On this episode of #AskDanWindows I take your questions on Surface Headphones and using them with multiple devices, could manufacturers put Windows Core OS on a proper phone, and what does Microsoft shifting to Chromium mean for its Sets feature? All that and more.

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Audience questions Episode 55

  • My whole family have Haswell-generation i5 or i7 convertible touchscreen PCs running Windows 10. Will we stop receiving spring and fall feature updates when the hardware is no longer compatible? - Rupert W

  • I know Microsoft has no plans to release a "smartphone" again, but are the chances that a partner such as Wiley Fox, Nokia, htc, Dell, etc. producing one based on Windows Core OS since not all of us need a large foldable device? - Paul B.

  • Surface Headphones when they are connected to pc and phone at the same time - are there any problems, is it easy to connect them with PC and mobile and would you recommend them for work? - Eyjólfur Á

  • With the recent news of Microsoft Edge shifting to the Chromium engine, how will this affect Windows Sets in the future? @egielity

Thanks to everyone for the questions!

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