Did you hear? The Xbox One X shows up next week (read our review) so you may want to know which TV you should get for it. I'll answer that as well as questions about UWP and Cortana in this episode. Tune in now!

Audience questions for Episode 29

  • Is Cortana dead without windows mobile? given that on other platforms their native assistants are better integrated? - @HubertBASHIZI
  • Regardless of W10M's fate, it doesn't seem like apps are coming to the Windows Store. Is that a wrong perception? How much of an issue is it? - @Dan12R
  • What are the (specific) features we are looking for in a 4k TV to get the most out of the Xbox One X? - @James_Pauls

For my May article about UWP and desktop apps you can read that here.

Guide to the best 4K TVs for the Xbox One X

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