AT&T black Lumia 830 likely to go on sale November 7th

It looks like Microsoft and their Nokia Lumia 830 are getting ready to begin hitting markets worldwide. An upcoming press conference in India may reveal the time and pricing for that phone and its sibling the Lumia 730 sometime tomorrow.

Likewise, we are now hearing from one of our sources that the Lumia 830 for AT&T should be hitting shelves the first week of November. This time­­ falls in line with Microsoft's Stephen Elop's previous ' by the holidays' declaration for the US carrier.

AT&T announced (opens in new tab) on September 9 that they would be stocking the Lumia 830 in the future, although pricing and plans were not revealed at the time. According to people familiar with the matter, AT&T has penciled in date of Friday, November 7 to begin selling the new 'affordable flagship' Windows Phone. Unfortunately, pricing is still a bit of a mystery at this time (unlocked variants are commanding around $379 USD on eBay).

Like all launch dates this far out, this one is subject to change and cannot be considered official until AT&T announce their plans.

The Lumia 830 looks to fill in the gap between the lower cost Lumia line on AT&T, including the Lumia 635 and the more high-end offerings like the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520. Featuring a 5-inch 720p IPS display (1280 x 720) and 10 MP camera, the Lumia 830 borrows much from the higher-priced Lumia 930, but comes in a lighter, thinner, and cheaper package. The Lumia 830 should launch with Windows Phone 8.1.1 and the new Lumia Denim firmware. Although it only has 16 GB of internal store, the Lumia 830 can take up to 128 GB more through its micro SD card slot.

We also hear that it is coming in black for the color, as opposed to orange, white, or the new bright green. However, the Lumia 830's back plate is removable, letting users swap out colors on their own should they desire something a little more ostentatious.

Hopefully, we will be hearing more about the AT&T Lumia 830 in the coming weeks. It at least looks like Microsoft will get this out the door well before the crucial Thanksgiving holiday period, ensuring no missed sales in the US.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Very nice
  • The phone does look nice. What gives with no color options? I hope there's choice at the Microsoft Store. Hey, imagine Microsoft sold the phone GSM unlocked, with all the right bands to work with either T-Mo or AT&T? Now that would be great. If Motorola can sell an unlocked phone without carrier interference, why can't Microsoft?
  • the sell the 635, the blu jr and the 1020 unlocked right now with the blu hd coming soon
  • Lol Daniel ! RIP AT&T :|
  • Knowing AT&T black will somehow be the firmware it ships with.
  • No offense, but how can you say that when they are the only US carrier to ship out Cyan to all of their phones? They also were the first to have fixes for the Bitlocker issue, have gotten every major Windows Phone out there, etc.
  • Tell 'em Daniel! AT&T are the update kings of the Windows Phone world. Now if they could just stop pissing in the Qi pool I would be fairly happy. And I also would demand colors, but in this phone's case I think it would look better with the black outer ring and colored back, and that would hopefully also add back Qi if you use an international back. Not that I'm buying this particular model... 1030 or bust here.
  • All carriers suck at supporting and promoting WP
  • I spoke to an ATT rep yesterday about me potentially upgrading to the 1520 and during that conversation, he of course offered me to uprade to the iphone 6. I asked him why is it that a consumer like me who called in knowing exactly what I wanted to purchase was being deferred to the iphone with discounts yet a phone like the 1520 that's nearly a year only doesn't qualify for the same discounts as the iphone 6 thats only been available for roughly 2 weeks. He couldn't give me an answer, but he did say that they were being bombarded with complaints about the iphone 6.......I don't know how much of that is true as it was not something i called in for or asked him about. If it's true, I find it contrary to what the verge is saying : |
  • The AT&T rep is likely incentivized to sell the iPhone with extra money. He or she just does it in case.
  • It is quite sad. If the consumer wants something and is set on it, but has a deal for another phone, the same deal should apply for the phone you want!! My sister had the exact opposite situation, when she wanted to get the iPhone 6, they offerred her every other smartphone that isn't an iPhone to early upgrade to, but she got the iPhone and paid $199 for the early upgrade. :-/
  • she must be unique as I've been a customer of ATT for a long time and as long as they've had he iphone, when I call in, it's all they've ever offered. Also on there webpage when you check eligibilty, it always says your eligible to upgrade the to next iphone.....I've never seen it any different.
  • Wish she had it that way, lol. And we're premier customers.
  • Very Good News. This device should really hit a sweet spot price-wise. With its attractive build and appealing specs it does make Windows Phone VISIBLE as an alternative this holiday season. "A Great Device at an Unbeatable Price. The Affordable Flagship." Hmmmm..
    Pretty good tagline. It at least gets folks attention. "Let me see it its REALLY a GREAT device at an UBEATABLE price", says Joe Consumer. :-)
    I know pricing hasn't been announced but if 370 USD is any gauge, the contract price I suppose should be pretty good(I know there are taxes and other costs). Hopefully the price is kept low enough to turn heads.
    Now what would REALLY be a home run is if it launched on T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint around the same time. It would at least give the majority of consumers the option. If thier not on ATT they may hear about it and immediately dismiss it since it wouldn't currently be on their carrier.
    But if it launches on all major US carriers it may have that flagship, halo effect where THIS Windows Phone creates that needed mindshare that the population can easily identify as representative of Windows Phone and a great alternative to rival platform devices.
  •  ...have gotten every major Windows Phone out there
    They didn't get the 930, which is the phone I want most.
  • 520, 635, 820, 920, 925, 1020, 1520 and now 830. Correct, I missed one, but my point still stands they are the best US carrier for WP.
  • I agree with that, I am generally happy with AT&T! But my 920 is getting old and needs a replacement 930 or 1030 maybe if that ever becomes a reality. The 830 is very interesting and I may go to that somewhat reluctantly, and will certainly get one for my wife to replace her dreadful HTC 8x. Another point... I went into a Verizon store and while they had the HTC One Windows Phone on display, they did not have the Icon out. The sales person said they might have one in the back somewhere. Pretty lame.
  • My 920 hasn't gotten cyan update still from at&t...
  • Are you on Developer Preview? I used Software Recovery on my friend's 920 and it immediately got Lumia Cyan.
  • Have it on mine. Att 920
  • Yeah. They've beaten T-Mobile badly
  • I know it's popular to bash the carriers, but AT&T does seem to get most of the phones and has a decent cross section of WP hardware. I like the plans on T-Mobile, but the lack of devices and delayed updates is quite annoying.
  • I agree, still waiting for the Cyan update on my 928 phone. I keeping the 928 until something great comes out on Verizon. The developer previews are great, but I want the Cyan update. My Wife's 1020 and my son's 920 on AT&T are fully updated. Bash all you want, but their phones have an update!!!
  • I could not agree with you more. T-mo has no Wp8.1 high end devices nor have they issued the 8.1 update. Sadly for me switching carriers is not an options they say the HTC M8 will come for the holidays but you know that device is already almost a year old. Because of all exclusives that surrounds WP my next device in October will be the 6plus someday if the exclusives stop I'll come back to WP.
  • yes you can wear leggings bro for your
  • It's why I switched from T-Mobile to cricket. T-Mobile like plans and pricing, ATTs network and phones. It's the best of both worlds.
  • I'm planning on dropping Verizon end of October, and going to Cricket.  Then getting an unlocked 830 to run on that.  It'll save me money, and I'll have more data than I do now.  How are the speeds compared to T-Mo, or even regular AT&T (if you have a comparison for that)?
  • Perfect. I was getting a little worried about the release date for the US. A lot of the 920 owners should be coming out of contract in November
  • True...Me and my girl will both be out of contract on our 920s in early November but if this phone doesn't have Qi wireless we aren't interested....ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION AT&T?
  • I am in the same situation,,,my contract expires in November...looking for a REAL UPGRADE,,,with Qi ...
  • I still wouldn't consider this a suitable replacement for my 920. I'm holding out for something truly innovative and better.
  • This^
  • I am one of those.  And the 830 is, in some ways, an upgrade.  But I want an actual, high-end device in a normal sized phone.  I don't want a lower-resolution screen and less internal RAM.  I consider my 920 to be too big (the 8X was the ultimate form factor), but I'd live with something as large as, say, the One M8. BTW, when is that hitting Ma Bell? I can't go 1520.  This dearth of "good phones" coming out for WP is really troubling.
  • The 830 should be better all around than the 920, just not a huge leap as the 930/1520 are.
  • I wasn't looking for a downgrade
  • I agree with all these comments. To me the fact that the 830 won't get 'Hey Cortana' would be a deal breaker. Might as well keep waiting until a better phone comes out if you have the 920.
  • I couldn't care less about "Hey Cortana", but the weak sauce gpu which is much less powerful than the 920 is a big concern.
  • Why do people keep saying this, the CPU/gpu has always scored higher than the S4.
  • It's really not. 225: 305: Adreno 305 looks better in most benchmarks.  Hope this translates to real world performance.
  • Thanks for the links.  I hope it's true... I fully admit that this particular issue is a case of something I've heard, not researched.  If true, I do wonder why there weren't any comments like this the first day when all the reaction was pouring in and it was being stated definitely by so many people. 
  • I see a lot of the 225 benchmarks as higher than 305. Especially 3dmark and basemark which are for sure the gpu tests. But I will concede that the CPU is better than the S4. The GPU is at best equal to or a little bit worse than the 225. It's not terrible, but not much of an upgrade from even the 820 which had the S4. You don't release a new phone after 2 years with ~equal internal specs. 
  • Well my mind is made up, my mom and dad are going to have the Moto X 2014. Sorry but they can't wait till Nov.
  • I'm more fascinated that you make up your mind for your parents on smartphones. They have no say in it? lol
  • I showed them both lumias (730-830) and in store I showed them a few more and a pic. Of the Moto x and they both liked the Moto x and both lumias. Both told whichever comes first and my dad is in real need of a phone...
  • The Moto X looks pretty good. If it didn't have Android I'd be interested. :)
  • Camera on it is awful though. Saw a review on it. Yuck! 
  • Chill out Chicken Little it's a month away. No need to go Cray Cray and threaten to jump ship because the 830 is coming out in a month.
  • Some other reasons on why an android now, my mom wants candy crush and my dad is currently using a pantech device so it was really me who wanted to get them a Nokia phones.
  • You can get the 830 on eBay right now if time is an issue.
  • I don't understand this comment. They HAD to have the 830? And now that it's 5 weeks away, they just cannot wait?
  • Is the world ending soon? What do they have now that they can't wait? Don't have a spare WP you can lend for the time being?
    As far as "liking" both crapdroid and WP hope you steer them in the WP direction. 2 completely different OSs not sure how you can like both..
  • Guess you never used the Moto x 2013, its a great phone and still today you can ask any one who knows about phones will still recommend it if you can't afford the new Moto x.
  • Then I guess you're implying that Android is great..
    Just curious as to which OS they liked better.
  • My mom likes windows but she's also a candy crush freak so I'll just ask her but my dad likes android, he used my 920 for awhile and said that it was good but he really needs a phone.
  • My mom is using an HTC 8x which has been the worst device and my dad has a pantech burst. He really needs a phone and my mom wanted the 1020 but started to play around with it and found the camera too slow. At least for my dad I'm gonna get him the Moto x and my mom just wants to play cans crush and who am I to say no to parents.
  • To slow, yea i guess speed is more important than awesome unmatched picture quality plus 4sec is a lifetime......candy crush? Meh just get them a 99$ win 8.1 tablet with Skype. Skype has free PC to phone calls, plus u get a 7in screen true candy crush and well a real PC! Jk they need phone...i have played w the 1020 and for me the slow photo means nothing when the pictures u take are superior in all ways imo.
  • If you are gonna throw pics at kids sleeping yeah its a great camera. And a win. 8.1 tablet does not have candy crush either, and what's Skype gotta do with what I've said. Skype on WP sucks.
  • There might be an app for candy crush on 8.1 but it has full flash, so u can play from a website while skyping. 8.1 is the greatest OS ever
  • I too make the phone decisions for multiple people, so i understand your thoughts, but honestly, most parents don't really need the latest and greatest, they truly wouldn't know the difference. Mark my words, if you give them android phones, they will become your problem.  Android is not good for older people who have yet to own smart phones (i assume they aren't proficient, if they were you wouldn't be making the decision).   Windows or iphones are a better choice.    
  • That's the thing my mom already had an iPhone but didn't like it and used my old nexus 4 and liked it cause she basically uses it for facebook, candy crushing, messages, calls and throwing pics. On 2012 I bought her the 820 which she really liked cause it was easy to use and now she has the 8x and the is a pain. My dad has an android phone and he likes it and he the Moto x and asked me if the phone is good and I said yes I read alot of reviews and all of them say its the same great phone but with better specs.
  • Coming from someone who is currently using an 8X, I honestly can see why you replace the 820 with it......I will never purchase an HTC again for me personally. Good luck getting your parents whatever device you choose.
  • I was a replacement device from att warranty 820 shattered screen. My dad said he wants the Moto x and my said she'll take a look at my dads and then decide also... Thanks..
  • They should all go on sale. $430 is too much. $339 is better deal.
  • Ah yes, sell it only in black so they can charge people for the pretty colors. Sigh.
  • Well, leaping to the defense of AT&T (and I have no idea why I am defending them :-), if past experience is anything to go by, they don't bother stocking the interchangable back plates - so they're not really making money by doing this.   That said, it *is* silly that they're only gonna sell Black :-(
  • This might actually be good news. I know they have colour exclusives in place in a lot of countries. It might be a sign that the 830 will be coming to all the carreers but AT&T get's it first, the only Verizon get's the orange model, etc etc 
  • I can't wait for it to be released! I'm sick of my USB port breaking on my 822 so when this comes out I'll use it on WiFi and use my 822 only for times that I need cellular service, until next year, which is when my contract is up. Edit: Oh wait. This is the black version. Wonder if AT&T will carry the green one.
  • The article says right now it's black only and you'll have to swap out the back if you want color.
  • I know. I guess I'll wait until it's in green because I want it with the silver metal on the sides.
  • Considering upgrading from my 920... really trying to hold out until the holidays when hopefully a new true 920 replacement will hit the shelves. But if AT&T keep ripping out Qi, I need to switch to someone else. I have too many Qi plates/stands to start over. Also, is AT&T still removing Data Sense, or did that stop with 8.1?
  • Data Sense is back on AT&T with 8.1.
  • Yea. thats why this time around, I got my 830 on Ebay. No LTE, but other than that solid phone.
  • Data sense is alive and kicking on my official 1020 8.1 cyan.
  • It now appears that MS is selling the 920 customers to HTC because the 830 is the replacement and if you want more or less the same as the 920, the 830 offers enough improvements including a replaceable shell to allow for qi wireless charging. Physically the 830 is an slight upgrade, but mentally when we got the 920 we got a flagship. The 830 is not flagship...hence the dilemma. HTC is releasing an improved m8 with 13mp camera soon. If that version comes to ATT in a Windows version, I might consider that phone...but in the meantime, I'm raising funds to get a 1520.3 online...and whatever ATT has available in November when my renewal comes up will become my backup.
  • So any word on when the T-Mobile lumia 830 will go on sale? =/
  • this point it'll beat the One to AT&T. How long is that exclusivity agreement?!?!?!
  • I've heard that's coming in October ...aka very soon.
  • Daniel...wassup with ATT getting more phones than Verizon, T-Mobile, and other carriers? I have phone choice envy...not fair.
  • This is exactly what ATT wants you to feel... they want you to join them.
  • Not really true when Verizon exclusively has the Icon and HTC One and no such offering exists yet on AT&T.
  • This doesn't outweigh the choices made available. I'm on Verizon and I have a choice between the out-dated 822, 928, Samsung ATIV SE, HTC 8x, and newer 929 (Icon) and HTC One. Compared to many flagships on ATT i,e; 1020, 920, 925, 1520, 635, soon 830, Blu HD is compatible, etc...
  • Already got me one from Ebay! Its like a new, updated 925.
  • Using it with what carrier? Getting LTE? Just want to confirm.
  • AT&T. No LTE. It says 'L' (which may be LTE after all, now that I think about it).
  • " It at least looks like Microsoft will get this out the door well before the crucial Thanksgiving holiday period, ensuring no missed sales in the US." Well, except for people who aren't on AT&T. Granted, not a ton of WP users in the US anyway, but they're still missing out. I assume no more rumors on the 830 for other carriers?
  • I careless about qi charging. Looking forward in getting the 830 soon.
  • PMA. ATT is helping me pick Verizon as my next carrier.
  • Oh, my kingdom for any official word of a new T-Mobile version of any WP 8.1 phone.  (It's a really tiny kingdom,really more of a small apartment, but still...)  I'm just chilling on Verizon with my old Lumia 928 (the forgotten phone), waiting for the first real opportunity to jump to T-Mo and save some dollars.  
  • I'd jump to Cricket. But still tmo should have the One M8 this year at least.
  • November 7th will be here before we know it. September is so close to being over and out. Trick or treat! Grab the dressing, get the eggnog and a spoon for the Who Pudding, Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg.....Happy New Year!!!!!
  • Still curious to see how these swappable back plates with Qi wireless will work or not on AT&T. If not then that's an epic FAIL and it might be time to switch over to $$$ greedy and non-updates friendly Verizon next year when I'm due for an upgrade :(
  • Y black only Yyyyy
  • Because you can get colored backs in the other colors your self
  • The back plates are swapable and cost very little so it shouldn't really matter what colors AT&T offers.
  • I know. I say this in every comment thread about WP sales. But really: get this phone into ALL places where AT&T phones are sold, not just displays at corporate stores. Best Buy. Costco. Malls. AT&T has done the best job of any carrier in the US to get WP into the hands of users (not that is says much, but still). Would be great to see them make Windows Phones available everywhere they sell phones.
  • Can't wait if no T-Mobile version getting it unlocked : ) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I wonder if the WP team are making their devices by hand in their basements, maybe thats why it always takes Microsoft months to launch a phone from its original announcement.
  • Finland
  • I've given up on anything Lumia coming to T-Mobile. So the question is is the HTC One a worthy upgrade. Guess I'll have to wait and see. The thing is if I was going to go Android(NOT saying I am) the HTC One would be my last choice.
  • in for the win if the TMo version is available and shows Qi wireless charging
  • Check this Lumia 830 unboxing guys !
  • Interesting about the swapable back cover.  Does anyone know if the 830 has builtin Qi like the old 82x series?   If so, maybe customers will be able to pickup a Qi integrated back cover online or at a Microsoft Store after purchase?  No doubt AT&T will refuse to sell "their" 830's with that already integrated Qi   Also, wish they would bring the 930 to AT&T also before the holidays.  I'd like to replace my 920 :/
  • No built in qi wireless charging, since this is at&t and they phased out all their nokia qi wireless charging plates and stands...
  • Yes but if the back is replaceable, how can they stop it from being added after sale?  Unless Microsoft agreed to even remove the connector on the phones internals.  I suppose they something like that, knowing AT&T.
  • Learn from apple , the iPhone 6 was available one week after announcement , LEARN
  • To be fair, it was available months after everyone knew it would be available.
  • Microsoft= dead turtle
  • Yep. Late as always. 930 was available after month(s) 830 has same fate and Selfie phone too (7## something)
  • Aaaaaaaaannnnnndddddd tmobile?????
  • Not real happy about only black. My son really wants an orange one. I know you can swap colors, but they're offered in multiple colors... just offer them all. Come on.
  • So will they gut the Qi out of the 830?
  • I'll get the iPhone 6
  • If it's free with a two-year contract, then it is a true affordable flagship.
  • Let's see if it comes in the original box, or the generic at&t box. Also I think they will announce the other colors soon, they have carried Lumia in many colors every time.
  • At least offer the colors through the Microsoft Store.
  • I agree. Is early let's see what happens.
  • I am curious to see how this phone sells.
  • Daniel, any news on when lumia denim might start hitting handsets?
  • Daniel - Maybe the "black" color is referring to the metal portion of the phone. There are pics of a black body on the Microsoft website.
  • Middle range is the new flagship for Microsoft. They now own Nokia phone division so where are the phones .right WP the low end hand held. Its really getting hard to support Microsoft when they don't feel the urgency them selves. I mean there is really nothing to be excited about. Its the holidays and the only thing they have is a middle range flagship that just ozzes excitement
  • I hope AT&T sells a bundle like they do with the Lumia 635. My 635 came with a second back cover, Bright Orange and a 16GB Class 10 Micro SD card. I can't wait to try the 830. The GPU in the Snapdragon 400 is currently under utilzed back by the 512MB devices due to textures and geometry being cut so that games can fit within the available RAM. It will be  interesting to see how the games perform when 1GB RAM versions of the same games are installed on the 830. For example, Asphalt 8 with full effects as the Windows Store will not offer the 512MB version to the 830 but the regular version. I want to see the Adreno 305 being pushed to the max and not just running scaled down graphics due to RAM limitations.  
  • Did anyone buy the RM-985 version on eBay and use it on AT&T?  Is it working?  Does it have Qi?  What firmware is it running? I ask becaue my guess is this one will have Powermat charging.
  • I'll let u know in a lil bit. I'm headed home to set it up. It arrived today
  • What's the good word?
  • I wonder if I will be able to buy one off contract? I like to take my GSM phones to straight talk to get 3gb full LTE data per month as well as unlimited talk and text for 45 per month
  • I bet the AT&T off contract price will be $299 or less, which means you can use them on any AT&T MVNO (like Straight Talk).
  • or Cricket!! :)
  • Got my Lumia 830 today. Setting it up right now
  • I'm not sure if I should move to the L830 from the L920. I definitely need qi for sure so the HTC One M8 is not an option. I'll wait for T-Mobile to carry it.
  • By an L930 unlocked.
  • Be careful with that idea.  Not all bands needed by AT&Ts LTE service are on the international 930.  The phone will work on the AT&T network from what I have read, but it will not run at the LTE speed.
  • That's cool, but what happened to the Lumia 930 on ATT? Did they simply cancel it?
  • That's what I'm wondering :/
  • Maybe { and hopefully} ATT is waiting for the UPGRADE of Nokia 930....
  • I thought the 830 with denim would have the Bluetooth Cortana wake up option without touching the phone? Can anyone confirm? Was planning on letting a family member use my upgrade in November and I'll use theirs next spring. Update: Snapdragon 400 =no hey Cortana. This phone is a joke.
  • Are there any indications if the 830 will be available as a GoPhone with AT&T?
    (i.e. 'off contract', like the 630)
  • This would be good. Great way to expand the market the reach, and get new smartphone users to try out Windows Phone. Also, buying a GoPhone device is a common and very simple way to replace a broken or disliked phone on AT&T proper.
  • Frankly, anyone getting trapped into a 2-year contract so that they can "upgrade" from the 920 to the 830 is a fool. I'm sure it's a fine phone, but it's a lateral upgrade. Buying one unlocked is one thing, but I definitely wouldn't get locked in a contract for that. It really is disappointing that there's no sign of the 930 on the horizon. I can't help but wonder when it, or something comparable, is coming. At this point I'm just going to stick with my 920 and wait. That said, if by next spring there's still nothing I'll have to start considering another platform, not that I want to leave Windows Phone.
  • I'm with you.   Doesn't look like AT&T will have the 930 by Christmas.  If they skip it entirely, I have to think they will pickup the successor to the 930/Icon in the spring.   Of course I'm assuming there would be such a product in the spring, but I think it's a good guess
  • Just buy an unlocked 930.
  • From what I've read it doesn't have the necessary bands to utilize the AT&T LTE network.   It will work, but run at slower speed.  
  • Although I've been happy with a 1520 the past year or so (only complaint being the size), I would REALLY enjoy a 930 or its successor. I'm just not going to wait that long. The fact that AT&T has had less devices WP available the past two years than they did in the past means that I now have three upgrades available to choose from, so I'll likely burn one to get the 830, which will just get passed down once the next decent device comes out anyways. The 830 will only be a "bad" phone for the diehard mobile enthusiasts like those posting here. The 830 will sell plenty (for WP scales) and will make plenty of people happy, as long as the built and firmware is up to scratch.
  • They still have more than anyone else and they all run Cyan now. AT&T is the only one running Cyan.
  • Tmobile variant when
  • What the heck... Why does at&t always get the good phones? (Verizon is an exception)
  • Does the black version also have a black metal frame instead of the silver frame found on the others?
  • I'm glad AT&T is getting the 830 but it will kinda suck when they most likely take out the QI wireless charging again.
  • It's like AT&T WANTS me to leave them for TMo
  • exactly,,, if T Mobile offers NOKIA 930..I will move to T MOBILE
  • Still not a replacement for my trusty 920, but for my wife coming from a 900 should be more than adequate. Those of you hyping the Qi issue, get over it, ATT has jumped on the PowerMat bandwagon.    
  • I would have preferred NOKIA 930.... Maybe T Mobile will offer the Nokia 930...
  • They need an actual flagship like the 930 here. Should have been pushing both the 1520 and 930 really hard simultaneously. The 830 should be the phone feeding off of sales that couldn't go to either high end device and the 7/6/5 range should be on low cost carriers and low cost data plans. It's not rocket science. Apple and Google have already showed that that model works.
  • If this was 1080p I'd jump on it.
  • After the crippling of the 1520 and all this PMA garbage AT&T can go !@#$ itself at this point. Not "upgrading" to the 830 from my 820 or 920.
  • Its one phone, which you can get a non AT&T version to fix. I suspect they won't do that again, but we'll see.
  • Hell with AT&T, lets get some new WP8.1 devices to T-Mobile.  I know that it is mostly T-Mobile that is causing the issue, but WTF.  AT&T got the 1020, 1320 and 1520 EXCLUSIVELY. I really want the 930 (even better would be the 1030) since it is the replacement for my 925, but will just have to deal with a downgrade to the 830 , since no high end devices are being released now. I wouldn't worry too much about the color of the device since the back plate is changeable.  If this comes to T-Mobile I'll make sure to get a few crazy color backs just for fun.
  • What about the 1525/1530/whatever the replacement for the 1520 is called?
  • Still waiting on the Icon variant for AT&T....will it ever happen? a 920 replacement please!
  • Why would anyone go into an at&t store and fork out cash for a low spec device, when the store is filled with high end devices at a similar price? I think Microsoft is just pushing out the devices that Nokia had in motion prior to the sale to Microsoft. I think their next step should be  pull the plug on WP and concentrate on their software/services.
  • tmobile pls