Astro A20 gaming headset works with Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5

Astro A20 Aquarius Desk
Astro A20 Aquarius Desk (Image credit: Astro Gaming)

What you need to know

  • Astro Gaming announced the new Astro A20 gaming headset today.
  • The headset can connect to the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 with an optional USB dongle.
  • Astro Gaming also announced that its entire lineup will work with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, though some will require additional hardware.

Astro Gaming announced a new headset today, the Astro A20 Wireless gaming headset. The Astro A20 has a wide wireless range, long battery life, and works with a USB transmitter that allows you to connect the headphones to an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. The Astro A20 is available for preorder now for $120, and the Astro A20 USB Transmitter will be available starting in October for $20. The Astro A20 does not come with the Astro A20 USB Transmitter.

Astro's new headset is a sequel to the solid first-generation Astro A20 wireless headset. That headset earned a 4.5/5 from us thanks to its comfort, voice quality, and excellent audio. The new Astro A20 builds off of its predecessor. Astro highlights the headset's audio quality, comfort, and durability. The headset comes with blue or green accents, which makes it easy to match with the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

The Astro A20 has a 15m (around 50 ft) wireless range through its 2.4GHz connection. IT also has over 15 hours of battery life, according to Astro. The headset also automatically shuts down after you don't use it for 10 minutes, which helps it save battery life.

You can flip the microphone of the headset up to mute your voice output, and the headset supports EQ presets to deliver audio for different types of games.

The Astro A20 USB Transmitter works with both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. You can also use two Astro A20 USB Transmitters to connect your headset to two consoles.

In addition to announcing the new Astro A20, Astro Gaming announced today that its entire lineup of gaming headsets will work with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, though some of them will require Astro's USB transmitter.

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