Asus P526 (Pegasus) Announced

We caught a brief glimpse of the P526 in our 3GSM Mega-Roundup 2, and now Asus has made it official. Their press release keeps using the word "trendy" to describe it, which I find a touch odd, but that's their prerogative.

The P526 stands a decent chance (for an Asus device, at least) of making its way here to the states, as it sports a quad-band GSM Radio (EDGE only, though). It also has GPS integrated. I'm telling you, my next "main brain" phone will have GPS built-in. Oh, and it'll rock WM6 when it comes out - signs point to May.

"The P526 is the perfect trendy PDA phone for users who want to utilize the user-friendly and "Live" functions of Windows Live," said H C Hung, Head of ASUSTeK's Handheld Business Unit.

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WC Staff