Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag is today's Xbox One Countdown to 2015 deal

Today's Xbox One Countdown to 2015 deal sees Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag on sale with 50% discounted on the original listed price. It's a superb offer should you not already have this popular title in your collection. For Xbox 360 owners, Assassin's Creed Liberation HD is 75% off today only.

Unfortunately, there isn't any DLC or extras thrown into the mix. Also, it's slightly odd to see Black Flag on sale, especially when it's included in the Assassin's Creed Xbox One console bundle. But do excuse us while we sail the seas in search of coin.

Source: Major Nelson

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • AC unity all the way!
  • Black Flag is Great
  • I know I also love black flag but unity is next gen game.
  • I agree. Still haven't played unity though...hope the bugs have been squashed?
  • Already played 35% of Unity and haven't met a single bug yet. It's a solid game. I loved black flag but i'm starting to love Unity even more
  • Cool...hope it gets more cheaper. Have to get it
  • 24$ here On ebay it gets even better prices. Digital code speaking
  • I just started Unity last night and in the first mission after the prologue I got stuck standing beside a wall I was climbing. Had to wait for the person I was told to follow to get out of sight and let the mission desynchronize and reset.   So no, the bugs are not squashed.   Went back to Black Flag for now, as I'm targeting 100% sync. First play-through was to absorb the story to prepare for Unity.  
  • Just got an Xbox for Xmas with connect Unity and black flag and Dance Spotlite package deal from my wife. No prob here very happy. Next up GTA V :)
  • So... This deal is like "buy Fifa 14 when everybody is playing Fifa 15".
  • It is also like buy nfs most wanted when everybody is playing nfs rivals.
  • And also like buy ghosts when everyone is playing cod aw
  • But u know u can still buy the former if it's still good....better than the latter that is.
  • At least for the UK, you can get it for under £10 (digital code) from CD Keys with Unity being under £20 last I looked
  • £6.90 at the minute.
  • How legitimate is CD Keys?
  • Really legit. Just got my Xbox Live sub there for really cheap
  • I'm due a renewal, so may give it a go.
  • I bought unity and get all my credit and subs there. Plus if you like them on facebook you can go through it to get a code for an additional 5% off.
  • Could you provide a link? Never heard of such a site Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thank you!
  • Going for it..
  • Just got blackflag from cdkeys meself and is downloading fine. Seems legit and cool to me! Unity next methinks too!
  • Yeah, they're good. I've used a similar site before, CJS CD Keys. Great for games and discounted XB Gold as I'm outside the US.
  • Got it for free with bundle, not into it.... Should have sold the AC bundle games
  • Agreed. This was my first exposure to a Creed game, and I don't really care for it.
  • Once again, terrrible pricing. People have been selling their Black Flag/Unity code combos for this price. This should be, like, $15.
  • Yeah, MS are terrible at giving discounts. It's the main reason I prefer my PC, as I have access to the amazing Steam deals, that I'd have to wait years to see on console. I remember Fallout 3 was AU$99 for 2 years after it came out... I could walk into a shop and buy the GOTY (all DLC) for $50. They had a "sale" and discounted it to $75, but the DLC was still extra.
  • I'm the same way, but that only applies to older games. For the newer stuff, I use Best Buy. I get 20% off new games with their GCU subscription, and 10% extra in trades. So, with games like Shadow of Mordor, The Evil Within, and Sunset Overdrive, I was spending $52 to buy the game, I'd beat it, then I'd trade it in for $44. I basically paid $4 to beat the game. I'd then put that credit on the next title.