsell the PC game like all Xbox games do. Japanese developers will always snub the Xbox because its not a Japanese manufacturer. Always have done. People in the west though won't buy the game much. Heavy Japanese games don't sell in the west. You only have to check the region sales of those games to see that. The more westernised Japanese games like FF15 are on the Xbox because they sell in the west. They can't ignore the Xbox market share in the west. Something like Scalebound was more westernised. It would have sold alot more in the west than Nioh. But we know how Platinum screwed that up.
  • Battlefield is a bad comparison here, shooters have alot more comptition on PC than on other platforms as CS:GO continues to thrive, moreover PC gamers tend to wait for sales esspecially with games like Battlefield where there's tons of content locked behind DLC. Because PC gamers tend to have massive libraries thanks to steam sales buying the latest game at full price isn't something they feel the need to do all the time, this tends to result in games selling more copies over time, whereas on consoles most games sell around launch and then die off in sales. What's more is that alot of people only recently picked up Battlefield 4 as it was on the sale at a heavily discounted price with all the DLC available for free some months back. Also I doubt scalebound would have sold that well, most fans of platinum games weren't impressed by it.
  • Just sad
  • It's platinum and there recent track record has been copy and paste so I don't care. Plus ill probably get it when it is in the bargain bin like I did with the first Nier.
  • I think they are just butthurt that their scalebound was cancelled by Microsoft
  • What do you mean? NieR wasn't coming to XB1 way before MS decided to stop investing in Scalebound.
  • Honestly, I can understand it. It's already been proven that RPG's released simultaneously on both platforms with equal fanfare don't sell as well on the Xbox One. Unfortunately, this creates a loop (RPG's don't sell on Xbox so don't release it on Xbox > there are more RPG's on the PS4 so don't buy the Xbox > RPG fans aren't buying the Xbox so release RPG's on the PS4...)
  • Tried the demo on a PS4 Pro and I have to say that it's okay, but really an Indie title these days.  I have invested hundreds of hours in Oblivion, dozens into Far Cry Primal and the 1 hour or so spent on the demo was about it.  I also purchased the Last Guardian and eventhough it is an artistic achievement, it was a waste of money to purchase at full price.  So, who cares if it's not coming to Xbox, Japan has never been open towards Xbox's anyway. They hated the original xbox that was a hardware beast compared to a ps2, and even the 360s smaller form factor still sold under 1 million units.  The majority of original arcade titles were japanese in the 80s, and I love my Capcom and  Neo Geo titles of the 90s, but from 2000 and onward I find many Japanese titles such as Nier Atomata more Indie than AAA...I also dislilke the Japanese way of making people kill a boss 3 or 4 times before it actual dies- perhaps this is the way of making a 5 hour adventure into a 25 hour game? Nevertheless, Japanese titles are often visually nice and creative, but something I quickly find boring, so the PS4 can keep it...I much rather play Horde match with friends or Firefight on Halo 5.  Also, please keep in mind that this is simply my personal opinion...perhaps you love this game? cheers, SEADRIVE
  • Lol like jrpg are actually making profit because of he Japanese market on home console.... What a loaf of crap.... Most jrpg players are outside of japan... He should have said we are a weak average studio that can't afford to work on several platform amd deliver quality games at the same time... Platinum has anything but a stellar track record...but if they dev for win 10 there is zero excuse for not being on XBox one... Other than their own downfall or wish...
  • That sucks because even though it's not an exclusive, the public perception will be that this is another game that you can only get on PS4.