Ark: Survival Evolved features two graphics modes on Xbox One X [updated]

One such developer is Studio Wildcard, the team behind Ark: Survival Evolved. There was a rumor that the game would support 4K resolution but then the team said that they were working on just a 1080p 60 FPS mode for the console. Well, today we have a definitive answer.

In a statement made by the studio, Studio Wildcard confirmed that Ark: Survival Evolved on the Xbox One X will feature HDR and two graphics modes. The first is a "Detailed Graphics" setting with 1440p resolution and High setting at 30 FPS. The second is a 1080p mode which equates to the current Xbox One graphics, with improved 60 FPS. Those with a 4K display will benefit from the 1440p resolution and those with a 1080p display will also receive a boost. Though, you can also run the game at 1440p and enjoy the supersampled visuals on a 1080p display. The choice is yours!

The studio mentioned that the Xbox One X has increased RAM, which will help to eliminate memory issues. It also means faster loading times and better streaming.

However, it's not all great news. Xbox Play Anywhere support and cross-play have been delayed until November. The reason behind this is that they want to get their BattlEye technology working properly on the console. BattlEye is a sophisticated anti-cheating program which is regarded as the gold standard nowadays. With this in mind the team is cautious to enable cross-play until BattlEye is working on Xbox One. The last thing console players want is to have their experience ruined by cheaters.

Ark: Survival Evolved is an extreme survival game which requires patience as well as resource-gathering to succeed. Stranded on the shores of a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to survive and eventually thrive. One of the greatest mechanics has to be how you can use your skills to tame dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The game has numerous servers so you can team up with your friends and other individuals to conquer the challenges together. However, that's not all: You also have to uncover the mystery of the Ark and why you're there. Is this an alien spaceship? What purpose does it serve? The game is addictive and it'll become an obsession for a while. Be sure to check out the title at retailers because it's quite good already, and it'll be even better on Xbox One X.

Update 11/30/17: According to Digital Foundry, the game runs at dynamic resolution on Xbox One X in both of its modes. It's not locked at 1440p or 1080p depending on the mode.

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  • Yess a rock solid 60 fps is all I ever wanted from Ark!
  • So it's not 4k at 60fps in the C then?
  • On the One X I mean
  • A 1080TI PC can't run this game at 4K 60fps. Lol. 1440p @ 30fps on high settings is better than a GTX 1070 graphics card can do with this game. 
  • Neither of those options really seem to be pushing the levels of the One X, I mean, I find it hard to believe that the game requires all the power of the One X just to get 1080 to 60 frames without any other visual improvements, that must mean it's only going to run at about 10 frames on the slower system. Just seems a bit lazy.
  • Maybe they fear the wrath of the competition, should they choose to let the current standard console look like a second class console?
  • I thought that was the point, the One X is vastly more powerful than the One, so utilise that.
  • This game is optimized like ****. Even on PC.
  • To all of you out there you can't even run ARK a full settings at 4K 60 FPS. And that's with the best card on the market. I hope you all know how this works. So 4K 60 FPS maybe at low settings on XB1X do you really want that? Also for open world game at 4K 60fps the XB1X CPU is more So the bottleneck.
  • Yes this is correct. The One X at 1440p 30fps on high settings is outperforming a PC with a 1070GTX on this game. 
  • This is entirely false. I have several systems built for gaming that my family uses. One of those systems is a: 6700k at 4.4 ghz 16gb ram 1070 ftw That machine runs a mixture of ULTRA and High at 1440p and sit in the mid 40s 95% of the time. The dips are when around massive structures and bases and TBH all cards dip for them... even my stupid expensive 1080ti drops to a crawl in those circumstances. When it comes to pure computational power the Xbox one x is more on par with the 1060 6gb which is still about 8% faster.   All of that aside there are multiple reasons why frame rates are such an issue in ark. One is the engine being used and how limited it is for multi-threading. The next is still being on dx11 which causes a lot of extra draw calls and puts more stress on gpu and gpu than needed. It is also still not fully optimized and lastly the insane polycounts used on the textures. All of those items contribute to a fps that is underwhelming even on high end cards.
  • Dont care about fps, as long as higher resolution, better textures, anisotropic filters, aa, etc.
    At least 2k, thx for this)