We're back for another new episode of #AskDanWindows. This week I talk about that "new" HP Windows phone, what is "Project Andromeda", Windows 10 laptops with LTE, and more!

Let's get to this week's big questions!

  • Thoughts on the HP phone device at MWC? Do you think it will be very similar to the x3 or a total refresh? - @heartsofjoi

  • Why are we not seeing Windows 10 Laptops with built-in global LTE radios? - SStraface

  • Where does Andromeda fit in Microsoft's scheme? - Karan Singh12

  • Will you be attending Microsoft Build, the developer conference this year? - Scott

  • What do you think the focus will be on for #Redstone3 on desktop and mobile? - @tauheedul

  • I read not long ago that Microsoft is bringing the full Office suite to the Windows Store. Will people be able to purchase each program separately or will they need to buy the whole Office suite? - 13paul13

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