Asus WinRT tablet prices leak, leading to wild assumptions on success and failure

Asus seems to have leaked it’s pricing for its coming Windows 8 tablets and convertibles prompting some to leap to their word processors and get on the fear, uncertainty and doubt bandwagon.

We all know that pricing for tablets is an extremely sensitive subject, just yesterday we looked at Steve Ballmer’s interview to see what he had said about Surface pricing. Even though some sites announced there were new details surrounding pricing, we found it was the same message we already knew. Headlines such as “pricing comes in high, demand likely low” and “Windows 8 Tablets: Born to fail” seem wildly premature. We take a look as these leaked prices and what they could mean.

The Asus Vivo Tab RT is listed as starting at $599, and you will need to buy an additional Docking station for $199. The tablet is reportedly equipped with 2GB RAM and 32GB of Storage which is pretty standard for a ARM based Windows 8 tablet. This is designed to compete head on with the iPad, make no mistake. Is that price really too high to compete with the iPad? Actually, it’s exactly the same price as an iPad 32GB model, pretty much as we’d expect.

The only thing wrong with this pricing (for those that do not look deeper) is that of the keyboard/dock option that Asus can supply. This is not just a keyboard it is a docking station, said to provide a full QWERTY keyboard, track pad, two USB sockets and a second battery. Some might call foul of this pricing if they failed to realise what this dock will provide. Effectively this turns your slate into a fully featured laptop with most of ports you might need. We don’t know if the WinRT device will support Bluetooth, but if it does you’ll be able to grab a keyboard for far less than $199.

$599 seems a fair price but perhaps Asus will bundle a simple keyboard to sweeten the deal later. What we do know is that Windows 8 tablets are a very different value proposition to an iPad. Windows 8 certainly isn’t perfect but right out of the box it’s going to come with Office and play nice in the Microsoft eco-system, for those that didn’t get the memo, it’s the biggest one out there. That means being able to use existing peripherals and printers, connect to your home network with ease and work in a familiar way when in desktop mode.

How Asus determines its pricing for its Intel based devices is another story. It’s much more complex to gauge the demand for hybrid devices with detachable docks and convertible screens. It's likely that the costs for larger, higher resolution touch screen panels pushes the price of these laptop type devices way above what many would want to pay. Many of these convertible laptops look to be in line with current Windows 7 touch-screen tablet prices. Prices that may keep consumers away.

At present I own two tablets, my HP Touchpad running Android and my iPad2, neither of these devices fit my needs. I’m looking for a Microsoft tablet solution that fits nicely into my existing home network, to enable easy access my share folders, print to shared printers and use remote desktop to directly control my workstations. Having office built right in along with the familiar file manager (Windows Explorer) is a bonus, both of these experiences are designed for a keyboard and mouse and that’s also a plus. They are not dumbed down for touch operation and neither do I want them to be.

Shouting down Microsoft tablets based on pricing which is equivalent to a similar iPad is likely to be a common theme for those wishing to spread fear uncertainty and doubt (FUD). How well consumers perceive WinRT tablets is a total unknown at this point and simply pricing them lower than iPads isn’t the answer. That didn’t work out well for Android tablets. We still don’t know how Microsoft will position its Surface RT tablet in the market, it’s very likely going to come in at the same price point as a similar spec' iPad. In the coming months, we're likely to hear more bleating from Windows 8 naysayers and pundits on the price of these devices. We might even hear some compare Kindle Fire devices and Nexus 7 mini tablets to the coming Windows RT tablets. Don’t believe for one moment that Windows 8 should be compared to Android, it’s a fully featured operating system. The same can be said when comparing against the iPad.

For myself Windows 8 should provide the perfect package for content creation and consumption, it's very likely going to allow me to replace my Ultrabook and iPad. I'll have to confess that my WinRT tablet is unlikely to be from Asus. Much more likely to be a Microsoft Surface, for which I’d gladly pay $599.

We’d like to hear what you think about the pricing for WinRT tablets. Has Asus got it right? Any predictions on demand for these new devices? Let us know bellow in those comments.

Source: ZDNet

Robert Brand
  • I was thinking more to a price like 399$, 599$ bucks it's too much for me unless Surface will have a similar price, which in this case I'll make an effort.
  • We don't know Surface pricing, you think MS will price it lower than an iPad? RB
  • Everyone is forgetting onething. Apple introduce an iPad or Mac and the price stays the same for a year atleast. But PCs(yes, soon touchscreen tablets will be the norm for something to be called PCs) usually get launched with higher price range and within a month or two goes on sale. 20% discount, coupon codes, corporate discounts, student discounts and not to mention competition between OEMs to move the product. Is it going to be all high quality stuff? Certainly not! But is it still going to drive the price down slowly? You bet! 
  • Ballmer says Surface's pricing "sweet spot" to be in the 300-700 or 800 dollar range. thats not to say that that IS the price range.
  • I was hoping to see Windows 8 Pro devices for that range. Is that too optimistic? You wouldn't think the Surface prices are much lower, either.
  • This is Asus's pricing. Not MS's. Didn't MS say the MS surface RT was $300 at cheapest?
  • Surface Pro will likely be much more expensive due to spec.
  • I was thinking the same thing.
    My thought process:
      Windows 8 Pro devices with Touch Screens take the place of mid- high range laptops currently Non-touch mid-high laptops go down a level Win RT devices start below that.  
  • I work for a electronic retailer in Australia, I think its just slightly too high. IF the tablet only would cost around 499 mark it be perfect. No higher then 549. Which is ipad territory. If MS was aiming for cheaper then iPad then $499 be perfect. But at 549 its a harder sell. Wondering how much the keyboard cover would cost for the surface.
  • You think MS need to price it lower than an iPad to compete? RB
  • I don't believe that te msrp need to be less.  Equivalent for sure, but not less.  Where MS can make some gains is in margin to its partners.  If RT tabs can cost the same as the ipad, but retailers can make more than 8% on it, then they will steer customers that way.  Apple is a terrible partner at retail, but they draw people in.  MS needs to take advantage of that.
  • +1
  • Yes, especially the RT version. If they want to displace Apple and the iPad then the price needs to be lower. Not only are they (MS) competing against the iPad, but as much as MS may not like it they are also competing against the Google and Kindle tablets.
  • Yeah I think they do. They need eat into apple market share. But it can't be too low as retail partner needs some sort of gp. Especially the very tough market. I really hope the keyboard isnt too expensive. That winner that accessory. Yesterday I had one person ask for a surface. I was really excited. Lol
  • Kudo's to one of the best written articles.
  • Agreed.
  • Yeah I am not feeling the $600 price point.  At that point I am only a few short dollars away from owning a full blown x86 system either in ultrabook or Surface Pro level away.
  • Very expensive! Hopefully these are MSRP prices and will be actually sold to consumers much less.
  • Expensive compared to what?
  • Compared to the elephant in the room.
  • Yeah, expensive compared to a 32gb ipad? Same price correct? I would like to see the prices start at 299 - 399 for low spec and 699-799 for pro like specs.
  • This.  I would drop 800 dollars without question on a Surface Pro.
  • Same here, but that would have to be the top tier pro model, not entry level. I think part of what makes x86 so awesome is the competing marketplace (among many others) which allows our gear to be cheaper and higher spec. If they price match, then they aren't playing to a major benefit to alit of people in the market.
  • You guys are nuts. Why would I buy an iPad for the same price of an RT tablet when I can get the RT tablet as a full OS, keyboard and MS Office? Even at the same price the RT is cheaper.
  • But do customerS really understand the benefit of the Aus or surface. Sorry to say but 70% aren't clued in. Most of us reading this website has an idea about technology 
  • Pricing is everything, and I think the problem is not the price it self, its what you get. On my very old laptop Windows 8 funktion great. But a Win RT tablet is as far as we know now, a office machine and 40 games. Content will be key if this flies or falls. Win RT might do a lot of stuff a iPad can not, but is networking and Office something regular Joe wants and will think due? I think we will face the issue with content just as with Windows Phone, and my guess is that if you live in US it will be a good experience, but outside...not so much. We don't know everything for certain, but as it stands stands now, in my opinion, networking and Office is business and students, not iPad content quantity. On regular PC's you can compensate with VLC and other software, but Win RT doesn't have that bonus to lean on. While i like WP and Windows, im not sure RT can successfully compete with a iPad, its NOT the full PC experience and its not a iPad experience so where does RT fit? Guess time will tell.
  • It's not fully featured OS. It's actually 80% (WinRT). It needs more primary apps first to be in the range of Ipad's price which it will soon have 3-6 months from the launch of W8.
    I am more concerned for the price that varies by regions. I hope it will be cheaper when it gets to my country or at least will stick to the standard price regardless custom and tax as usual for PC.
  • Not a fully featured OS? Makes the other tablets look like toys. RB
  • Yeah, it is a fully featured os compared to iPad and android. Those lack the functionality win8 tablets will have. My iPad is sleek and nice, but try getting work done. Does not connect to my existing printer, fax, and lack of word processing and spreadsheets out of the box makes it a web browsing app toy. I like my iPad, but only a bias fanboy will state it is fully functioning
  • Plus you can actually multitask with two apps side by side on win 8.
  • Or in desktop mode you can multitask till your fingers are too fat to get what you want =]
  • Unfortunately the general consumer is an idiot. Win RT tablets will have so many integrated features the iPad will never have. The ability to talk with your existing network infrastructure without the need to download extra apps should be a major selling point but it won't be. Asus pricing seems to be pretty spot on for what you're actually getting but the average Joe won't see it that way because it doesn't have an Apple sticker stuck on the back of it to justify the price. The RT ecosystem is very young (actually it premmy at the mo) but so was the iPads/iPhones when it was first released but I don't recall any born to fail cos of price articles back then.
  • Also Win RT tablets will have removable storage and USB ports making it easy for the average consumer to upgrade their 32gb tablet to a 96gb+ tablet. Personally I probably won't be buying an Asus (probably go a Surface or Lenovo) but I think they've got the price pretty much right here. Should it be cheaper in order to push the sale of the devices... Maybe but they're in this for the profit not for the consumer or promotion of the OS.
  • Agreed 100%. I tried talking my buddy into checking a surface out. He is what I consider typical apple fanboy. Calls it a bill gates machine and it is made by the devil. Then his reasoning it is not as good as an iPad is because apple does it right by making the hardware and software together so it functions better. He is like many who refuse to even check something non Apple out. The only thong he got right is they won't sell like an iPad. I agreed as the majority of consumers lack knowledge and and the ability to do any research. They will buy what they think everyone else has. Sad state of affairs
  • Hopefully after win 8 takes over all the PCs (in due time) then they'll realize
  • Wow, your buddy is a mega-fanboy deeply stuck in Apple's Reality Distortion Field. He's even worse than that because he called the Surface a "Bill Gates machine made by the Devil." Hello? Bill Gates retired from Microsoft years ago!
  • I wish all "Devils" were as generous as Bill Gates.  Just do a simple search on how much the "Devil" Gates has donated to help the poor (hint approx. 60 billion).  Then do a search on how little the "Angel" Steve Jobs has donated (hint some millions).
  • While I fully agree  -
    "Don’t believe for one moment that Windows 8 should be compared to Android, it’s a fully featured operating system. The same can be said when comparing against the iPad".
    The average User, DOES NOT UNDERSTAND.  They will buy what is IN.  If the IN is a $200 Android, or the ever popular iPad.
    I also do not believe that Either of these devices are going to STAY the way they are.  I give Google and Apple 2-3 years MAX before one or both become full featured OS's. 
    Microosfts time is NOW.  They must be agressive to grab the market NOW.  If they do not, it could be to late.
    ONE Question, I did notice the ASUS RT Tablet was running a Quad Core Processor.  Could this be the reason for the Price?
  • Agreed, most consumers are what you said
  • Sorry, but I dont see how a Windows RT tab + keyboard should cost $800 while an ATOM device with keyboard is almost $1000. To the uneducated public, tablet = ipad and for millions of consumers that has been more than enough so far. To try and enter that market with a product that is more expensive you need to have a truly compelling selling point. To the average consumer Office is not it. Thats why the RT devices in particular have to come in cheaper than the ipad. As for the Atom device, I'm actually typing this on an Acer W500 with an AMD chip comparable to an Atom chip. My device came with a keyboard for $500, and its currently going for $550 approximately. I dont see anything in this Asus device that is worth payng double for the Acer. You may call it FUD but at these prices Windows 8 wont get very far with consumers.
  • How about $599 with a $69 bluetooth keyboard? RB $800 is with the docking station... RB
  • The keyboard doesnt even have to cost that much but that sounds like a much better value proposition than selling the tablet alone for $599. Overall it needs to have obvious higher value than an ipad that is clear to the average consumer, because they arent going to stick around for you to explain all the advantages before saying its too expensive and running to apple.
  • +1 Asus is stupidly overpricing these Vivo tablets.
  • As somebody said above thie is Asus pricing and only speculation at that.  Nobody knows what the Surface RT or any other RT tablet will cost.
  • I actually dont have a problem with the price, I think the Portability/functionality of WindowsRT makes it potentially superior to the Ipad. The only problem is that the ipad has 300,000 dedicated applications for it and RT will launch with a 1000. I'm sorry but out the gate an ipad will still be more useful. Microsoft/Asus/Samsung need to make the price compelling enough for consumers to entice them away from the wealth of the Apple Ecosystem. That would mean pricing this at no more than $499 for a 32GB.They ultimately need to eat some of that cost for an unproven ecosystem.Like a great man once said, if you Eat it, they will come.
  • Whilst we'd all love to see $199 tablets with a Surface name on it, simply isn't going to happen. I totally disagree that WinRT tablets need to be cheaper than iPad. Windows is not small eco system. Tablets to one side, how long do you think will be before store is full of those apps and more? They have built it, its going to be on every PC next year, how big is that market. If MS come in cheaper than iPad many will consider that a failure in confidence. RB
  • those 300,000 apps you talk about, a small percentage are quality. Every PC will have win8 so the apps won't be an issue
  • You sound like my wife. She wants some home remodeling done, but has a fit when the contractors start working b/c they haven't completed the job they just started - it takes time. To reach a certain level in a process you have to get started first. How is it that people forget the iPhone & iPad didn't have an ecosystem (apps and services) in their beginnings. It took time to build that ecosystem. The same is true for Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets. I hope they succeed.
  • Has everyone forgot that MSFT has the largest app store already? The word app comes from application, which is technically anything executable on a device. That means at launch the windows RT will run almost any piece of software compatible with Win8...(less a driver issue with ARM). So we are talking about millions of apps, only question is weather you can easily download it from a central online store... But don't tell me only a 1000 apps will be available at launch.
  • Agreed, but aside from windows store apps the eco system is very mature. Its Windows, devices and cloud services are all extensive and in place. Regardless of tablet sales the Store will be on every PC sold, the apps will follow a 350-400 million userbase very very quickly.. RB
  • Microsoft claim they've removed the chrome, but they've replaced it with bevel and blank space. FFS take a look at that picture above. You've got a pretty damn big bevel which has to be at least an inch, then you've got another inch of blank screen space before you get to any of the buttons or info. What a waste. By my calculations the actual buttons & info on that start screen is taking up around 40% of the front of the unit - the rest is blank or wasted space.
  • It has to be cheaper if they want to compete with iPad. Anyway, Surface pricing is what im waiting for.
  • Lets be serious guys, ASUS pricing just signals the death of ASUS in the tablet space. The fact remains that WindowsRT tablets are competing with the iPad. They absolutley HAVE to be priced lower for any hope of success because the iPad out of the box simply does 10 times more thanks to it's ridiculously large ecosystem.
    This is a non-starter for me and is more proof that the OEM's simply don't get it.
  • Interested to know what things a WinRT tablet needs to do out of the box? Specific apps? RB
  • Some of the key ones i know for the Swedish market that have refused to step in to the Windows Phone Market and still missing in Windows 8 are:
    1. Bank-ID (very critical for many and the largest wide banking service here) ""
    2. Sjöräddningssällskapet (for people at sea and among the largest) ""
    3. Eniro (Swedens most popular number search services) ""
    This is apps I have on the top of my head and there are many more that is needed to sway iPad owners over here, and the companies have been reluctant to show interest in Windows Phone 7, and also not made any hints or word about Windows 8 support. A friend the other day asked if he could use a more free music player in windows 8 RT since he don't like the way Zune handles music. Xbox music is currently not for him and the music app is even more horrible in comparison. In general, people don't ask where there app is, they just assume its there, and when its not, there disappointed and move on.
    As said before, the basic large apps have to be there and they have maybe been so in the US, but still not here on other markets, that is a issue. I want Windows 8 to be a success, but they have to figure out how to get other local markets on board, or they will have problems swaying the regular customer who don't think Office is important.
  •   Windows Phone has lagged behind other platforms due to it being late and a relative unknown. Unlike Windows Phone, Windows 8 will be installed on every new PC going out from holiday season onwards. The numbers and potential customers for an app in the store are immense. Added to that Microsoft are offering pretty much anyone who has a copy of Windows now a relatively cheap upgrade, how many consumers will be using Windows 8 by the end of next year? The point is, companies who were unable to justify the development costs for Windows Phone will likely be producing apps for Windows 8. I totally agree with you that apps will be key for Windows 8 but don’t agree that consumers don’t want Office. How many iPad users need to find a third party app to do productivity work? RB
  • Hey, you asked about apps =) I agree the pure weight of the Windows brand should make the market move, its logical. Also, im generalazing around Office, the brand is strong but its not enough to carry Win RT all alone. We basicly agree =) Further description and rant: There is a lot of talk of the "all the important apps are there" and im frankly just getting tired of it, as a non US citicen im frankly getting tired of this whole Microsoft deal, it just seems to be so much ignorance, and im stupid enough to pay for everything they do. If there are 200 microsoft feat on a Windows Phone in the US, we have 150 in the rest of the world, and we have just accepted that! We keept buying Windows Phones (I wasted money on 4) and then comes the apps issue in. There is a whole world of different markets everywhere, but we seem to be forgotten everytime a discussion comes up in Microsoft HQ. Apple is everywhere with media content and apps, the darn tickers is building a concrete floor .... MSFT is opening more stores around US finally .... well Apple stores are here allready in tiny little Sweden, and there growing strong. I hope the weight of Windows PC will be enough to bend developers and companys back in line, but im kind of scared for MSFT, at least in Sweden...a tiny country. And full fledged fan as i might be i cant keep forgiving MSFT everytime i miss out on stuff.......ahaaaa the rant, the rant. A lot of frustration about MSFT echosystems basiclly. WP Central is a uniqe and lovly site, and i belive you have the attention of almost every WP user out there. That means people in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia is most positivly following you.... all in all, your the voice of the WP World (Ouch, sounds like i dropped a lot of bricks on your shoulders =). All i wanna do is fall back in the soffa, and just kickback, let the Metro experience take me away, but im loosing faith that will ever happen, at least not untill another year have passed. I been on WP since launch, so basiclly i was a beta tester, still on Windows 8 beta, Xbox beta, and im so tired of making up excuses, great stuff minimized by Microsofts bla bla ... end rant. ^^
  • Consumers have shown a willingness to purchase an iPad at these prices with accessories that don't offer the full package of replacing a desktop. Look ahead past the price towards the benefit of a device priced competitively with just a consumption device. There is just more functionality with Windows 8. The promotion of Windows 8 has to reach their target market: explain what they are getting, and importantly how it benefits their lives. That should explain the prices.
  • I'm sorry, but if these W8 tablets are priced higher than the Ipads it will FAIL....Mark my words.
  • No suggestions that they will be. RB
  • As an English major, the misuse of commas on wpcentral articles gets under my skin.
  • I would be happy to pay £200 - £299 for the basic RT Surface and then next year i would again be happy to upgrade to a full on Win8 Pro Surface for which i would happily pay £599. We have an iPad in the home and tbh they are nothing more than a handy browser, 10 min games player. We also have a Playbook, which again is a social browser. So waiting for something that i can actually do some work on next year is going to be nice i just hope Microsoft don't screw up the price. It IS going to be the superior tablet. Win8 and the new Office are superb, and i am ready to buy into their way of thinking but the price has to be right. Price structure for office has been announced and $99 for a 5 lic subscription is very fingers crossed.
  • I think with expectation set to 200-300 you might need to skip WinRT then. RB
  • Microsoft and its OEMs have a problem educating the modern day tech blogger. If these folks don't understand the value of Windows on a tablet the general public might not either. Microsoft needs to pull an Apple here and get Surface or other Windows RT tablets in the hand of "Friendly Sites" and have them do a one on one comparison with a similar spec'ed iPad. Microsoft needs to make sure that on the day the surface is released the talk is about how much like a full computer a Windows RT tablet is.
    Apple doesn't have a patent on the $599 price point, however they do have the current mindshare when it comes to defining what a tablet is. If Microsoft hopes to change this mindshare they better have some favourable reviews from some big names ready to go at launch.
  • I couldn't agree more. I can't even count the number of times tech media erroneously reports that a keyboard is an optional add-on for Surface. Shortly after the Surface announcement, everyone was quoting Engadget for comparison specs, which were not as complete as what Microsoft clearly stated on It's not rocket science, and yet I still see nonsense and confusion over what each edition of Surface has to offer.
  • Y don't they put more memory in these
  • Windows needs tablet market share so that the app ecosystem develops.  A Windows RT tablet without a vibrant app ecosystem isn't worth $199.  As third mover in the tablet space, people need a really good excuse to go out on a limb with these tablets, particularly in the consumer space.  That's not going to happen in large numbers at $599.
  • Depends on build quality.  I'm not goin to pay that much for low quality materials and low battery life.  I wont use the dock as much as native tablet.  I own two ipads and I am going to buy a MSFT tablet.  I hope Nokia makes one.
  • Why would I pay $800 if I can get a laptop for half that cost? I'm not sure portability is worth $400 extra dollars.
  • Does your laptop have a touch-screen? Is your laptop a tablet?
  • Without x86 compatibility this is not worth $600.  ARM = content consumption.  x86 = content consumption AND creation.  It's that simple.  These ARM tablets should be in the $200-300 range, and the x86 ones should be $600.
    Keep in mind there are a LOT of people buying cheap ARM tablets for under $200 today, and those will suffice for content consumption.  To be truly successful, Windows tablets need to let you do everything you can do on a real computer, but at a price that is in line with other tablets.
  • You are using "Windows 8" and "Windows RT" interchangably in the article which for me makes it a very confusing read.
    They are two quite different offerings and should be treated as such, especially when discussing features and comparing with other operating systems.
    In any sentence you seem to be mentioning features of the OS that best suits the need of making the Windows option look better than the competition.
    In some cases this even leads to what I think are incorrect statements, such as that "Windows 8 certainly isn’t perfect but right out of the box it’s going to come with Office". Did Microsoft say Windows 8 will come with Office? Source?
    Is this article about Windows 8 or WinRT? Please make up your mind.
  • windows rt will come with  office  that has been  said .
  • Yes, with Windows RT, not with Windows 8 as is stated in the article.
  • Robert Brand, please give us a credible source saying that Windows 8 will come with Office or correct your article.
    Incorrect information about the new editions of Windows will only add to FUD.
  • RT has to be priced lower than the IPAD, wy here is wy? first of hardly any apps available  to  do stuff and since you dont have a desktop all you have are apps.
    So with the lack of desktop you cant just install apps from your pc you have to wait befor they get ported to metro. let be honest no one would wait for apps if they can buy an ipad with apps.
    But if they price it lower ppl will reconsider because you wont get the apps but its cheaper get it.
    on the side note poeple keep calling it a full PC experience?  It isnt you cant install legacy apps wy would oyu call it a full pc. So no desktop is NO PC experience. Even with office.....
  • I think WinRT's saving grace is the fact that Android hasn't done that well in the tablet market, especially the premium priced ones. OEMs may be a lot more willing to leverage their weight to get their RTs pushed to consumers - esp. casual consumers, enterprise and students. Of course, pricing is key....while above iPad in function, for Windows I think it'd be better to push RT as the successor to netbooks.
  • +1
  • I could see $599 if they had an entry model at $499. Most people buy the intro model, the higher tiers don't sell nearly as many. Also, they've been selling the same dock with the Transformer (keyboard, battery, usb) for way less than $199. $800 to get an arm laptop? $800 will buy you a nice x86 laptop, this is a bit much.
  • To other commenters:  Please don't use "WinRT" when you mean "Windows RT".  They are two completely different things that are unfortunately named very poorly.
    Windows RT is the ARM version of Windows.
    WinRT is the Windows Runtime, the platform on which Metro apps are built.  Windows 8 and Windows RT both support WinRT apps.  Only Windows 8 supports "desktop" apps.
  • I think the price is fare, but I also think they should undercut the iPad by about 50 bucks. People by ipads because they are apple products, not knowing how limited they are. The undercut could help alot. Think about it this way, everyone wants to run with the crowd and right now that crowd is apple. Android tablets have been priced competitively and they haven't been able to ding apples marketshare. I say undercut and hope consumers make an informed decision. To me these RT tablets will offer so much more function over current tablets on the market.
  • "simply pricing them lower than iPads isn’t the answer. That didn’t work out well for Android tablets."
    Bogus, the issue for Android was thinking they could charge as much as the iPad and get away with it, which obviously didnt work.
    The iPad has a completely arbitrary price set by Apple with Apple style profit margins. When Asus is charging $799 for an ATOM powered tablet, it should be completely obvious that these prices are insane.
  •   Well there was that, then there were the dreadful knockoff cheap Android Tablets running the phone version  of the OS. Being seen as a cheap knock off of the iPad doesn’t do it any favours. I wholeheartedly agree with your point about the Atom based devices, I predict big problems for any companies that expect consumers to part with that much cash. RB 
  • Rob, I don't know if you are in the US or UK, you can pick up an Acer w500 or equiv for pretty cheap on eBay now. Its a good test of w8 on a tab form factor. I got a slate 7 and worked our I have no real need for win8 pro over rt
  •   Yeah, I did look into that but figured I’d wait for a fully spec, NFC etc enabled WinRT device. Also want the ARM power savings etc. Thanks for the suggestion though. I’m based in UK London. RB
  • If I were seeing this product as a tablet alone, then I could see this price as fair. But Windows 8 makes these devices so much more capable than their tablet counterparts. So paying $800 for what is essentially an app-friendly netbook with a detachable screen? I kinda have a problem with that, especially it being an RT product. This thing should be able to kill an iPad and a MacBook Air at 200 paces with one shot. It WOULD be able to do that if it was full Windows 8. The RT makes it too limited to justify the price. At least how I understand RT works
  • Microsoft should control these foolish OEM. How the heck do they place that price on a LEAKED slide. and to complicate matters the nomenclature in that slide is full of failure.
    *Starting Price $599 (docking $199)
    *Optional docking
    WTF is that? Does it comes with the dock as standard or it is optional? Be more clear in those slides, ASUS!!!
    BTW, MSFT should provide these cheap OEM with some revenue sharing from the Windows Store to help lower those stupid prices.
  • If this is going to sit along side a $499 (16GB) iPad, then that's a problem. Consumers won't understand why it's $100 more. You have to match that price one way or another. I guess the good thing though is these Microsoft powered devices will actually go on "sale" from time to time. Bahhh to price fixing.
  •   That’s a good point, there won’t be a low low end device competing with arguably the most popular iPad, the one that costs $499. Perhaps that fact alone will bring MS to lower the cost in line with that…? RB
  • Way way too much. If it were running full Win8 it'd be a different story, but with RT it's a notebook price for a fisher-price OS.
    I don't mean that to be pejorative to the OS either; I like metro and RT. What I don't like is having to pay full-PC prices for a device that can't match the versatility of one because of its OS.
  •   You’re beef is that it cant run normal apps designed for X86 systems? What would you pay for a WinRT tablet or would you not consider one at all? RB
  • Im not going to talk about price, until they actually come out. The design of the Asus tablet will be ok for some but, personally, I would find a keyboard like that yo be more of a burden, unless you're going to use this for office or home only. Microsoft, in my opinion, designed it right. It will come with a keyboard cover that will not be in the way it feel like a third wheel. Surface will be my first choice, for now. I need to see other design formats and prices.
  • .
  • i would rather pay $400 for an RT tablet but like the article says Win8 RT tabs arent not just for music, games and video, you can actually do some work on it. imagine Adobe , AutoDesk,  Dreamweaver etc programs made for RT tabs, will it still be too much. we have to remember from what i heard to coding is the same for all devices its just a matter of what feature maybe missing if the company decides to creat for RT. imagine IT guys which im learning to get into can use Teamviewer software to use remotely, or GSN3 on a RT tab. what i am basically saying work programs can be made for the RT tabs can actually be work environment progams just with less features. if a im wrong please feel free to correct me.
  •   I’m no programmer, you’re asking how trivial it will be to convert existing x86 apps to WinRT apps? Certainly expect apps such as the touch friendly version of Adobe to reach the Windows Store.. RB
  • Please go to Wikipedia and read the articles for Windows RT and WinRT.  (They are two separate things.)
    Then you may start to understand why Windows RT's restrictions are really substantial roadblocks to running any serious applications.
  • Why does everyone want Windows Tablets that's priced so much cheaper than current tablets. If you can't afford it you can't afford it. It takes money to make these things not to mention all the engineering before hand.
  • FINALLY, someone who gets it! I read those Zdnet articles you referenced, and my god, what an idiot and an arshloch to boot!
    Everyone seems to be comparing apples to oranges when juxtapositioning Win8 tablets to the iPad and Android tablets. So the starting price for these tablets MIGHT be $599 whereas the starting price for the iPad is only $499. Ok yeah, but the $499 tablet is only 16gb and this Win8 tablet is 32gb! So then if this is 32gb, how much does the 32gb iPad cost? Oh, wow how surprising, also $599. Plus, for the same price you get so much more than an iPad: larger screen, usb port, actual compatability with devices (as opposed to the ubiquity Apple has forced upon the world). For the same price, you get a device that can actually replace a laptop. Because when someone buys an iPad, what they actually pay for is the $499 tablet + $500+ on a laptop/desktop with which they can actually do something! So even at these higher prices, these are fantastic deals compared to the iPad. But of course people are incapable of thinking for themselves anymore. Apple has made sure of that.
  • Before this becomes a trend, someone should point out that "fud" is a Scottish colloquialism for "c#nt". As in, "those guys are a bunch of fuds"
  • That keyboard is a definite fail, it should be portable.  You should be able to fold it up and stick it in your Surface carrying case or something.  The way it looks it is for home use only.  What if I am a student who needs a portable keyboard so I can use it in the library or wherever between classes or a business person who can take it with them on trips.  This keyboard would make you look like a 1980's dweeb.  They need a portable keyboard.
  • Are we 100% sure we trust the slides? Note they say 'Metro'.
    We did get official pricing from Samsung already so why is no one mentioning that:
    Samsung Series 5 Slate PC / Ativ Smart PC: $649 ($749 with keyboard).
    This it not RT but full Windows 8.
    Second Acer says their Iconia Tab W510 would start at around $600 and that's also not Windows RT. We'll see....
  • This may well be an effort to gauge opinions, well that is what I hope. The RT tablets will fail no matter what if they price at Ipad levels. The tablet is unlikely to get enough support to make a difference. 399 for tablet 599 with docking station makes more sense.
  • Except most businesses don't buy ipads. These will be selling like hot cakes in the corporate world given it has actual productivity benefits whereas the iPad limps in this area. Thousands of offices don't need anything more than word processing and the internet; they will probably see these replacing desktop boxes. Each employee will get a keyboard/mouse/monitor wall mount type setup and will be hooked up to the corporate network storage. This will make the resident IT's job infinitely easier too. Even offices that require special apps could probably have a corporate app installed on their devices (such submissions can hidden from searches in the markerplace).
  • Well... it does come with Microsoft Office.
  • This seems about $50-$100 too high. If it was 64GB, I'd consider it. If it were 120GB, sold. They need to realize that this is the future dammit, not 2003.
  • My issue is what do I get for my money. It's true $800.00 is right at the msrp for a top iPad. All things being equal I'll still get the win8rt or go for a hybrid. Between the tablet and a 920 that's $1000 my limit
  • Too high me thinks!