ARK: Survival Evolved will finally hit HD resolution on Xbox One this week

In a forthcoming update, ARK: Survival Evolved's dinosaur hunters on Xbox One will finally be able to enjoy the game in 720p HD, thanks to on-going optimizations. Not only that, but the pixelated UI will also be bumped to 1080p, which should make it much sharper on your Xbox.

Studio Wildcard lead developer Jeremy Stieglitz confirmed the news on Twitter, bumping the resolution from its presently sub-HD implementation.

I'm happy to say this week's Xbox update includes full 720p 3D rendering, & 1080p UI! Thursday gonna be crazy, sleep'll be but a memory :-D

In addition to upping the game's visuals, Patch v739 slated for September 1st will induce a 10% improvement in the game's less-than-stable frame rate, and bring in many features PC players have been enjoying for a little while now.

The update will include four new creatures: Pelagornis, Allosaurus, Tapejara and the Archaeopteryx. Industrial grinders, spiral staircases, and large ceiling dinosaur doors will also be added. As someone who spent a lot of time idling in Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft, my favorite feature of this update is the inclusion of all new fishing mechanics.

Studio Wildcard is also teasing "something very big" for this update, likely to be announced on the company's official Twitch channel this Thursday at 10am PST for the patch's official reveal.

Do you play ARK: Survival Evolved? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • I so wish I could setup my own server (not a dedicated Xbox one) to play this with my kids in a controlled environment...
  • It's been a couple months since I played last but I always set up a private server to play with my kids without any issue. Take look at the settings from the main menu.
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  • Not yet, but the middling abilities of the cut down Jaguar APU are throttled by Microsoft's miserly and knuckleheaded decision to use DDR3 RAM.
  • awesome i wanted this so bad
  • This game is fun but the learnibg curve is steep... especially when you run into players who've been playing a lot
  • LOL, 720p is still not HD, what kind of resolution was it running before then? This whole announcement seems like a joke to troll the Xbox One's capability.
  • 720p is HD per definition
  • It's officially labelled "HD-ready" which is marketing babble for "not really HD". But nevermind me.
  • No... 720p and up is HD. It is the definition of HD.
  • 720p is HD. 1080p is Full HD. 1440p is QHD, 2160p is UHD/4K
  • Have they come up with a name for 5k and 8k yet, since they exist? I feel that at some point a terminology refresh may be in order.
  • 720p is HD, anything above 576 horizontal lines is considered high definition.
  • Lmao we have a genius on our hands here
  • 720p is HD, 1080p is fullhd, 2160 is UHD..etc. Forgot the name for 1440p, prolly qHD or QHD as qHD isb960x549 iirc
  • The standard is moving toward 4K and they're just now getting Ark to 720p and were supposed to be amazed and sing their praises? Get back to me when you can hit 1080p at least.
  • Agreed, this is pretty pathetic. Although i wouldn't say 4k is the standard, nor are we as close as you might think to it being the standard.
  • Lol poor Xbox. The devs must be really poor or inexperienced to launch a game in SD for the X1
  • Maybe I might open the game again
  • They need to do one more thing, which is to stop ppl from pillaring the map. I am on a center map server and one guy has pillared 70% of the map in steal, one guy! Another guy has 10% of the map pillared and another blocked the underworld cave. If you are new to the server you actually have to have all your Dino's on rafts. Posted via Spaceship One
  • Wow I didnt know this game was less than 720p. I wondered why it looked like utter trash on my 4K tV. I downloaded the demo and could bare to look at it. Deleted. Never again