App Update Roundup: SysApp Pusher gets updated alongside Moovit, VEVO and more

We've just hit the mid-week marker and have today rounded up some apps that have been updated on the Windows Phone Store. There's a plethora of minor releases, so we're bundling everything together. We'll be covering the likes of Moovit, SysApp Pusher and more so be sure to head past the break and see what's new in your favorite app.

SysApp Pusher 3.1.8

There's one handy app we can't recommend enough and it's called SysApp Pusher. The app enables you to quickly check (and be notified of) updates for installed and supported system apps from vendors, as well as opening up the ability to add apps from the store you wish to track. It's slightly redundant with the store now sporting a manual update checking feature in Windows Phone 8.1, but just in case it misses anything (particularly system apps).

The latest release, version 3.1.8, brings with it Vietnamese language support, perfect for Windows Phone owners who reside in the region. We highly recommend you download this app.

QR: SysApp Pusher


Moovit recently launched on Windows Phone, providing the community with a quick way to choose public transportation routes through supported locations. With the app installed, it's possible to check out real time arrivals, receive service alerts and more. An interesting part of Moovit as a service is how it's powered by users (who provided updated information) and is cross-platform. The changelog appears to be for an older release, so we'll put minor improvements on the table.

It's perfect for the World Cup in Brazil. If you're searching for an app that does all this in more than 300 cities in 20+ languages, Moovit is well worth checking out.

QR: Moovit

Flickr Central 3.5

This handy app for Flickr users enables consumers to view and share Flickr sets and photos. It's an interesting take on the photographic experience, mainly due to the neat design the app sports. It's possible to upload photos straight from the phone's camera roll to Flickr automatically and add them to any number of existing sets all in one easy step.

According to the Windows Phone Store listing, here's what is new in the latest release:

  • Added Portuguese
  • Added share target. Now share 1 to many photos from an app directly to Flickr Central
  • Added PhotoHub integration. Browse your albums directly within the photo hub.

Let us know if you spot anything else in this latest update.

QR: Flickr Central

Odds and ends

Here are some other updates that have also been pushed out to consumers:

Thanks to everyone who tipped us! Have some other updates we've missed in this roundup and recent coverage? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Omegle got a big update too...
    Edit: Sleeve Music got small bug fix, it fixed the 'loading' glitch for me.
  • Yeah, big update for omegal multiple chat available.. App folder for Lumia users also updated..
  • Updates...
  • Still true caller developers mentioning in the note that incoming call id is not supported one the winners phone OS. Hell this is the main reason y ppl use true caller for
  • They are letting people know that its not their fault but a limitation by Microsoft. This is one of the most important APIs missing in WP.
  • Then actually if that api is provided then its also risky for us too as such API can lead to spyware
  • Truecaller is not opening for me after last update, I am using Lumia 720 on wp8.0 in India
    Anyone having same problem or just me?
  • I haven't downloaded afterwards o don't require true caller anymore
  • Still anyone can?
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  • My pleasure:)
  • Cheers Here's a 1080p one for anyone who wants it
  • Cheers !
  • Vevo actually got quite big overhaul with UI changes, etc
  • Wasn't that in a previous update? Or am I confusing that overhaul with another in this version? (I don't use the app :-P)
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  • UC browser also got an bug fixing update.
  • Who needs sysapp pusher after wp8.1 :)
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  • i like sys app pusher
  • Is the header image blurry? Out that's just me?
  • Truecaller is not opening for me after last update, I am using Lumia 720 on wp8.0 in India
    Anyone having same problem or just me?
  • great one
  • Truecaller isn't working for me either. Shame really since it worked better for me than number guru with all the spam calls I get. Just noticed that TC syncs to people hub by adding each number as SPAM CALL unless its filtered out.
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