AT&T is eyeing October 21st for the Nokia Lumia 920

New information has come forth confirming October 21st for the Lumia 920 launch

Rum: 8

The technology site BGR recently cited Sunday, October 21st as the launch date for the Nokia Lumia 920. At the time, we gave a low rating to the rumor due to two reasons: BGR’s rumor track record (52% on Tracour) and the fact that the date conflicts with other word-of-mouth bits of information.

However, Windows Phone Central has now come across new documentation circulating within AT&T that does indeed confirm the date of October 21st as an important day for the upcoming Nokia flagship phone. This is not the same info that presumably BGR saw (or was told) due to its recency. 

The language in the documentation clearly uses the word "launch" when discussing the Lumia 920, however there are mitigating circumstances that still makes it hard for us to believe. If we had to play it conservatively, we still may be getting the preorder date.

Unfortunately, due to our agreement with our source, we cannot share the contents of the message/documentation nor whom it was from, but be assured that we know that information and we are confident in its accuracy. Our source of the internal AT&T material had earlier confirmed the Mango-update dates for Windows Phone, which turned out to be very accurate. For that reason, we impart a high level of trust in this knowledge.

ATT,Nokia and MS

Could Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T be planning an October surprise?

We still have reservations about this date only because Microsoft is reportedly not set to unveil all of Windows Phone 8 until the end of October and most OEMs we have spoken with are sticking with their “early November” timeframe for release of new hardware. Just as we originally reported, that gives us pause.

However, seeing as Windows Phone 8 OS has been RTM’d this past weekend, that would give Nokia and AT&T just over a month to finish testing the Lumia 920—testing for which we believe has already been underway in a preliminary fashion.  In addition, there is near universal agreement that Nokia (and Microsoft) need to get this flagship phone out sooner than later, especially with the iPhone 5 set to launch at any moment.

Could AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft be planning an October surprise to win-back some positive media coverage and cut into the iPhone 5?

Had we not seen the origins of this internal AT&T information, we would be hesitant to post this, but due to the seniority within the company of the source material and its recency, we have little reason to doubt its authenticity.

We'll keep you posted of any further developments.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • ATT: Your move.
    Verizon: But... But.....
  • I want it on AT&T. :-D
  • I want it on Tmobile I hope Nokia takes the same route Samsung took with the galaxy. I'm willing to buy it unlocked but only if it fully works on my network. Let's see what MS, Nokia & at&t have in mind. I'm expecting for them to throw money like there is no tomorrow in advertising the device as this will prove to the world that windows is a top of the line operating system.
  • I totally agree. I want it on T-Mobile. I want it subsidized though.
  • It would be pretty dumb to make the 920 exclusive to one carrier. IMO, they'd make much more money on it by releasing it to AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile (Sprint can suck it for not supporting WP). I know for sure if the 920 came to T-Mobile I'd jump on it like no tomorrow.
  • Just buy it unlocked... Save up, it seems like a world phone. :P
  • yah they for sure have to take the iPhone route and release this amazing phone on other carriers.
  • This is the same AT&T who was just crowing about the pre-order process being the most successful for them for any device ever? I don't think so.
  • They'll never do that.
  • Verizon will be the last to the party, but the first to complain about their Windows Phone 8 "lack of activity".  What do they expect?
    I remember a saying from earlier this year regarding Verizon, WP and Android. Something about "Verizon missing the WP party because they were in the bathroom making out with Motorola"?  VZW better pull their pants up and get in the WP8 game!
    I predict the Nokia 822, maybe another Nokia and an HTC.  Lukewarm offering mixed with declining customer service, LTE bogged with iPhone 5 users, and non-competitive phone plans.  The 920 on AT&T gets more and more attractive by the day.
  • Verizon is very much failing on this. I'm moving to Verizon vs at&t because in reality, Verizon does have better coverage. No spottyness or loss of connection just about anywhere. So I guess i'll be stuck with the 822 vs the cream of the crop 920.
  • I don't know where you are, but my ATT coverage in southeast/west Texas is great
  • Same here in mid-California.  Verizon won't even work out here, but AT&T has always worked like a treat, even way up in the mountains/boondocks.
  • ...if you live in the Northeast or the more populated areas of SoCal and around the bay area in NorCal.  As someone who travels the country for a living, AT&T's coverage is good just about everywhere, but Verizon's coverage is better north of Virginia up into Maine, in some places in Ohio and Michigan, and in some areas of California.  When you're just about anywhere else, they're as good as AT&T at best, and quite often, not as good with the radio drawbacks to boot.  I actually switched to AT&T a few years ago due to this, and I tried Verizon again about a month ago with an unnamed high-end Android device that may or may not have been confused with an iPhone (it's so easy to do!!!! :) /sarcasm).  Thankfully I didn't leave my L900 at home, or I would have had very poor service for quite a bit of that time.  That's not to say Verizon isn't very good where they're good (they are indeed good in larger population centers), but using a blanket statement that somehow Verizon's coverage is awesome just about anywhere is very far from the truth, unfortunately.  Their pricing is better, and their service (where it is good) is frankly quite awesome.  However, I do like to use data while talking, so strike one, and I travel the US, Canada, and to the Carribbean and Europe at times, giving big red srikes two and three.  Verizon will likely be late to the WP party, have no "hero" phones, and use that as an excuse to put more marketing behind their Android lines (which they probably will make more money on in the long run with "hero" devices there, plus they can load them up with crapware).  Yes, I'm a pessimist, but that's because we've seen this game with Verizon before.
  • Thanks cluberti for the insight of your own personal experience. I live in san Francisco, and hearing constant I formation o how the majority of people usually complain that their reception from at&t is he worse and have never had an issue once they moved over to Verizon, has really intrigued me enough to make the move on over to Verizon. Secondly, my own experience with at&t's customer service has been extremely painful and not worth the effort. However, I want the best of the best, and unfortunately Verizon has failed once again to pick up the top wp8. So, like me owning(in my opinion) an Xbox and hoping I would never have to call customer service for nothing(because Xbox's customer service employees are just as terrible as at&t's), im still on the fence if I should even go back to at&t just to get the cream of the crop and hope to god I won't have to ever deal with their customer service, which of course we all know there will be an issue. Because that's how at&t roll, creates issues for their customers.
  • I switched from verizon to at&t, I am not sure the coverage issues you are havng but I am getting better signal in more areas with my at&t phone.
    I had the HTC trophy, but verizon/htc refused to turn on features much less support the phone or its users at all.  SInce Verizon cant stop holding hands with google I had to leave.
    I have never been happier, now a couple friends and my wife are dopping verizon to switch to at&t and get windows phones.
  • Great point. I never thought of that. Thanks for pointing that out. That actually really helps me.
  • Verizon: "but I can't concentrate... that clock is ticking and I'm nearing flag fall!"
  • I remember when u made that a 4 on the rum o meter. Now... I'm happy!!
  • Come on Verizon
  • just tell us if/when you hear anything about Verizon and the 920
  • So does that mean we might see a preorder date 2-3 weeks before that?
  • Probs. :-D
  • Now I wonder when I should ETF Sprint.  Good news!  The news I've been constantly checking these sites for.
  • +1
  • hmm, get phone release or wait till black friday.....
  • Black Friday for sure. That's what I'm gonna do.
  • Im waiting for black Friday and get a surface and 920
  • October is going to be an expensive month. Kindle Paperwhite, Lumia 920 (cash price) and Surface. But I have never felt good about spending so much on technology.
  • Hah! Tell me about it.
    Lumia 920 + charging/NFC stand, Surface Pro, new PC screen in these next 3 months. 
    Especially Lumia 920 and Surface Pro both excite me more than any tech toy in years.
  • +1!  Aside from a new Olympus TG-1 my gadget buying has been nil since the beginning of the year.  Can't wait to build my ecosystem out exactly as you spec'd out above. 
    Might want to add a new backup solution since my old WHS (HP MediaSmart EX 485) isn't exactly up with the times.  Suggestions anyone?
  • Also debating what to replace Windows Home Server with. Set-and-forget auto-backup with anytime full image restore has been awesome.
  • Windows 8 storage spaces build :-)
  • I'm thinking two wireless charging stands, one for the nightstand and one for the office desk. I really hope those are priced <30$ I'm also hoping they give those out at Build. It's the only reason I won't be getting a surface for myself on launch day.
    My birthday is late October, so if Microsoft doesn't gift me with a surface and a lumia at Build I'll work that angle (and buy myself a birthday gift...) At least the surface pro won't be out until next year (maybe a christmass bonus could go towards that for some people)
    There will be some other cool win 8 pro tablets out end of October though. temptations all around...
  • Check out   The Cool thing about standards is you can buy from anyone.
  • I feel ya! Also cash price for 920(I don't want another contract), Wii-U and Surface or other W8 tablet. May have to wait on tax return for Wii-U and tablet though.
  • Surface Pro won't be out until next year.
  • Christmas in October for me!!
  • Aye!
  • That puts the "launch" date for AT&T about 2 weeks before what we'd heard in the past (first Friday of November).  It doesn't seem too far-fetched that would be a pre-order open date, given we've heard MS isn't planning on throwing Windows Phone to the world until (shortly) after Windows 8 goes out to the world (which would be October 25th or 26th).  I do plan on ordering or pre-ordering one though, regardless of date.
  • Now I know it's frustrating, but the amount of time it takes to release a phone, with the OS, OEM, and carriers uniting to release a single (or several) product(s) way more exciting than Apple's product releases. Being a former iPhone user, I can honestly say I've never been this excited when it came to hearing even the tiniest of rumors/leaks. I've always been a Windows fan, and I love the amount of anticipation that's building up behind all of these details. I know when WP8 is completely out of the bag, we won't be disappointed...heck, just the fact that it now supports current smartphone hardware standards, how can you be disappointed? I'll be the first one in the store ready to purchase my new WP8, just like I did when the HTC TITAN was released :-)
  • My expectations increased now that they're not releasing the SDK to the public to try and keep some features secret
    I'm already excited about the announced features (voip integration, voice commands in apps, wallet, kids corner, lens app, RTL languages) and if they're willing to upset their loyal developers who they so badly need to get app numbers up they must have some more big features up their sleeves
  • Yea, though I can't even fathom what Microsoft has up their sleeves, but I truly believe it will contend with the likes of Android...cuz in my mind, they've already crushed Apple as a contender, though they need to work on "wooing" the fan boys over to the dark side :-P
  • i dont think there will be much more cus the sdk  had been leaked out already so we basically know almost everything there is
  • The SDK has been leaked for a while now...Microsoft just signed off on WP8. A lot can happen in that time frame, and can easily be added to the SDK.
  • Besides, how can they finalize the SDK before the RTM?
  • I think that even if the October 21st date is start date for the preorders, that would be great, especially if they can deliver the devices as early as 7 days later.
    Announcing October 21st, whatever the date is for, would quell the cries of those unhappy about Nokia not releasing dates and prices at their event (even though they couldn't given that WP8 wasn't even released yet by Microsoft).
  • Come on tmobile -_-
  • +1
  • +2
  • + 1000000
  • Yes, PLEASE?!?
  • Can you please infiltrate Verizon and get us some information on what they are planning?
  • "Dam it feels good to be gagnster"......and I'm not even one! I just feel all tingly inside after reading this headliine about the 920...I can't wait!
  • f****'n eh dude! haha
  • Come on Verizon, Get on the ball !!!
  • Woot on so many levels.
    Disney Cruise for a week starting Monday to keep me occupied - check.
    Two business trips in early October to keep me busy/occupied - check.
    Verizon ETF fee "only" $170 (it could be worse) - check.
    Yep - if the Big V doesn't come through I'm out of there.  I'll relish the opportunity to drop my Yellow 920 on the table and let the conversations flow.  Looking forward to ditching Android.
  • No way I'd drop Verizon for AT&T, who has the absolute worse service in all areas and can't even get updates out to their customers.  Although I don't really seeing there being an issue as all the phones shown so far are CDMA capable and we know Sprint isn't onboard with any phones.
    HTC Trophy owner.
  • I agree... My AT&T titan II gets LTE maybe 1/5 of the places my Verizon iPad 3 does. I didn't even get LTE in downtown LA with AT&T but got it in the middle of nowhere on the big island of Hawaii with Verizon. But they both have it where I live (SF) so give me a 920 now please :)
  • Yea, AT&T sucks. I'm on H2O which uses the AT&T network, so I know how crappy it is but at least I'm not paying the full AT&T monthly price and I have no contract.
    I'm also on Google Voice, so it's easy for me to switch carriers. If I can switch to tmobile with the 920 and get 3G/4G speeds, I'll do it in a second. At least as far as updates go, I'm waiting for more info on the enthusiasts option. It's a nice way of saying beta testers but we don't care, right? just get us the update as soon as possible and bypass the carrier tests, we'll be their testers, fine. My issue with Verizon is CDMA and prices. Yes, they have the best coverage, but I like being able to switch networks by just replacing a sim card (unlocked phones and prepaid plans). and I like not having a contract too. I also like paying 60$ instead of 100$ a month. Hopefully, someone will create a Google Voice/Talk app that integrates with the WP8 voip so I can make calls over wifi when at home/office. It will solve most of my issues with AT&T.
  • you guys have the shittiest carr in the world, here in the netherlands all carriers will get all major phones
  • Having lived in Germany for 4 years, I can agree with your statement wholeheartedly.  The US truly does have the shittiest carriers.  Oh how I miss free incoming texts and phone calls and plans that don't break my wallet.
  • They are not shitty......  they are a racket and they have our "People representatives" in their pockets..... 
  • Go north to Canada where we contend with three year contracts and expensive plans. At least we have HSPA+ almost everywhere and LTE rolling out.
  • I'm a Dutchy too, but if you consider the prices they pay for their mobile networks and what we do? You have to consider that they have 4G LTE and we're still stuck with 3G and not even the highest class (max 14.4 MB/s, which mainly is around 6 MB/s).
    Although I totaly agree it's quite shitty your stuck with a provider if you want a certain cell phone.. -_- Over here we first pick a cell phone, and then choose the provider of choice.
  • HAZZAH!!!!
  • Exclusivity = archaic business model. Lets go Verizon and Tmobile!
  • I heard you can upgrade your phone 3 months earlier from your initial 2 yr agreement. True or false?
  • I could update mine 18 months into a 2 year....
  • Same here.
  • Depends. Check with your carrier. I know att does.
  • But isn't this only wouldn't this only be 12 days before the Nov 2nd release date which is not too far out of range?
  • I really hope its due out the 21st! SEMA/Vegas is the following week and I'd love to ditch my 900 for a 920 just in time. The pureview camera should make all the difference taking vacation photos.
    So much money to spend in the u coming months with Lumia 920, Surface Pro, and all the different wireless charging docks Im going to want. Looks like no Christmas presents for anyone but myself. haha
  • Awesome, can't wait to order mine. Just need to finalize my color choice. I'm torn between the grey and red colors.
  • Grey and red are also my two favourite colours for the 920. On the one hand, I'd choose red because it's bold and will turn heads. On the other, I'd choose grey because it is classy looking. Decisions, decisions....
  • So glad I waited and didn't spend my upgrade on a lumia 900!
  • I did, and I'm still excited.
  • are you upgrading at full cost then?
  • I am
  • It makes sense. The iPhone 5 comes out on Sept 21st. By releasing the 920 on Oct 21st, (within the 30 day return period) Nokia can bank on some people changing their mind and swapping an iPhone 5 for a Lumia 920. I think it's a strategic move that can only help Nokia's/WP8's cause.
  • It's actually the last day of the 30-day return window for anyone getting the iphone on release day, so this might work better for those who got the iphone a week after it's release.
    All those who pre-ordered or plan on standing in line will probably never return it. they're the fanboys.
    This will be good for those who buy it after that first wave and are disappointed by the boring OS and lack of new hardware features.
    I can see why AT&T would prefer to sell the lumia and not the iphone (they make more money on the lumia)
  • Well if Verizon doesn't get the 920 in all of its glory, I'll be carrying two Nokia devices; The 920 as my personal via ATT & the 820/822 via Verizon as my work device :]
  • Since I shattered my L900, I welcome this if it's true!!!
  • How in the world did you shatter it? I've proudly demonstrated it's build quality to friends and co-workers. I have yet to do anything but chip the corners.
  • I shattered my L900 screen as well...dropped it when getting out of my car. I hope ATT lets me upgrade again.
  • Simply dropped it flat facedown....SHATTERED. Suuuuuucked
  • I would be sooooo pissed!!
  • the friday before for preorders and Sunday for people who want to go to the store
  • Sweet!! ;-)
  • Still really hoping VZW gets the 920 (red please).

  • I wonder if this leak has anything to do with the HTC event tomorrow? I think HTC has something up their sleeve.
  • Having something to do with it...nah but, I am sure HTC has something to directly compete with the 920, HTC knows that Nokia is making great phones in design and features. They have to come with models good or better than Nokia if they want to even compete with them.
    Trust me, HTC will show a hot device tomorrow... just depends on who carries it..
    Remember by the numbers, the Titan 2 was a far better phone than the Lumia 900 and a lot less buggy.
  • Thats great but where is the tango update and my friend has had no issues with his 900 whatsoever. HTC can eat a bowl of dicks im going Nokia all the way.BTW, i have an HTC titan 1 and other than no tango update it is a great phone.
  • I wouldn't say a lot better phone than the 900.  The camera, yes.  Bigger screen (not necessarily better) yes.  Less buggy at release, yes.  After 3 months or so, other than the camera, the 900 was IMO a better overall phone.  Add onto that the Nokia specific apps and the price, the 900 was definitely better value and mostly better in other areas as well.
  • I totally agree. I want it on T-Mobile. I want it subsidized though. lol
  • Maybe that's when they'll start advertising?
  • As soon as they start selling this phone im buying it. So maybe we can see some preorders??? Come on man I want a white one so effing bad.
  • I WANT THE WHITE ONE TOO!! I have the NL900 in white, and it's amazing. 
  • So glad I resisted the urge to run out and get the Lumia 900! This will be my next phone. Still sporting the Samsung Focus since 12/10.
  • I bought the 900 and im still getting the 920. :)
  • Nokia is building a CDMA version of the 920 for China. Can someone buy that version unlocked and have it work with Verizon?
  • No the CDMA in China is not the same as CDMA in the US on Verizon.
  • Thanks for the response. Personally I'm on AT&T so I'll be getting the 920 anyways. I was asking for a few buddies of mine who are on Verizon and would love to get their hands on this puppy.
  • HOLY. FREAKING. CRAP! If this happens, it will officially be one of the greatest months in Microsoft history.
  • I propose everyone on this thread that wants Verizon to get a 920, to go to their facebook page and tell them "I want WP8 Nokia 920 on Verizon!"
  • Good call. I'm on AT&T and have no plans to switch, but I just left a post on Verizon's wall asking them to show their customers some 920 love (with a link for those who don't yet know it's their next phone). More exposure == better sales == good for all of us.
  • I'm on AT&T and I'm getting the 920 for sure. But I want Verizon customers to get it too, just like you. :)
  • Birthday present for me! Can't wait!
  • I was talking to someone who works a Rogers and that person said Rogers will have the 920 exclusively. That person even held the phone. No mention on dates.
  • OH MY GOD!!!
    I live in the US on AT&T though. lol.
  • d(^.^)b
    Can't wait!
  • Once again att exclusive is a complete joke. I will soon sell my Nokia stock if they don't get their head out of their ass and put the flagship 920 on as many carriers as they possibly can. How do they expect to make money only selling the flagship device on the shittiest US carrier (highest price and worst customer service)?
  • Their coverage sucks balls where I'm at so it's a no go. If Verizon doesn't get a flagship from HTC I'm going to be stuck with an iPhone. Been stuck with low/midrange devices before and refuse to let it happen again.
  • Well that's the thing, it's all relative to where you live. Where I'm at AT&T works great and it is Verizon who sucks balls. But that doesn't mean that Verizon sucks balls as a whole. Each carrier has it's good/bad coverage areas.
  • Regardless of how you feel about att there are no doubt millions of Americans who will refuse to use them no matter how much you like them. It takes a huge bowl of stupid to think having an exclusive carrier for your flagship phone is going to cut it against competition already entrenched with all the major carriers. IE, Nokia is making shit decisions and will ultimately result in me selling the stock after the next upswing. I got it at a bargain so ill make good money on it but it won't be worth keeping for the mid or long term. Not until they can provide a lot more market saturation. The only reason apple stayed exclusive was because no carrier would agree to their terms at the time.
  • It's funny on the website, all your curse words are ****.
  • I'll buy your stock low(if only that were possible)
  • All of verizon's plans were more expensive than my at&t plan. Can't get much data on a family plan without paying buku bucks
  • Verizon is more expensive...
  • Next to Sprint, AT&T is one of the cheapest nationwide carriers.  And I've only been using them for about 10 years, but I've only had positive experiences with their customer service.
  • I hope Microsoft is workn on the next Nokia phone witch I hope is the true 808 style phone
  • Does anyone know if there is any concrete proof that the Lumia 920 will be an AT&T Exclusive? Just hoping that its not I guess since there hasnt really been a confirmation...
  • When they presented it in New York, it said AT&T and had LTE. I'm guessing it will be on AT&T.
  • So I now I'm really wondering; since I was one of the early adopters and got the Lumia 900 in April, how in the world can I get my hands on the Lumia 920.  I'm open to suggestions :)
  • You call 900 early adoption? I'm still on a focus :-P PS. ROGERS bring me 920
  • It would be an amazingly positive gesture if they allowed 900 owners to early upgrade to the 920. Then those 900 owners will either sell or pass down their 900's to friends and family further growing the WP install base. It'll be a win win situation.
  • I think this is an excelent Idea. but I also want Nokia to succeed. I don't know how much money they could make if they give the 1mill lumia 900 users an early upgrade. they would need to pay off ATT. they are not Apple getting 400 bucks for every phone sold no matter what...
  • Totally agree and think it would be a huge PR boost for Nokia, Microsoft and ATT
  • I would even be fine with a discount. So if I had to pay $550 since I'm still in a contract and the phone is $200 (example here), it would be nice if I could pay $200-$400 instead of full $550. That would be Nokia's best move. :-)
  • I agree, it wouldn't hurt ATT to allow early upgrades. They've already made their money within six months of you owning your device anyway.
  • Do what I did to convert 3 T-Mobile BlackBerry's to 3 AT&T iPhones: pay the ETF & switch to whoever has the 920, or pay the upgrade price of the 920. If you're a gadget freak like me, you'll be happy you did.
  • I went to newly opened Microsoft Store in Pentagon City, VA last week. The guy there told me that I will be  able to upgrade my 900 to 920. I am ready to pay upto $199 for the device if they wave off the ETF. I just hope that is the case :). Oct 21 is not too far. I am happy with my Lumia 900 for another month. No one in my office is jumping to iPhone5 because they think nothing is really different. More than 50% of people in my office own iPhone. Atleast I have something exciting to look forward rather getting stuck.
  • I hope thats true. :D
  • I hope that is true.  I got this L900 for less than a year, and would LOVE to upgrade to L920.  I am torn between the Yellow or the Cyan.  The Cyan was sold out when I order mine, so ended up with a black model instead.
  • If that's true for all MS stores, I will be at the Galleria store in Houston on release day.....Does anyone know if you can get credit and make purchases at the MS store??? I don't know if my pocket book will be able to afford a surfaceon the same day :[
  • Or here's a thought that crossed my mind.  A Microsoft Surface Pro bundled with a Nokia 920 would be awesome!!!  Duh Winning \m/\m/
  • soak it in water overnight so as to kill it, call your carrier to make an insurance claim. They won't stock the 900 anymore and ship you  a 920
  • sounds attempting but it'll be my luck they say "oh this is water damage and not covered" :P
  • Guess im making the switch from tmo to att a little sooner than expected
  • Unless HTC just gets nutty tomorrow, I'm quite sure I'm going with a 92zed... But ill enjoy 7.8 for a while on my 900 until the Inevitable cyan model shows up. I settled on black a few months ago because it was the cheapest one i could find in new condish on Craigslist. Everytime I see a cyan out in the wild I kick myself! Won't make that mistake again.
  • Why not just get a case for your phone?  That's what I did and I couldn't be happier.  And if I ever get sick of the color, I can just switch it for something else.  Plus, you know, there's the added protection.
  • That's my 14th birthday! :D
  • Nice to see other young WP fans :)
  • I'm 14, and I'm turning 15 soon. I thought I was the youngest reader.
    When I saw the Lumia 920 is coming november 2nd, i was like, that is my 15th birthday!!! lol.
  • Muwhahaha No it's coming out on MY birthday! Microsoft did this all for meee! *evil laughs* 
    Wow so that what happens when you stay up 6 hours waiting for iOS6.
  • Sooo...what do you guys reckon, lumia 920 more excited anticipation for this than for losing virginity?
    So old I can't remember my first time all that well...i think it was an ericsson, saucy Swedish number
  • Oh my!  I need to go change my pants now.  :)
  • Just tell me when its available at the AT&T kiosks at Best Buy ;).  Hopefully this October 21st day is true for both retail AT&T stores and their Best Buy subsidiaries too!
  • If it comes out on AT&T on the 21st, it should be on Best Buy on the 21st or 2 days later.
  • I expected as much from Nokia on who would be their top of the line device.
  • This needs to hit all the carriers here in the USA. Me want!!!
  • This is exciting
  • Just read the iPhone review on Engadget. I swear those guys are huffing spray paint. Its the same phone, same os and they talk about it like angels flew down from the heavens and bestowed it on humanity. Somebody please put a gun to my head and squeeze the trigger. Lumia 920 cannot come fast enough, I'm almost pretty sure HTC phones are gonna be way more interesting than what apple had to offer.
  • Yeah, sad thing is.  Event the iSheeps couldn't tell the different between 4S and 5.  Pathetic they are!
  • +1 My wife wants to switch to iPhone because "she's never had it".  I played that review and basically told her the same thing.  The only real difference is the 5 has LTE.  I told her be patient, Words with Friends is coming to WP, but all her co-workers has her leaning towards the dark side.
  • Screw ATT. I'm going to be upset if this doesn't get to Verizon.
  • Don't blame ATT for Verizon not fully investing in WP. It amazes me how people hate a company for going all in with the platform while other don't. Early on, Nokia approached ATT, Verizon, and Sprint prior to the L800/900 release; Verizn said no and chose the HTC Trophy and Sprint said no all together and continue that trend today. Go direct and blame the specific company, not a round about way!
  • "Early on, Nokia approached ATT, Verizon, and Sprint prior to the L800/900 release; Verizn said no and chose the HTC Trophy"  No, Verizon had the HTC Trophy long before Nokia came out with the L800/900.  Verizon chose not to carry the 800 or 900 as they new damn well that WP8 was just around the corner and what it was bringing to market.  Why do I say they knew this?  I say that because they were one of the one working with Microsoft in development of the wallet app with NFC functioning and the security surrounding it. 
  • I'm beyond confused. How can Nokia release the lumia 920 on the 21st when Microsoft plans to unveil the full consumer features around the 26th?
  • Did Microsoft say they were unveiling it after the 26th? I am pretty sure once the Nokia event was over, people just looked to see what the next Microsoft event is. This site guessed they would show it off at BUILD 12.  Maybe they will have a different event earlier to show off the features.
  • ATT has their major releases on 1st and 3rd Sundays so I bet preorders would be available on the Friday before like the 900.
  • I am so sad and mad that work is taking my HTC Titan to give me an iPhone 5 to learn and have as my daily driver because the lawyers want it. I tried to educate them that the Windows phone are WAY better for our echo system and overall hardware and everything. Friday is going to be a sad day for me. Never have I been so sad to get a new tech toy. I will be downgrading from HTC Titan to iPhone 5. I hate (just kidding) all of you that will have the Lumia 920's and 820's.
  • No way the Lumia 920 gets released before Microsoft's big conference announcing Windows 8 Phone AND Desktop.
    If anything it will be the day you can start PRE-ORDERING the L920.
    Nokia and AT&T saw what a frenzy the iPhone preorders were, so having large preorders for the 920 will be a nice announcement that MS, Nokia, and AT&T can make at the MS press conference on the 26th.
  • The info on this site is so accurate, I find it being qouted on almost every other news site because it verifies its information.  Now that this has been verified with a so-said high up source within at&t I find it diffcult to not believing this is true.  MS and Nokia are trying to bite into the iphone craze and releasing it asap is probably on the top of their lists.  Plus it will get the ball rolling for marketing on the official WP8 annoucement and surface.  Win Win, especially huge win for me since I want my Lumia 920 right freaking now.
  • If that were true, we could simply start to pre-order now, why wait? When you pre-order, you wait anyway, so why not let pre-ordering begin at the same time Apple did? I don't believe they should have let Apple have a free go at customers; especially because they MS/Nokia had already shown hardware. As a matter of fact, if the manufacturers could all, "Just get along", I feel they shoud have had a joint hardware reveal. Of course one  party didn't have to see the others hardware until each hit the stage. That would have really eaten into Apple followers mind share as you know they would have tuned in for such a big event. After all, they are all competing against Apple, so why not have joint ventures???
  • I want for T-Mobile USA but I don't think they will release it with Tmo so I'll have to buy the AT&T version and buy a custom screen protector to cover the ugly AT&T logo. Hopefully The LTE network 1700/2100 or 1.7/2.1 is fully compatible between AT&T and T-Mobile because both companies will share it:D
  • Gosh, I really hope this turns out to be true! Just can't wait any longer for that gorgeous phone...
    Interestingly enough, Oct. 21st would also mark WP7's two year anniversary to the day!
  • I hope Rogers gets it at the same time, and not just in black.
  • I'm on ATT but my parents are on Verizon so come on big red, get it together.  Then again, the 820 (822) would be fine for them.  Nonetheless, having the 920 there would be awesome.
  • I want this, but I am kinda stuck to Verizon...... sad sad sad choices.MAybe this is the call to change networks and send a message to the Big Red