ARK: Survival Evolved will finally hit HD resolution on Xbox One this week

In a forthcoming update, ARK: Survival Evolved's dinosaur hunters on Xbox One will finally be able to enjoy the game in 720p HD, thanks to on-going optimizations. Not only that, but the pixelated UI will also be bumped to 1080p, which should make it much sharper on your Xbox.

Studio Wildcard lead developer Jeremy Stieglitz confirmed the news on Twitter, bumping the resolution from its presently sub-HD implementation.

I'm happy to say this week's Xbox update includes full 720p 3D rendering, & 1080p UI! Thursday gonna be crazy, sleep'll be but a memory :-D

In addition to upping the game's visuals, Patch v739 slated for September 1st will induce a 10% improvement in the game's less-than-stable frame rate, and bring in many features PC players have been enjoying for a little while now.

The update will include four new creatures: Pelagornis, Allosaurus, Tapejara and the Archaeopteryx. Industrial grinders, spiral staircases, and large ceiling dinosaur doors will also be added. As someone who spent a lot of time idling in Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft, my favorite feature of this update is the inclusion of all new fishing mechanics.

Studio Wildcard is also teasing "something very big" for this update, likely to be announced on the company's official Twitch channel this Thursday at 10am PST for the patch's official reveal.

Do you play ARK: Survival Evolved? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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