Yesterday we had AppFinder, today we have AppTracker. The latter allows you to look up software and their corresponding reviews, which by itself is not that amazing. What makes AppTracker unique is that you can "follow" specified apps for quick "look ups" on their performance with customers. That's a great tool for developers to keep abreast of how their app is fairing with their customers and makes a worthy download.

For consumers, it's a great tool to look up reviews worldwide of an app that they are interested in to better gauge if it is worth their time. Considering it's a free app, we like how it performs and think it's a great tool for those who want to know. Grab it here to take it for a spin.

Update: The developers of AppTracker, VerySoftware, let us know that "Version 1.0 is available FREE for a limited time whilst we work hard on boosting the app's feature set, so grab it fast." So you may want to grab it now, just in case!

via: @gcaughey