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Since finishing the story of Ezio, every Assassin's Creed game has introduced a new leading character. The main character in Assassin's Creed Valhalla is named Eivor (pronounced AY-vor, per the game's director). Eivor can be a man or a woman and is involved with a Viking settlement. You can customize Eivor to your liking with different tattoos, hairstyles, and war paint. The beginning of the game takes place in Norway but the majority will be set in Saxon lands. Male Eivor is performed by Magnus Bruun, while female Eivor is performed by Cecilie Stenspil.

Throughout the course of the game, this village will grow as Eivor leads raiding parties against the Saxons and makes choices that will have consequences. Ubisoft compares this village to a location like the Normandy in Mass Effect. For example, you can forge alliances with other clans and even bear witness to weddings in the village. Eivor will face challenges both personal and far-reaching.

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While the team at Ubisoft is keeping the exact details of the mythological elements shrouded in mystery for now, Eivor is a firm believer in the signs of Odin, who can (possibly) be seen in the reveal trailer. Just like Bayek had his eagle Senu and Kassandra/Alexios had Ikaros, Einor also has a raven that can grant them vision, which is a bird commonly associated with Odin. The raven will help you explore the land and waterways, which you'll be traversing as you raid Saxon lands.

These raids will often be launched from your longship, while assaults on Saxon fortifications are being described as large setpiece battles. Combat has been designed to be especially "brutal, crunchy, visceral" and "weighty," according to developers. Eivor can dual-wield any weapons: axes, swords, shield, spears. Figuring out the combination that works for you is a large part of succeeding in combat.

We don't exactly know how the story will shake up but a good portion of it will revolve around the struggle between the Norse and the Saxons, the latter of which are led by King Alfred. Eivor will also run into Assassins and Templars, at some point obtaining at least one Hidden Blade.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is set to release Holiday 2020 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC (Epic Games Store and Uplay), and Stadia.

Viking raids

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Conquer new lands for glory and honor

After endless wars ravage Norway and resources are scarce, you'll lead your clan to the shores of England in the hopes of finding a new home. But not everyone is keen on having Vikings around, and King Alfred of Wessex will do all he can to keep you from settling.

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