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What you need to know

  • Arkane Studios has two studios in Lyon, France and Austin, Texas.
  • According to some newly noticed job listings, Arkane Studios is hiring for an unannounced AAA game.
  • The listing also mentions Arkane's style of "immersive simulation and emergent gameplay."
  • Arkane Studios is part of ZeniMax Media and is being acquired by Microsoft.

Arkane Studios, developer of games like Dishonored 2 and Prey, are likely working on a new AAA immersive sim. As noticed by Twitter user MauroNL3, there are several job listings open for Arkane Austin and Arkane Lyon.

Some of the job listings for positions at Arkane Austin mention working on "our next AAA title." The listings also mention Arkane's trademark "immersive simulation and emergent gameplay," as well as calling for experience with Unreal Engine 4.

This isn't too surprising. Arkane Lyon co-developed Wolfenstein: Youngblood with MachineGames and is also working on the timed PS5 console exclusive Deathloop, while Arkane Austin's last project was the Prey: Mooncrash expansion that released in 2018.

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It's good to see that fans of Arkane Studios can continue to look forward to immersive sims. Arkane Studios is part of ZeniMax Media, which is being acquired by Microsoft. As a result, Arkane Studios is now a part of Xbox Game Studios. The agreement for Deathloop is being honored but moving forward, new Arkane Studios titles will release day and date in Xbox Game Pass.

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