AppStretch Plus offers new options for developers to crowdfund app features

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AdDuplex has announced AppStretch Plus, a new premium version of its AppStretch service that allows developers to add new features to their apps via crowdfunding. It supports the iOS and Mac App Store, the Google Play Store and the Windows Store.

In a blog post, AdDuplex goes over the new options for AppStretch Plus. One of them offers developers some new analytical tools:

AppStretch Plus customers can now view and analyze activity stats for their apps, feature requests and campaigns. You can see visitors, unique users, usage by countries, pledges by type and amount and more.

The other major new feature lets developers choose the types of pledges they get for new app features:

Some developers want all types of signals from their users. Some only want to hear from those ready to put their money where their mouth is. Others don't care about collecting money for features at all and, possibly, actively don't want to be associated with crowdfunding their features.Now you can control what types of pledges are accepted for feature requests on your apps.

Prices for AppStretch Plus are $9.99 a month per month or $8.25 per month if the developer uses the yearly plan. Developers can also access it for free if they qualify under its eligibility rules.

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John Callaham