AT&T GoPhone adding more data to smartphone plans

AT&T's pre-paid GoPhone customers are in for a nice little treat: their monthly data allotments are going up, but their monthly cost is staying the same. Starting April 25th, GoPhone's 2GB $60-a-month plan will be bumped up to 2.5GB, while the $40-for-250MB plan will double to 500MB. Additionally, those on the larger and more expensive plan will gain mobile Wi-Fi hotspot support at no additional charge. And if you happen to be wanting to buy your smartphone from Wal-Mart, GoPhone shoppers there will have the option of a $45 monthly 1GB plan.

The prepaid smartphone selection on GoPhone is admittedly fairly limited. On the Android side you can choose from selections like the AT&T-branded Avail 2, Z998, and Radiant, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Express and the Samsung Galaxy Note II (though the latter is both only available online and sold out online). Those interested in Windows Phone have the choice of a Nokia Lumia 520 or a "certified like-new" Nokia Lumia 520 (though at $45 it's a hard price to beat for the budget-conscious smartphone buyer). And, of course, you can bring your own AT&T-compatible device as well, if you're already in possession of such a device.

Source: AT&T

Derek Kessler

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