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AT&T accused of deleting complaint posts from their Windows Phone support forum

While we don't want to fan the flames much more of the whole "AT&T won't support the 8107 OS update" fiasco, we are getting quite a few tips (and complaints) that the mods over at the AT&T support community are aggressively deleting posts for seemingly no reason.

The support forums at AT&T is where the news broke that the company wouldn't not be supporting the Microsoft approved 8107 OS update which fixes the disappearing keyboard problem and other security fixes. Since the time of reporting, anger has substantially grown with many taking to Twitter, the Better Business Bureau and AT&T's own forums (we had 175 comments just to our post on the matter).

Starting last night, however, it seems the moderators are in "damage control" as some have put it and are deleting complaint posts without warning. Many users are noticing this because they get email notifications of responses to their posts, but when they check back a few hours later, those posts were "disappeared". Indeed, if you go to the message board, you'll see a few messages like this from Jamon723:

"Don't know if anyone else has caught on to this..... after several instances lately of thinking I had forgotten to delete emails alerting me that someone had replied here after reading them, I just looked again and it hasn't been that. Messages are being deleted. There were 14 new post alerts in my email between 6pm & midnight. I checked the times and names of the people posting, 12 of them were deleted. I really hope it was done by those posting and not done by AT&T to downplay how many of us are upset and voicing it here. Sadly, I would not be surprised if that were the case."

Since we've learned of this we've been observing the thread and it is a bit quiet now, holding steady at 197 posts. We have not seen any posts deleted during this time, so perhaps AT&T has reigned in their mods on this matter and everyone has cooled down.  We hope this situation doesn't grow any more ugly as AT&T's reputation is already in the gutter.

In the meantime, for those who want the 8107 update, please read our tutorial on how to get it on your phone.

Source: AT&T forums; Thanks, Jamon723 & Jay N., for the heads up; Original "Portrait of a young business man..." image via Shutterstock (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • They can't delete tweets. Perhaps a trending 8107 is in order.
  • So glad I'm with T-mobile. That's all I can say.
  • Enjoy your TitanII, or Lumia 900.
  • Yep,
    I do! FACTORY UNLOCKED and FREE OF PROVIDER BRANDING! So glad I am with the pink guys. :)
  • And 3 times the money for the device. The pay back ain't worth it.
  • It's worth it to not be on AT&T! Regardless of any other factor, that's the best reason.
  • Tell that to everyone that swears by using their own device and on no contract
  • The payback is definitely worth it. Let's look at an example:
    $75 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data (5GB of high speed) w/ tethering*
    $1800 for 24 months of service
    $700 up front for phone**
    $2500 Total cost of phone and 2 year contract of service AT&T
    $140 per month unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of data w/ tethering
    $3360 for 24 months of service
    $100 up front for phone
    $3460 Total cost of phone and 2 year contract of service
    Unfortunately, most consumers don't do simple math before they buy their phone. They get fooled by all these articles that get written saying things to the affect of "AT&T is selling the Lumia 900 for $99" and don't realize that the rest of the subsidy cost is being placed into their monthly service fee.
    * - I used the individual Value plan because it includes tethering to make it more comparable to AT&T. If you want to save even more money and don't want a contract, but also don't care about tethering, you could get a T-Mobile Monthly4G plan for $70 per month with unlimited talk, text, and data (5GB high speed).
    ** - I was being generous here, but I doubt the Lumia 900 will actually cost this much unlocked.
  • $40/mo for 450 minutes (of landline calling, because adding the unlimited texting features lets you call any and all domestic cell phones for free, which the vast majority of people do anyway) 20 bucks unlimited texting. $50 for five gigs with tethering. Adjust tour numbers. I'd never join Tmo again for stupid ass policies like automatically renewing your contract if you're creating a family plan from an existing individual plan. No matter if you're 23 months in.
  • Oh yea, I'd get faster internet speeds than what I'd get using Edge on Tmo. I have no problem paying more for a better service. I think one of Tmo's problems is that they attract those budget customers which don't end up spending money on anything but the cheapest stuff. That's a big problem when your only advantage is price.
  • As I detailed in my reply to your other post, I can buy an unlocked/unbranded phone to use with T-Mobile and save a great deal of money over AT&T in the long run. True,  "AT&T phones" don't support the 1700MHz frequency which T-Mobile currently uses for 3G. However, T-Mobile is in the process of a spectrum refarm where they are moving their 3G to 1900MHz, which will make their network compatible with "AT&T phones." Plus, they will be rolling out a LTE network on 1700MHz beginning next year, so AT&T LTE phones should be compatible on T-Mobile LTE, too. T-Mobile is going to be in a great position to market themselves as the "bring your own device" carrier with half price service. I applaud this effort and hope that someday soon device subsidies, contracts, carrier approval of software upgrades, and hardware exclusives will be a thing of the past. What will benefit consumers is more competition. Hardware should compete directly with other hardware and wireless carriers should compete with other wireless carriers. The current locked phones and device subsidies is terrible for consumers.
  • Thankfully I gave them the middle finger and got the updates myself when 8107 came out (the tutorial wpcentral posted earlier)
  • I've noticed that when posters have really strong opinions, their posts get edited by mods with a caption "Please keep it courteous". I don't doubt that they're imstructed to delete highly questionable posts, but they should at least offer some resolve to the uprising behind 8107
  • Perhaps AT&T will announce an update plan tomorrow with the Lumia announcement?
  • Why is nobody focusing on the fact that the 8107 update includes an update to revoke comprimised security certificates, and an update to allow users to opt-out of location tracking by Microsoft? By not allowing this update AT&T is exposing their customers to known online security risks, and allowing a third party to actively collect location information without consent.
    I feel that these issues are just as, if not more, important than the disappearing keyboard issue.
  • Just more reason to avoid AT&T branded phones and try to get unlocked / unbranded devices from the aftermarket. At first, it may cost more but in a long run, it is yours and you don't have to worry that a network provider may hold back on an update.
  • I imported an unbranded Lumia 800 from the UK for use on AT&T. I got 8107 in mid January. I'm thrilled to not be tied down by AT&T's pathetic whims.
  • So you're on 2G?
    RM819 is now out if you wanted 3G.
  • Oops, just re-read anseio's post and he said he was using an imported Lumia 800 on AT&T, not T-Mobile.
  • kinda hard to "hold back on an update" considering that when an update does get approved it includes all previous updates, this is according to ms own answer site. so if att doesnt approve 8107 then when they approve the next update it will include 8107 and any other updates that may have been skipped so far
  • A great example of AT&T censoring, go to their smart phone device page. You can write a review on any and all devices except apple devices. Why you suppose that is?  
  • Well, just check out and see how many 'refurbished' iPhones and iPads you can find there - that number speaks for itself. No need to read up on AT&T review(er)s :)
  • I am well aware of apples low quality, I was pointing out AT&T's censcoring ANY comments of their flagship brand.
  • Keep on AT&T! I'm about to rethink other possibilities...
  • They have a tool moderator called "Phil-101" who was the heavy handed anti-customer service agent that deleted posts and put members in "read only" status.
  • I reported him to the "Community Manager" and I tweeted the @ATTCustomerService account, as well.
  • The uglier the better. The more noise we make the more nervous they get and that's the only way to get things to change. I'm more troubled that Microsoft hasn't said anything about this situation.
  • What the f**k AT&T?
  • sorry but WTF.
    Microsoft hello?
  • Seriously guys, ditch this carrier already.
  • some of us can't (until Verizon picks up some new devices at least).  I'm not going to down grade to a Trophy on Verizon and I will also not downgrade to a Sprint Arrive. T-Mobile doesn't exist in Northeast WI.
  • T-Mo is too slow where I live. Verizon hates Windows Phone. I really don't have an option here other than AT&T.
  • Yehhh this is the comunnity power :) GOGOGOGO Windows Phone \o/
  • I too wash amazed at the number of folks posting and then saw the posts disappear latter when I checked back in on their forum.  AT&T doesn't want this to go viral but guess what, it already is.  I have seen quite a few twitter posts on this in the last 48 hours.  Keep up the pressure on AT&T.
  • Just watched ATT delete another comment.  They moderated the part on 207 to remove the part about how there should be a class action law suit and changed the text to "[Per Guidelines: Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]." 
    After that, the OP of that post made a reply stating how his point was on topic and that Post was removed completely.
  • You people are fickle.
  • ATT #8107
  • Somebody has created a petition on
  • I can't believe how much grief you lot in the US have with phone networks. Here in the UK, some networks may have an initial exclusivity period, but after a month or so, you can pretty much get any device on any network. This also means that they all have to compete on price more, as if you can get it cheaper on another network, they'll lose out. Retailers like the Carphonewarehouse have helped too as they only stock unbranded, unlocked phones, and just give you the relevant SIM when you sign up. (written on my unbranded, unlock TITAN).
  • I signed up with ATT UVerse on 01/31/2012; I have experienced nothing but problems since the first day of sign up. The initial representative installed the equipment too far away from our desktop computer which made the signal weak. He also didn't check to make sure the phone lines were working before he left, which they were not, and we went with the telephone not being able to ring for almost a week. When the next rep came out a week later to correct this tech's problems, I mentioned the low speed as well; we were paying for 12 mg and only getting somewhere between 2-5 mg. That is when the rep told us that he should not have installed the equipment in the basement, so he gave us an ACT/Link to go with with computer to help with the speed. It didn't help. ATT also gave us 18 mg's for free, hoping that would help with the connection; it didn't help at all.
    I've had at least 15 tech's out in the last 1 1/2, and only last month did the ATT tech reinstall the equipment upstairs to help with the speed. Since the reinstall on 04/06/2012, I've had 4 more tech's to the residence; the last one was out yesterday, and I am crossing my fingers that the problem is fixed this time. One of the reps tried to charge us for the visit ($55 trip charge and wanted to change out wiring in the bedroom) and I threw a fit; they waived the fee. But I have had other billing problems with ATT.
    I called back on 04/06/2012 and spoke to a rep who said he would give us free HBO and Cinemax for three months, a locked in internet rate of $29.95 for a year, and a $20 adjustment for the service problems. Before the $20 adjustment, this would make the bill $174.01 per month. I received my bill at the first of this month only to find that no credit was given, I was being charged for HBO and Cinemax ($26 a month), and my internet was almost $40. So I called billing on the 22nd of May.
    The rep I spoke with in billing saw the previous reps notes and promised to adjust the bill. I logged onto my bill today only to find no adjustment. So I called customer service this evening.
    I spoke to a rep named Eden this evening in customer service that refused to give us the free HBO and Cinemax, the lowered internet rate, or the credit to the account, despite what is written in their system; her logic is that we are not new customers, and these rates are reserved for new customers. I asked to speak to her supervisor. I was put on hold for almost 30 minutes, and finally she came back on the line only to tell me that I still needed to hold; Eden put me back on hold and about 1 minute later my call was disconnected by them (I assume she hung up on me). I called customer service back only to find out that they are not closed for the evening. Needless to say I am furious. While ATT's tech support has always been crap, their billing and customer service has typically been good. This rep refusing to credit my account and willfully hanging up on me was the last straw. I spent this evening filing complaint reports with the BBB of Dallas, the Attorney General of Texas, the FTC, and the FCC. I suggest you do the same because the more complaints that are filed the more likely major corrective action will be taken against ATT. I went through billing problems with another company, I had to get these agencies involved, and it is surprising how fast they act on issues like this.