AT&T accused of deleting complaint posts from their Windows Phone support forum

While we don't want to fan the flames much more of the whole "AT&T won't support the 8107 OS update" fiasco, we are getting quite a few tips (and complaints) that the mods over at the AT&T support community are aggressively deleting posts for seemingly no reason.

The support forums at AT&T is where the news broke that the company wouldn't not be supporting the Microsoft approved 8107 OS update which fixes the disappearing keyboard problem and other security fixes. Since the time of reporting, anger has substantially grown with many taking to Twitter, the Better Business Bureau and AT&T's own forums (we had 175 comments just to our post on the matter).

Starting last night, however, it seems the moderators are in "damage control" as some have put it and are deleting complaint posts without warning. Many users are noticing this because they get email notifications of responses to their posts, but when they check back a few hours later, those posts were "disappeared". Indeed, if you go to the message board, you'll see a few messages like this from Jamon723:

"Don't know if anyone else has caught on to this..... after several instances lately of thinking I had forgotten to delete emails alerting me that someone had replied here after reading them, I just looked again and it hasn't been that. Messages are being deleted. There were 14 new post alerts in my email between 6pm & midnight. I checked the times and names of the people posting, 12 of them were deleted. I really hope it was done by those posting and not done by AT&T to downplay how many of us are upset and voicing it here. Sadly, I would not be surprised if that were the case."

Since we've learned of this we've been observing the thread and it is a bit quiet now, holding steady at 197 posts. We have not seen any posts deleted during this time, so perhaps AT&T has reigned in their mods on this matter and everyone has cooled down.  We hope this situation doesn't grow any more ugly as AT&T's reputation is already in the gutter.

In the meantime, for those who want the 8107 update, please read our tutorial on how to get it on your phone.

Source: AT&T forums; Thanks, Jamon723 & Jay N., for the heads up; Original "Portrait of a young business man..." image via Shutterstock

Daniel Rubino

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