ASUS' ProArt PA329Q 32-inch 4K monitor is all about the pixels

The 32-inch monitor features a near-frameless design with a 178-degree viewing angle, and has a pixel density of 138PPI with over 8 million pixels and 10-bit display color. For consumers looking to use the PA329Q for video production, it also offers BT2020/DCI-P3 color space. ASUS has mentioned that the monitor comes pre-calibrated, and that there's an option to save your settings should you wish to use an aftermarket calibration tool.

In terms of connectivity, the PA329Q features one DisplayPort 1.2, one Mini DisplayPort 1.2 and one HDMI 2.0, all of which can drive 4K at 60Hz. There are two HDMI 1.4 ports as well, along with four USB 3.0 ports. Pricing will be announced at a later date, but it should be around the $2,200 figure boasted by its predecessor, the PA328Q.

  • Anyone else remember when 32-bit colour was all rage?
  • Nope
  • And soundblaster pro was top of the range :D
  • And a GeForce 2 video card was bad assed.
  • I always thought my Riva TNT card was bad assed when it replaced the Vodooo 3dfx
  • I miss my turbo button. When I over clocked my 25MHz CPU to 33MHz I thought it was a rocket
  • How about the 387 math coprocessor?
  • too fancy. i had to get an 8087 math coprocessor for my 8088 to speed up calculations.
  • 8x AGP
  • GeForce 2 MX for me, I remember turning on bump mapping in Giants and being amazed by the little dimples in sand.
  • Well, I miss my nokia 3110. XD
  • *24bit color. Even today the extra 8bits are for alpha channel.
  • * actually 8-bit colour (per channel) + 8 bit alpha, as oppsed to 10-bit per channel, like this monitor. :)
  • Well now... I was hyped for this thing till I saw the price.  2k is a bit much for 4k.  Then again few other companies offer so much connectivity. 
  • Well it's not just 4k, it has a very accurate colors built for professional designers/artists. The price make sense to me since it's also 32".
  • Considering you can buy a 4k tv for less than that. That being said monitors have always been more expensive than TV's, not entirely sure why nowadays.
  • Yeah, but that 4k TV will make for a really crappy monitor especially in regards to color accuracy.  This monitor is obviously for professionals such as protographers, graphics artists, publishers, etc.  It's actually very competitively priced for what it is.
  • Not to mention the typical led burnin
  • My LG 65EG9600 TV has been pretty good 4K monitor. Not sure how good it is for color accuracy though. GTA V looks good and that's what really matters. I have a Viewsonic VP2770-LED at work so I know I'm looking at the actual colors I'm trying to use.
  • Damn...this big monitor....reminded me of those cs tournaments where players almost put their heads into the display
  • Its not a massive monitor, just 32". The photo is a picture of the monitor in the background. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LOL I went back to the picture to imagine if it were that large.
  • Hehe yaa...for a moment I thought its going to be that big as shown in the pic...
  • Nah, she's just tiny.
  • Too expensive for me but good for those that can afford it.
  • Too expensive
  • I was excited reading those specs, as a photographer, but damn, dat price. More than my camera.
  • Guys.. If Monitor should have same PPI as that of 5 inch 2k display phone.... What might be the resolution of monitor screen
  • Good question, lets work it out... Pixel density is given by:
    [(width² + length²)^(1/2)] / screen size. Lets take example of my phone...
    It's resolution is 1920x1080, therefore
    (1080² + 1920²)^(1/2) = 2202.91 By dividing it with my screen size we have: 2202.91 / 5 = 440.58 PPI (it's said to be 441 actually) Now you want same PPI on this 32 inch monitor, in which case we'll assume the screen resolutions to be x and x (length and width): => Resultant Resolution / 32 = 441
    => Resultant Resolution = 14112
    => Square root of (x² + x²) = 14112
    => x = 9979 pixels It's impossible to find the length and width since we miss on one parameter but if the length and width were to be same then it'll be: 9979 x 9979 pixels. Yeah, a lot of pixels, lol.
  • Actually, I don't think we're all that far from 8k monitors, which at 32" would be in the 275 PPI range. Hopefully Windows and its ecosystem will be ready; current support for high-res displays is not great.
  • Its all about articles!!
  • This will make a nice docking station for my Windows 10 Phone using Windows Continuum
  • Just thought the same. With built-in USB, just plug Microsoft Wirelesss Adapter and there you go. But such pixel dimension might be eligible only for Lumia 940.
  • Looks like a Dell Ultrasharp clone in terms of the design language.
  • I just want a 4k monitor for around 400
  • May be you should wait for 10 years.... So that time would come to treat 2160p as 240p
  • I need to marry a Rothschild
  • And here phones are going for over 500ppi!!!
  • Phones don't have 32 inch screens...
  • But still 500ppi is overkill. But thats the stuff that sells
  • Exactly. Actually, an average human with 20/20 eye lenses don't need more than 720p on a 5" display. Because it's pointless to have more, it's beyond the capture of human eye.
    If there's anything higher resolutions do better, they kill the battery.
    But yeah, People. Numbers. They sell...
  • Good times,i had a soundblaster pro 8 bit full size soundcard in my ibm computer. Mmmmm
  • Sign me up for 3! Obutto screen replacements!!!
  • 2k$?!?! Mise as well get a 4k TV for that price.....